Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Day

Not a creature was stirring...except me. My body alarm clock woke up at 5:30 AM. So I got up and did the whole bathing thing, got dressed quietly, and headed downstairs.

I turned on the Christmas tree lights, put on Christmas music on the stereo, and then tackled the dishwasher. Next I washed all the dishes in the sink, dried them and put away those that I knew where they went. I then proceeded to clear the table so that I could set it. I now know where Princess got her filing system from...her Mother. Piles and Piles of paper, I carefully put on the computer desk. Then I scrubbed the table top and dried it (I tell you, raising parents is tough business).

The phone rang and interrupted my cleaning frenzy. It was Princesses niece Kara. We talked and laughed and then she asked to speak to "Grandma or Grandpa". I told her I was the only one awake - now about 8:30 AM and she said "Uncle Jim, go wake her up and give her the phone!" Now being the dutiful Unlce, I obliged and snuck back upstairs, snuck in her room, and announced "Old Woman, your granddaughter Kara would like to speak to you" to which she replied "Hush up old man!". We laughed and she took the phone.

I went back downstairs, and was joined by Linda who helped me start breakfast, then came Princess, and finally Bill. After breakfast, we proceeded to exchange gifts. I got some good cologne, Euphoria, and it smells great. Cleaned up the kitchen and then we all headed to Christy's house in Henderson for the meet up with the whole "fam damily".

Everyone enjoyed their time together, no fights, no yelling matches, good food, and Mom cried her eyes out when she opened her present and found a memory box with pictures of her and Dad, and all us kids, and all the grandkids decoupaged in a very beautiful arrangement. Then other presents were shared, all the sisters-in-law gave each other candles. It was great! We played Dominos with Christy, Shane (her hubby), and nephews Kyle and Tanner.

Next we skeedaddled to OLDER brother Rich's house to visit and to see my lovely niece Nicole (better known to the world as CPK "Cabbage Patch Kid"). Back to Vegas amongst the neon and Christmas lights to head off to dream land.

It was a wonderful Christmas with the families for the first time in 6 years.

Vegas Day Four and Five

Saturday was hectic. We got up did laundry, grocery shopping, and then went to our favorite sub type sandwich shop, Capriotti's. If you ever get to Vegas, you must, and I mean must, eat at Capriotti's. It is not "Subway or Quiznos", it is great sub sandwiches, from shredded turkey and roast beef, to cheese steak. MMMMM, they are delicious.

Saturday night, we were invited to Bert's house for dinner. Papa Murphy's take and bake was had by all. It was good to visit with them and to have time with my B.J., RL, Kelley, and our newest addition to the Price family name, Mallory Kate. Brownie, their dog was smitten with Princess and followed her all over the house.

Sunday (Christmas Eve) I was up at 5:30 AM, showered, shaved, and shined, to iron my shirt and steam out any wrinkles in my suit and Princesses dress. We attended our old Church Ward so that we could see everyone. It was great! As we sang the closing hymn, Silent Night, Cardon, our dear sweet friend, began to cry. She said it was too much, the music, the talks, and us sitting beside her at Church like old times. She made us cry too. We Love you Very Much Cardon!!

After Sacrament meeting there, we headed back to pick up Linda and go to Princesses old home Ward. We saw many familiar and smiling faces, some tears were shed, but it was great overall. The music from these two Wards was overwhelmingly superb. It still gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Also, it being Christmas Eve, we went to Lindo Michoacan for Mexican food (again). Then home to wrap last minute presents. Got to bed late, so late, I even heard Santa's bells ringing on his sleigh.

Vegas Day Two & Three

The next several days of our vacation at "home" we spent running errands to tidy up the Christmas shopping.

On Thursday, I was at our Vegas factory at 6:30 AM for a conference call with our purchasing department. Three hours later, I was back at the in-law's helping Princess make some Holiday treats for the big Christmas dinner at my sister's house. We then headed back up to the factory for a retirement party of one of my former bosses. It was great. Princess got to see a lot of our old friends and we had a great time.

We went to the Sunset Galleria Mall to do some more shopping, got a call from our friends from Utah, and the wife, Carollee and the kids, Spenser, Addison, Mollee, and Emillee, were at the mall while Doug was at the NY NY Hotel. We hooked up with Carollee and the kids, did some shopping and then caravaned back to the NY NY to pick up Doug. Off to our second favorite Mexican restaurant, then up to the LV Temple to see the sights and lights of the Holiday, then back home to bed.

Friday I took Linda while Princess took Bill and off we went shopping in separate directions. When we re-grouped, we headed out to Del Taco to eat lunch (are you seeing the trend? Mexican food everywhere), then to the mall and Costco. Later, we headed up to Danny and Paulette's where we were joined by Dan & Teri Willey. Pizza, wings, cheesecake and lots and lots of laughter. It was great to see them, visit with them and to be able to continue our tradition of getting together at Christmas time.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vegas Baby - Day Uno

Merry Christmas...late, and Happy New Year early! Ha! I know that I have not been keeping up with my blog - too much work and too little fun time. So a quick re-cap.

We left for Vegas a week ago today, at the crack of dawn 4:45 AM. We arrived in Vegas at 9:00 AM PST and were greeted by my brother Bert at our gate (he works at the airport) and it was pretty cool to have that happen since all the regulations changed back in 2001. Bill & Linda (Princesses parents), met us in baggage claim, where surprise! Our luggage was number 1, 2, & 3 off the plane. We gathered it up, and headed to the in-laws house.

We dropped off the luggage, headed off for some errands and got a bite to eat at...the suspense is killing...IN-N-Out Burger!!! We then went into Henderson to my younger sister's to pick up my parents car (no rental car charges). While there we got to see my two nephews who have been living in New York state with their father, then my younger brother's wife came over with 3 of her 4 kids, and we got to hold and make kissy face all over my new 2 month old niece, Mallory Kate. She is such a cutie patootie!!! We left there, did some more errands and hooked up with our wonderful friend of many years Cardon. We got Linda to meet us and we ate at Macayo's for dinner...our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Bill is a professional real bearded Santa and he was working at a live Show at the FASHION SHOW Mall on the Las Vegas Strip (It was quite a production).

We got back to the in-laws around 9:00 PM and crashed! It was a very productive day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Aussie Trip Recap

Arriving in Sydney, going through the usual customs immigration etc. I grabbed a cab to the hotel and $50 AU dollars later arrived at the hotel. It was now about 8:30 PM Friday night. I was beat and had no desire to go out and about by myself. My other travelers had arrived earlier and had departed for sites. Sleep drove me to bed about 9:30, and I was finally able to check my e-mail just before bed.
Saturday morning we ate a very expensive (in my opinion) breakfast, then headed out to the ferry over to Manly beach. I got some great photos of the beach, ocean, and cliffs. We walked, and walked, and walked. My poor old fat body was dying at the end of the day. For dinner, we headed out to Watson’s bay and ate at Doyle’s Restaurant. A 106-year-old establishment and I ate fish for the first time in about 30 years. I ate Snapper as my fish and chips (fries). It was delightful, not fishy at all, and very delicious. I even ate it without drowning it in tartar sauce.
Sunday morning we ate breakfast at an open-air café right by the Sydney Opera house. Beautiful view and really good food. We decided to head to the airport early to travel to Melbourne. In the end, I went ahead alone cause my ticket was changeable and my other workmates tickets were not. Left a cold and rainy Sydney for a warm and dry Melbourne.
Sunday night we dined on the balcony of an Italian restaurant overlooking the Yarra River in Melbourne. Monday we headed out for a 2.5-hour drive to the next audit. I audited all day; we finished and drove about 2 hours to Ballarat. My company has a plant in Ballarat. We met up with some Aussies from the plant and had a wonderful meal lakeside in Ballarat.
Tuesday drove about 2.0 hours to do a follow-up audit, saw more of the Ocean and some very beautiful but dry countryside. The state of Victoria has had drought conditions for about the last 7 to 8 years. We were hosted Tuesday evening at a barbecue at the home of one of the Aussies. Steak, Sausage, Lamb chops, a delightful potato salad and equally delicious green salad with Avocados, Mangos, and what they call "Rocket" greens here.
Wednesday visited and toured the plant in Ballarat. Great site, lovely people, and a wonderful production facility. It is so good to know that even 14,000 miles from home, the processes and standards are uniform throughout.
We left the plant and I was delivered to the airport in Melbourne to depart from Hong Kong. Which is where I am recording this while in my hotel room. I’m gonna post this and the NZED recap, then check out of the hotel, take a train to the city and sight see before my 11:00 PM flight tonight.
CAN’T WAIT TO GET HOME! Look out Texas, here I come.

New Zealand Trip Recap

So the past 11 days have gone very quickly. No time to get homesick for Princess or the girls cause work was so demanding.
I havenÂ’t had much time to blog, with the travel and spotty Internet connections. So I have resorted to using Word to record my travels and then be able to post them to the blog. I have posted once whiletravelingg, and I hope you will let me re-cap in this post.
Arriving in New Zealand (henceforth Nzed) as they call their country. Very green country from the plane. Anyhow, I digress, I went through customs and Immigration without a problem, took my two suitcases and comp bag, jumped on a bus and went to the domestic terminal, where my two bags were over weight by 1 kilo and I had to pay $20 NZ dollars to check them. I went through security, and waited to board my plane to Christchurch, on the southern island.
In Christchuch, I met up with my NZED contact and my Aussie counterpart. We then flew to Invercargill where it was coldÂ…about 6 degrees C. We got right down to auditing and finished the day at 5:00 PM. We checked into our hotel (the old post office turned into long term apartments). It is a beautiful old building with lots of charm and character. Tuesday back to auditing, finished, then fly to Christchurch again and drive to our destination. We did the meet and greet, set the audit schedule, and drove to our little town about 20K from the plant. We had a great meal and great views of the ocean from our hotel room.
All day Wednesday we audited our facility, ending about 6:00PM. Thursday, we finished up the audit, drove back to Christchurch and flew to Auckland. We went to dinner at DINE, a divinely inspired restaurant that had delicious food. I was ordering the duck (first time) and the waiter suggested the NZED beef. I changed, and was greeted with a beautiful portion of meat on beetroot green and beets (first time also).
Friday morning we flew to Whangarei (Fongarei is how it is pronounced in Maori) to audit. Beautiful portion of the Northern island. We audited, ate a delightful lunch (as you can see, food is very important to my two chins and me), finished the audit and I flew to Auckland so that I could fly to Sydney.
It was a whirlwind trip in NZED, but a wonderful lifelong dream fulfilled by work.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Just call me...

International traveler.
I arrived in New Zealand on Monday 27 November and have traveled around the entire country...from Auckland to Invercargill (North Island to almost Southern most point on the Southern Island). I have seen a lot of NZ from the air and from a car window. Unfortunately, not a lot of time to tourist visit some of the wonderful places that are here.

Today is Saturday, 2 December and I am in Sydney Australia. Got here about 9:00 PM last night, unpacked, have sorted my laundry to turn in for washing, and had a really good night's rest.

Today I get to go out and about to see Sydney and experience Down Under. I'll try to blog about those experiences later today. So far, it has been a really cool trip. No issues, No problems.

I'm missing Princess a lot and my two little four legged girls. At least we have been able to talk for a few minutes each night.

Gotta run and shower to start my day.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm Back

Yes, I know that I have been away a long time. It seems that November just flew past me and that I didn't know what to blog about with my boring life. Work was busy, spending the majority of it traveling to audit suppliers.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We had a total of 26 people in our home and fortunately we were blessed with Stupendous weather, that we could set up the tables and chairs on the back patio to keep everyone together. Now the 26 people included adults and kids an almost 50/50 ratio. Everyone got along really well and we had a great meal. Three turkeys, potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, orange fluff, green bean casserole, Josh's grapefruit punch, relish tray, deviled eggs (yummy), asparagus casserole, cranberry jelly, and cranberry relish/compote, and of course homemade gravy to pour on everything.

The Whites came. The Jacobsens came. The Pettits came. The Pancratzes came. The Ikedas came. And we had pies galore. Pumpkin, Apple, Special Pumpkin, Granola, Custard, and more!

After eating, the kids were bored and the Dad's and I walked to the community park. We swang, tossed the football and Frisbee, and had a great time. We got back from the park and Mark had purchased tickets for everyone (yeah Mark) to go and see Happy Feet! I highly recommend it - 4 Stars!

We came back from the movie, had pie and visited while the kids ran their pie off in the back yard.

I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for a wonderful Wife! Who can see past all my imperfections and help me strive to be a better person and to fulfill all that I do and say. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For freedom to worship as I choose. To have troops that I support 100%+ to ensure all of us to have the freedoms we enjoy. I am thankful for good health and good jobs. For parents and in-laws and out-laws. For wonderful friends. I am thankful there was a light breeze yesterday to go along with the sunshine (near 80 F) that made our day much more comfortable. I am thankful to have technology that allows us to be near when separated by miles.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as joyous as ours!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Year older and wiser...isn't that how the saying goes? Well yesterday I celebrated (albeit quietly at my choosing) my 42nd birthday. Not depressed. Not blue. Just very sedate. Probably cause we had such a good night on Saturday for Princesses celebration that I decided that I wanted quiet.

We had Rosati's Chicago style pizza for dinner. Princess bought me an ice cream cake from B&R (chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream) decorated with Lightening McQueen and Sally from "CARS". It was really cool and great.

What did I do to celebrate you ask? I took the day off - slept in, showered - no shaving - picked up the house a bit - and then ironed from the ironing basket while watching "When Harry Met Sally". I love that flick. I also played some computer games and I watched some HGTV, all the while it rained cats and dogs until about 12:30.

I ate junk for lunch and just really enjoyed the whole thing. Princess got me X-Men 3 and some new cologne (of course from the Sadie and Sasha too). My sister called to wish me a happy day, along with the "old woman" (Linda my mother-in-law). And then about 10:30, Mom called to wish me a Happy Birthday also. Was I mad about the after 9:00 pm call? Not! Even though everyone knows my rules (no calls after 9:00 unless emergency), but for Mom, exceptions are made and gladly so. Also, My Breast Friend Debra from school called - we talked for about 40 minutes and it seemed like seconds. Can't wait to see her, LJ, and their brood when we go home for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas - Princess is finally...and I mean finally going to a stamping party and will be making all kinds of cool stuff. I hope that this is her foray into scrapbooking and re-invigorating her crafting gene. I'm hoping that she will get ideas for Christmas crafts, etc. and that she will then work on all the wood projects that we own and are not even started! (I know, evil nagging husband gene just reared it's ugly head.

Have a great one

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Blues

Ever have the feeling that you entered a new week only to find that it is going to be a very long one? I did today. I got to the plant, and decided that I would not unpack my files in my rolling computer bag. I would only take out those that I needed so that I could stay focused and complete a task...HA!

Of course everyone I interact with wanted some of my time. I did manage to get progress on my project, but not completed so I could get feedback from some other associates at a different plant.

This of course comes on the heels of a marvelous weekend (see previous post for Princess). I will try harder tomorrow to get the project completed, take out a new file and make stupendous progress on it.

On the home front, it is cooler here in Waco and I've been home for the past 2 weeks with this being the third one in a row - a record. Procrastination has become my middle name. We bought a Crepe Myrtle a couple make that a month ago and I have not planted it - that is my task tomorrow after work as we are leaving in a while to go eat dinner with our friends, the Blackhurts.

Sorry for the downer of a post, but happens - we just have to deal with it and move on.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Forty Never Looked Better

Happy Birthday to Princess! 40 years ago today, Bill & Linda welcomed her into their arms, family, and hearts. I am thankful that they have shared her with me for the past 19+ years.

Last night we celebrated by going out to dinner with our friends. We went to this wonderful restaurant here in Waco called 1424. That is the street number of the establishment here, 1424 Washington. Very wonderful food. The picture above is from said dinner. Princess looked fabulous in her new pantsuit that we shopped for. Light aqua/turquoise with chocolate brown accents and chocolate brown pants.

Princess also raked in the goods, a cool candle and portable filing system from Cardon, Perfume from our girls (the puppies), perfume from me and of course, the Little Mermaid on DVD! The neighbors saluted her with a wonderful new straw bag from Brighton! She loved it.

At Church today everyone came up to her and wished her a Happy Birthday. Some one said to her "29 again?" and she smartly replied "Nope, 40 and dang proud of every moment!" Man, you gotta love a woman who is confident with her age and her looks.

Again, I am truly blessed to have her in my life...So way to go Princess! Happy Birthday and here's to another 40 more!!
Love Jim

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Anniversary

October 6, 1960...45 Years. That's how long Princesses Parents have been married. I ran out of time yesterday, but I did call and leave the "old woman" (my endearing nickname for Linda for the past 19 years) a Happy Anniversary voice mail at her work.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. Bill and Linda have raised two wonderful daughters. At the drop of a hat, they come running from Vegas to Texas to help us out. They love to visit their eight grandchildren in Idaho, whom they surprise every once in a while with sneak visits.

Bill and Linda are great examples of Christ like love, service and charity. They inspire us to do better, be better, and serve unselfishly not only in Church, but in the communities were we live. I have seen these examples reflected in the lives of their girls. They hold true to their values, morals, and ethics. They teach unwavering testimonies of Our Heavenly Father, His Son, and the Plan of Salvation to everyone they meet.

I know that as they age, they worry who will take care of them. They needn't worry at all! Their family will greatly cherish their wisdom among our own respective families. I only know that I can say...I truly love them as much as my own parents.

So kick up your heels Bill and Linda -'ve earned it.

Your Loving son-in-law (Old Man) and Princess

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Time Flies...

when work has been this crazy. Lately, I feel like a visitor in my own house! Sadie looks at me on Friday night as I try to laydown my tired head with "Look dad, this is my pillow! You go find the one you were using at the hotel!" This as I push my furried little pup to the side and slide into our now crowded California King bed.

Princess has been a trouper with all my travel...and I found out that I may have to go to New Zealand and Australia November 26 through December 8. Excited but nervous. I do well traveling Monday through Friday, but miss the weekends at home - gets me a little homesick for some TLC (no that is not The Learning Channel)!

Sunday, Princess will be 40! We have been married for 19 years which means that I have known Princess for half her life (one year of friends dating and then the engagement, hence half her life). She won't tell me what she wants for her birthday - so I'm working on it. We are trying to downsize our extravagant needs and she is doing a really good job by not telling me what she wants. Crap - I give her anything she wants...does that equate to spoiled on her part? Cause I know she spoils me.

The photo is from our back patio potted plants - she truly has a green thumb and with all my work stuff and honey-do list, I stopped to smell the roses...or in this case, the flowers.

Will post soon with pictures of her b-day celebration.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Home Again

Friday night, I'm home from traveling, looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but Princess and I both have sinus/allergy problems. She spent about 4 hours in bed today while I worked from home and did laundry, and did dishes, and worked from home...get the picture (whine). All grumpy complaining aside, she needed the rest and I insisted that she go lie down. I woke her up, fixed some dinner and now she is relaxing in front of the television. Hopefully she can sleep tonight and tomorrow.

We had plans for tomorrow night, but I cancelled, I felt Princess needed the rest. We can party (as if for us old folks) another weekend. We'll both lay low, I'll finish some work, print out some reports, and iron like there is no tomorrow on Saturday and Sunday...I'm continent hopping again during next week.

As for working at home, what with cell phones, computers, and instant messaging, I worked into the 5:oo PM hour. I had planned on half a day due to my long week this week, but that did not pan out. I know...whining again...but I can't help it, overworked, fat and onery does not make Jim a happy guy.

Oh well, tomorrow it's up, mow, edge, and complete the aforementioned chores.


Saturday, September 09, 2006


I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I last blogged! I pratically spent the whole month traveling for work, writing audits, etc covering off issues at the plant and this left little time at night for dinner, let alone blogging.

As I was finally catching up today, I read my new friend Debbie's blog only to find out that they are moving to Holland!!! Her Hubby got a job with Shell and they are moving to the Hague and are in the throes of finalizing all the documentation, etc to move!! We will miss seeing her when we visit Houston.

During August, I went to Mexico twice, Chicago, Boise, and Seattle. The travel wasn't so bad, but I did spend my 19th wedding anniversary apart from Princess. I tried to make it up when I got home, but it's just not the same.

While in Boise, I had the chance to visit with Princesses sister, hubby, and the 7 kids at home (numero uno is serving a two year mission in Argentina for our Church). We had a blast! We got to catch up, play a really cool game called "Quidller", and my brother-in-law's parents stopped over with a delicious cake. It was a good time for all.

I also got to visit Deseret Book and picked up a "thinking of you" gift for Princess - she was surprised. While traveling, I got reacquainted with STARBUCKS Creme Frappuccino - sans coffee! The banana creme and you can ask for coconut creme are my favorites - probably why I am packing on too many pounds.

My Primary class is going pretty well...except we have been instructed to not bring weekly treats, just treats that are tied into the lesson. Well with my travel schedule, I'm usually preparing my lesson on Saturday night/Sunday morning, so baking and such are out of the picture and consequently, my class is suffering. Every week, one of the boys prays for help to get through their Sunday of "fasting". Too cute!

Right now, I'm battling an allergy cold - so it's stay home, do expense reports, and get some rest.

Monday, August 14, 2006

For my Love

Happy 19th Anniversary Princess!!! I love you with all my heart. I wish I were with you today and not in Mexico!!

You are my all, my everything and thanks for a wonderful journey this far!

I Love you!

Hugs and Kisses


Sunday Update

Yesterday, as I had stated before, Princess and I were asked to talk in Sacrament meeting. The Bishop told us to take 12.5 minutes each for our remarks.

We got to the Chapel, set up on the stand by the pulpit. There was a youth speaker and a rest hymn, so I was not panicked about time. Well...after the youth speaker spoke for about 15 minutes, Princess spoke for 22 minutes without stopping or looking at the clock!!! She sat down next to me and there was 5 minutes left to the meeting before the closing hymn.

I stood up to speak and the Bishop and first counselor both looked at me, nodded and told me to deliver my talk. I had 8 pages typed single spaced to deliver. I talked faster than I ever have in my life. I consolidated where I could, didn't read all the scriptures that I had chosen, and we finished about 8 minutes after we should have.

Before I entered my Primary class, the first counselor asked if Princess and I would choose another topic and speak at a youth fireside!!! I told him NO! I don't believe he heard me.

We'll see - Jim

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hairdo II

So this is Princess's new do! Gone is the 1980's mall hair with the huge updraft in the front. Now she has longer slicker lines in a much more modern fashion.

She took this photo herself in our kitchen/dining room. I promise to take a better picture tomorrow and post, but I know that all the family is dying to see this.

Just gotta love my Princess!


Hotter than...

So, it has been like 100 or more for about the last three weeks. The hottest summer since Princess and I moved here in '01. We got our electric bill yesterday. They say we used more electricity this year than last. I find that hard to believe. We've set our thermostat up higher than ever before. We're turning off lights, ceiling fans, you name it, just so we cut the bill. We're even staying up late, trying to do laundry in off-peak hours to keep the bill down. But, here we are with our highest electric bill ever in 19 years of married life. We may have to cut out trips to Sonic so that we can afford to pay it.

On a lighter note, Princess and I are speaking in Sacrament meeting tomorrow. For those non-LDS, this means we are the people giving the sermon. Both of us have been extra nervous and vying for computer time to write our talks. And I still have to teach Primary afterwards - I tell you, my life is hectic.

I spent all week in Mexico for work - hotter than you know what there too! I will be traveling quite a bit for the next month - my schedule never lightens up. I'll be back boiling in Mexico this coming week too. Thank goodness this white boy can speak, read, and write the lingo down there or it would be mayhem. I mean mayhem.

The worst part about traveling for my job is that sometimes I am gone for important life events, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc. This Monday, Princess and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary! Who'd have thunk that she could put up with me for this long?! I certainly am the luckiest guy in the whole world to have her. She is so kind, thoughtful, shows unconditional Christ-like love not just to me, but to everyone she meets! I am truly blessed for her in my life. I won't be home for the big event, and she is "ok" with that, so we have done everything she wanted to do this weekend, cards with our friends, me not nagging, etc. and I'll have to make up more next weekend when I am home with her.

Have a great night - Jim

Saturday, August 05, 2006


When I was a kid, our parents had this rule; "No Cartoons on Saturday Morning until your chores are done. Well now as an adult, without children, I can't get Princess to understand this rule at all.

As a huge courtesy to her, I let Princess sleep in on Saturdays...this means, no mowing, no edging, no vacuuming the car out until she is up...around 9:00 to 9:30. So this morning I am up at 6:00 outside enjoying the cool morning (yeah at 78F), pulling weeds, sweeping the front porch/walkway...doing my honey-do's. I decide to wash her Murano since it's been a couple weeks and the sprinklers at her work are constantly getting it wet (also at this time, I have done several loads of wash - not folded, but put in the washer, dryer or hung up to dry).

As I'm finishing up, she comes out and offers to help dry, of which I am very appreciative. She helps, then goes inside, I hear nothing and I'm thinking "she went back to bed!" But she hasn't, she's making a cake (third weekend in a row) for our friends birthday, so I don't go into nag mode. I pick up the rugs in the laundry room and front entry way, take them out to shake them off, sweep the front tile, then mop it. So why do I tell you this? I look over and she's on the couch watching "Paula Dean" on the food network. I just shrug and keep going. She is after all my Princess...and I love her for it.

She's showering, I going to put the rugs down, then shower and we're off to shop for tax free weekend in Texas! About time I need some new shorts - so Old Navy here we come. Hope your day is as fruitfull as mine.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nothing Interesting

Nothing really interesting has happened lately. My life seems a little boring right now. Too much work, too much stuff to do in the yard, more work, house cleaning, etc. You get the picture.

Princess made a birthday cake for the son of friend who turned 3. The kid is into trains and so his party was train themed. Princess copied the train design from the graphics our friend did for the kids t'shirt. It was originally in black & white, but she did it in colors. For no formal cake decorating classes, she continues to amaze me. Well I tried to upload a picture here, but you're going to have to look at the cake in my Flickr banner in the right side bar.

Going to dinner at Chik-fil-a (for those not familiar, this is a chicken restaurant pronounced Chick filet).

I promise to post more about boring me soon.


Saturday, July 29, 2006


Wow - I have been lazy at blogging! I'm sitting here in our den (of course, it is the unused bedroom in our house) preparing my Primary lesson and my sharing time program for Sr. Primary. Just thought I would take a minute to post.

It has been exceptionally hot here in Waco all week - the forecast doesn't look any better for the upcoming week...highs in the upper nineties to one hundred and then you factor in the humidity! Uugh!

We have been doing pretty good with the a/c and trying to conserve energy. Keeping the house at about 76 to 77 when we're gone and about 74 at night for sleeping. A far cry from 5 years ago when all of our neighbors called our home the "meat locker" cause Princess kept it at about 70 all the time.

No travels this past week and no travels for next week, but the rest of the month is looking exceptionally busy - travel to Mexico twice, Chicago once, then to Idaho and Washington - hopefully if it doesn't fall through.

Washed my car this morning - pulled some weed, and fertilized the lawn. Mowed and edged yesterday - and no new movies that we've seen - man are we boring.

Princess made a birthday cake for a little boy today - Trains - it was soooo cute. Well off to a cub scout pack meeting and barbecue - then Church tomorrow.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Missing In Action

So the past week was spent in southeastern Texas doing some project work. Long, extremely hot humid days (remember, I am a somewhat desk jockey), little or no internet connection, so I took the easy way out and didn't post.

Got back home late Friday - driving from southeastern Texas to Waco is not bad, just the bad traffic in Houston - I feel for my friends who live and commute in that traffic.

Yesterday I got my new "do" re-done and they tried to give my "tips" a highlight, we'll see if it happens again next week. By the way, the way they tried to give me highlights was a new method called "buffing your head" - picture how a shoe shine person holds the cloth when they shine your shoes, only a lot lighter movement across your hair/head.

Church was good today, my class was quite reverent, came home, had some lunch, took a nap and now here I sit. I don't have to travel next week, so I will have more time to post. Tonight for dinner, we are having Chicken Parmesan! Princess got the recipe off Martha Stewart Living Food magazine a couple of years ago and now I can't eat it at any Italian restaurant we go to cause it is not as good as Princess' - I'm spoiled.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday & Ironing

Our neighbors just left after a short visit. We have known them for 5+ years and have really been blessed with their friendship. They have a three year old daughter who is just really precious to Princess and me.

While they were here, I was ironing clothes for my upcoming trip (I know, It's the Sabbath, but Princess had me working so hard in the garden yesterday that I really didn't have time to iron) and the mom tells us a story from yesterday. They were cleaning out the family video cabinet to move it to the back bedroom and out fell Disney/Pixar's "The Incredibles". Well their little girl picks up the DVD, looks at it, studies it, turns to mom and dad, pointing to the cover right on Mr. Incredible and says "Look, It's Jim"! Both parents were rolling, and we all had a good laugh just now when they told us the story.

If you look at the picture of my new haircut, I kinda do look like Mr. Incredible. Especially like this, all buff and muscle looking ! :-)

I think it's great and I told their little girl she could call me "Mr. Incredible" any time she wanted to. It's kind of like my other title I have "Lord and Master" (inside story - Sarah make sure you tell Becca and Madison).

Great day - had to share.


Saturday, July 15, 2006


I have a problem. It is gardening. I don't have any problem mowing the grass or edging, fixing a sprinkler here and there, it's planting shrubs, flower, etc that I have a problem with.

Way back in 1992, when we bought our first house, it came with sprinkler system, grass, one tree in the front yard, 3 green shrubs and two heavenly bamboo plants (nandina to you green thumb people. That was only in our front yard. We had to build a concrete block wall, plumb the sprinklers to the back yard, pour a patio, build a cover, then re-grade the small left-over area, all the while going through torturous infertility treatments, needing new carpet, installing ceramic tile, etc. We never did install sprinklers and plant grass in that back yard...And when it came time to move here to Waco, the house sold in 8 days - and this was almost a year before the Vegas housing market took off.

Fast Forward to 2001 - we move to Waco, build a house and find out that NONE of the landscaping comes with your new custom home. So we had sprinklers installed, and laid sod. That was pretty much it until 2003 when I cam home in the fall from a business trip and Princess and a friend had gone plant shopping, and purchased shrubs for the plant area in front of the garage. Now 2006, that is still the only area in the front that has plants...I know, I'm lazy, and we have now dug holes in the backyard and planted roses, daylillies, mountain laurels, etc. All to beautify and increase the investment potential of our home.

Tonight, we transplanted some sickly roses (not enough sunlight), planted two hostas, the two roses into sunny areas, and two creopsis (daisy looking bushes). We still have one crepe merytl to plant somewhere in the backyard - which receives eastern sun and all day and the back fence gets afternoon (western sun) till about 8:00 PM during the summer and 5:00 Pm during the winter.

Come this fall, we are renting a sod cutter (we), removing some of the front sod, tilling the soil and adding nutrients so we can plant shrubs and some flowers. OOOH Joy - plus before the summer ends, I have to begin painting the outside trim. I need to win the Lotto so I can afford all of these wonderful activities :-).

The joys of homeowner ship never cease! Sorry to complain, but with my travel schedule for work, Church calling, Princesses never ending social calendar, I wanted "easy" carefree lawn and I'm not going to get it! - Oh well - Jim would you like some cheese with that whine!

Going to bed


Monday, July 10, 2006

Kindred Spirits

As part of my job, sometimes I have to travel to great places for meetings. Such is the case today. I am in Chicago for a group meeting and to work on some training on one of the programs we use in our group.

I am not one of those people that gets on a plane, crosses their arms and never says a word to the person next to them. I greet them, introduce myself and then ask why they are traveling to our destination - work, fun, family, or a stop-over on their way to some other exotic destination. Well today was no different, after flying from Waco to Houston and boarding my flight to Chicago, I followed my routine, and got to know "Gina" my seat mate in 14E. We had about a three hour plane ride, and before you know it we were descending into Chicago - we talked like old friends and she had me laughing so hard, I almost wet myself at a couple of points in her stories. It's good to know there are Kindred Spirits out there on our tiny little rock hurtling through space.

I got to the hotel, did some work, hooked up with my co-worker, did some more work with her to finish off part of our project we worked on together, got some dinner and now I'm posting - all in all, a good day. Just said goodnight to Princess and now I'm off to bed.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ever Had...

one of those weeks where everything just whizzed by? I did. After the 4th of July, the following three days just blurred together. I covered for our plant for our QA Manager who was on vacation, so EVERYTHING fell on my shoulders. I managed, but I think that I will wait a while before wishing that I had his job.

Princess and I treated yesterday like the children's hymn: "Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday". We cleaned, washed, vacuumed, dusted, mopped, mowed, weeded - I'm exhausted again just from writing it. We tried to re-arrange the furniture in the living room, but it didn't work the way we wanted, so it went back to the same configuration as before.

To rewared ourselves, we rented three movies, 2 of which we've watched this afternoon, "Rumor has It" - 3 Stars - quite funny in spots, but a little predictable, "Shopgirl" - 2.5 stars - a little slow and depressing, and "Ultraviolet" which we still haven't watched. I'll let you know how that goes. For dinner Saturday night, Princess pounded out two chicken breasts, grilled them, then put sauteed mushrooms, bacon and cheddar cheese on top - yuuummmy! To go with it, we had twice baked mashed potatos, and Cranberry jello salad. Really a sumptuous meal.

Church was really good today - I had 2 visitors to my Primary class and we were learning about Spriritual Exercise for Spiritual muscle to make right decisions. Our Scripture story was on Samson and Delilah. The kids really got into and it was good to see their eyes light up as they got into the story.

I never thought I would have a positive impact on these kids, but who knows - maybe I will be able to teach them something without ruining their lives.

I'm off to light the grill, we're having steaks, the twice baked mashed potatos, and the leftover jello salad, this is why I weigh so much - she keeps feeding me too well.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yo Ho A Pirate's Life for Me

I got to work today and was plugging along when a friend called and asked me if I had signed up for a chance to win tickets to Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. I said no and he said that he had, had won, and he couldn't go.

I called Princess - got her to commit to leave work at 5:30 and meet me at the movie theater about 5:45. We each got a free bag of "Peanut M&M's" to eat during the movie - the movie started about 6:10 and got over at 8:40 - 2.5 hours of pure adrenaline pumping excitement!

It starts this week - I give it 4 stars out of 4 stars and highly recommend that you take the time and go see it. I can't remember what it is rated, but there are some tense scenes and little ones might not like it!

Also - stay after the closing credits - bonus scene.

It's late - I've got lots of work to do tomorrow and have to get up early


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America

Happy 4th of July! We are having some humid cloudy weather here in Waco, but that didn't stop Princess and me from getting up - relatively early 8:30 AM - cleaning, Princess in our bedroom, and me in our home office.

We just got back from seeing Superman Returns!! Two thumbs way uuuuupp!! I will not spoil it for anyone, but Kate Bosworth, Brandon Routh, and Kevin Spacey did a fantabulous job.

Princess is now in the Kitchen making fruit salad and "cheesy noodle back" (a recipe from the illustrious Paula Deen) for our barbecue at the friends house with the new pool. That pool is awesome! Having a pool ROCKS!! We certainly have enjoyed being invited up to use the pool with our friends and on occasion, without them (with their permission of course).

Get up, celebrate America, and when you do, don't forget tomorrow to go out, register to vote, and then vote! It's what our fore fathers died for. It's why we troops stationed around the globe, freedom, and the privilege to vote.

Happy 4th of July!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

The day after

So I have been at this for an hour, trying to upload a photo to Blogger without it totally ruining my alignment, etc. I got so aggravated, I uploaded the photos to Flickr instead - view them there.

Here is the upclose view - just a little scary.

Church was good today - Fast and Testimony meeting, and two baby blessings. The Schumates and the Blackhursts, Mathew and Sydnee respectively. Sacrament meeting was quite emotional today - It was a little draining. My primary class was reduced to two kids, they had a really hard time understanding going from a Prophet (Joshua, last weeks lesson) to Judges and then back to a Prophet again to lead the Israelites. It could be that it is just summer and their attention spans have taken the needed summer break.

Enjoy the pictures - can't wait to hear the comments (Sarah, Debbie)!


Saturday, July 01, 2006


Since I was a senior in high school - I know eons ago - I have had the same haircut, pretty conservative, short, parted on the side - think Opie from Mayberry, Ok?! Well today I went in for my four week upkeep and since it is summer, I said to Gina Renee, "The back is pretty heavy/shaggy, let's use the clippers and remove some of the weight! Gina was excited as it's been about six months since we used the clippers. She fixed on the guard, a # 3 and went to work. After the clippers, she got out the scissors and blended the top to the sides. She was almost done and I said "what if we were to do the 'comb to the front kinda messy style' and not the parted on the side blown, brushed look?! Both Princess and Gina Renee looked surprise and before I could get an answer, SNIP, SNIP, and the bangs went shorter along with top! Next came out the hair paste, gooped into my hair, then fingers, and hair tossled about with nary a comb in sight!

Sooo, for the first time since I was seventeen, I have a new hairdo/hairstyle! I'm so self conscious, I haven't let Princess take a photo yet - maybe tomorrow after Church, I've got to see how well I can do the "messy" look without a professional stylist! I also look at myself in every mirror or window to make sure my big head and short hair look ok - heck, I may even have to start exercising so that I have a more fit body to go with the slimmed down
hairdo! ;-)

Check back tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel to see the photos.


All Work?

After our trip to New York, I was in Waco for a couple of weeks with one business trip to Mexico to perform an audit (speaking, reading and writing in Espanol really has it's perks). Life for us returned to "normal" with the travel being a bit quieted down.

Now Princess and I weren't blessed with children, although we tried for 11 years. I look at it as the fact the Heavenly Father blesses us in other ways, good health, good jobs, ability to serve in Church, etc. Well that brings us to Mother's day and Father's day. For Mother's day, we had torrential downpours, flooding, and lightening (it was just a week after the Tornado touched down twice, once in Waco, once in Robinson) and we just kind of hung low. For Father's day weekend, Princess and I along with two dear friends from my work (single gals, but not that way), decided to book a bed and breakfast down in Fredericksburg, TX for the weekend. Lynn, found a beautiful house with no host on site, Holly's Haus, and we had the place to ourselves from Friday PM to Sunday noon.

For those who do not know me, I have never been a "bed and breakfast kind of guy". I always worried about sharing a bathroom with strangers, etc. Well this changed me. We loved the whole weekend. The house was so charming and cute, we went sightseeing, had great German food, shopped, relaxed, played cards, etc. The house has this charming front porch and both mornings we all met out there with bed head and jammies, Lynn drinking her coffee, the rest of us sipping some water or juice - a lovely time.

We came home, I hopped a plane the next morning to Jersey, with...a...cold!!! I am now on the mend, almost 14 days after the trip. My Dr. wouldn't give me anything, said "It needs to run it's course, take decongestants, rinse your nose/nasal cavity with saline solution, drink lot's of fluids and get some rest. I feel much better today, and I think this has something to do with the change from easterly winds to southerly winds and a WHOLE lot more humidity.

The year is now half gone - ?How many days till Christmas? Ha Ha! Tonight it is off to Lynn's self thrown retirement party from work - she is going through some very mixed emotions, so Princess has made one of her superb cakes, I just made my first seven layer salad (or as I call it Guaca-crap! It was fun, Princess letting me into her kitchen to help, and even though this kitchen is bigger than our kitchen from the house in Vegas, it just goes to show that kitchens can never be toooooo big! Our next house the kitchen will be MUCH bigger!

I'll try to post more often - check out the pictures from Fredericksburg in the Flickr window


Friday, June 09, 2006

Lazy, Overworked, Whatever

I haven't posted since Princess and I knew that Princess was coming out to NJ and we would spend the weekend together sightseeing and going to the Big Apple. I haven't had the desire to post (I know Sarah...I know adoring fans want to know what we did) because work has just been hectic. Long days (12 to 15 hours each day) and never enough time to finish what is on my plate before another thing comes along.

Sooooo - Memorial day weekend, I picked Princess up (late by about 40 minutes) at Newark, we got her luggage and then off to the rental car so we could go back to our Hotel. Dinner was at FATBURGERS (super great hamburgers) and then some shut eye.

Saturday we got up and had free breakfast (I had saved some coupons from the was FAB), drove around NJ - I took Princess to see X-MEN 3 (loved it) then to one of my favorite shoppes, The Old Mill, candles, collectibles, etc (where I always pick something up for Princess when I am in NJ. Had dinner down by Mohawk lake and all in all a really good time.

Sunday we went into the City with Greg and Michele (he works for Mars too) and volunteered to be our guides. It was HOT, Sunny and overall a great time.
World Trade Center

The Brooklyn Bridge - We almost walked across it

(l-r)Princess, Michele & Greg in front of Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn. Best Pizza on earth - really and it's underneath the Brooklyn Bridge (they are eating ice cream before we ate pizza cuase it was a 45 minute wait)

We walked and walked, bought tons of Water, rode the subway many times - sat and rested in Central Park and people watched - saw a cute Dachsie while we were there, walked down 5th avenue, saw the Apple store, FAO Schwartz, Trump, Tiffany's (just for you Sue, Shannon and Sarah.

Princess outside (a thankfully) closed Tiffany's on 5th Avenue

We went to Times Square - saw the whole world there including...Christine Lahti!!!
She was walking in Times Square with her kids - I freaked, yelled her name, Greg and Michele said "Who?" and I said - "The Emmy award winning actress, was on Chicago Hope, major films, Lifetime Movies!" and again they repeated "who?"...about this time, she stopped, turned, flashed that beautiful smile and waved at Princess and I!!! We were in Heaven!

Finished the day, ate in Hoboken, got to the hotel and slept in on Monday. Then I took Princess to the Delaware water gap, we ate and then back to the airport :-(. Seriously, I cried when she left. I finished up my week, went to Newark on Friday and while going through security, I was untying my shoe when the person behind me pushed me and I almost fell. I looked back and it was none other than...Richard Simmons!!!
I said exscuse me, went to untie again he pushed me. So, I changed sides so I could watch him and he did it again...I said exscuse me Mr. Simmons, and he corrected me and said "Richard!", so I said Richard stop that and he said "no" so I slipped off the shoes still tied, put them in the bin and went through. He is just as funny and hilarious in real life as he is on TV! I got home at 4:00 AM on Saturday morning and this past week has been a blur!

Our friends did have a baby girl yesterday, you can check it out here at She is really cute.

I'm off today and enjoying it immensely - thanks for the patience - long post I know.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

East Coastin' it

So, I left Waco this morning at 5:45 AM - only about 12 hours after I arrived home from Puebla. Flight left on time - I snored all the way to Houston, and we got to our gate about 15 minutes earlier than normal.

Now with my travels, I am at the top "elite" position with my favorite airline, Continental. When I checked in for the trip in Waco, the gate agent told me I had been upgraded, but the computer would not allow a seat assignment...she called Houston, was told to give me a seat in coach {:-(}. When I got to Houston I went straight to the gate and was told I was first on the list for upgrades. I smiled graciously, walked away and my spirits were dampened. I'm not one to ask for upgrades, but by golly when they tell me I have an upgrade and then take it away it really bites.

We boarded the plane, I took my seat in coach and struck up conversation with the gentleman next to me when all of a sudden the gate agent came down the aisle and moved me to First Class - whoooopppeeee!!! I love that first class stuff! Had a gourmet egg omelet for breakfast with a delicious fruit plate, watched a movie on my own private video screen and snoozed for just a little bit.

Got to New Jersey, beautiful weather I might add...and came to my hotel for some phone conferences. Just got off the phone with Princess and she is coming to New Jersey for the weekend! We will have 2.5 days of bliss together in the garden state. Well gotta go - it's late, I'm tired and have a busy two days ahead of me.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iowa and Mexico

So - It's been raining tooo much work for me here in Waco.

After Mother's day, I spent 3 very long days on the road in central Iowa and southwestern Minnesota. Pretty country I must say, especially with 800+ miles driven in the span of 48 hours. Then a couple of really long days to finish out the week and the next thing I knew it was Friday night, time for our friends daughter's 3rd Birthday and the my weekend began (who knew it was only going to be one day at the start of the week).

So I had Saturday to do the "honey-do's", which in my case are pretty much self inflicted - mowing, edging, washing and waxing Princesses Murano - she did help me dry and boy is that car spectacular when it is clean and shiny. Did laundry - ironed and packed to leave on Sunday to go to Puebla, Mexico for work. Had to miss the wonderful 55 mile drive from Waco to Killeen for Stake Conference, but sacrifices are also good for the soul! :-)

Puebla is the capital got it, Puebla! Pretty confusing isn't it - but you gotta hand it to the fore fathers of Mexico...Puebla, Puebla, MX is not too hard to learn. Beautiful city Puebla and home to a gigantic...hugemongous Volkswagen factory. I met up with a co-worker from NJ and we spent two nights and one very busy day working with our supplier...a two hour drive from Puebla, but some breathtaking views as we descended mountains from Puebla into the state of Veracruz to get to our vendors.

Just got home at 5:00 PM CDST and will be back at the airport tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM to leave for a week and a half trip to western NJ. Boy I can really say it - I am tired. Well, gotta go and pack the two suitcases for the trip. I should have some adventures to detail by the end of the week.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

For Linda

Happy Mother's Day Linda. Linda is Princesses Mother. I have a wonderful nickname that I have called Linda for the past few years..."old Woman". I know it doesn't seem very nice, but it came from a joke or a commercial and now when I call to talk to my other Mother, I say hello old woman and she answers back "hello old man".

Linda was born in Emery, UT, another of those well bred, hearty faithful Mormon stock. Linda's family moved from Emery when she was sixteen to the bustling Metropolis of Salt Lake City, UT. There, she graduated from high school, dated and broke hearts of a few of the fine fellas in SLC, eventually attending BYU in Provo. There she met Bill, they married and he went off to the University of Utah as he says "to get an education now that I got me a wife"! And boy did he make out in the deal.

Linda is the second of three children, but is the oldest as the first son passed away when only 2.5 months old. Linda's mom came from 12 children and she always desired to have a large family. Unfortunately, she was blessed with only two daughters, Princesses older sister, and Princess. Linda too has a unique birthday 10-31-41...she is called Wendy Witch by her family on her birthday.

Linda has been blessed with eight grandchildren who love and cherish her. Although all of these grandchildren come from Princesses older sister and none from us, Linda has, and continues to treat us with the same regard she holds for her other daughter.

I am thankful for Linda...not just cause she is Princesses Mom, cause she has been and is a great person and friend to me. Linda encourages me, chastises me when needed, and most of all, the thing she taught Princess, is to love unconditionally, like Christ has taught us to do and be for the past 2000+ years.

So Linda, thanks for being my other Mom, thanks for Princess, thanks for your principles, morals, ethics, sense of humor and your Love. You are cherished by us both...across the miles.

This is a photo from the day we left Las Vegas to moved to Central Texas...June 2001

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we celebrate that one day per calendar year to show Love, Gratitude and Kindness to the one who gave us life, cared for us, kissed boo-boo's, boosted our egos/esteem, and generarlly pushed us to succeed in life...MOM

In our hurried and busy lives, the second Sunday in May is our Mother's day (in reality Mom, we all know that the other 364 days per year we should be treating you like the Queen you really are and deserve) to be lavished upon, doted on, have breakfast in bed, and surprise with homemade cards, gifts, and of course flowers and candy.

To our Mother's I say thanks, Thanks, THANKS!

My Mother was born in Salina, UT, and spent her very early years in Antimony, UT. This is where she began to develop the caring traits that have stayed with her throughout her life. My Mother married at 16, began her motherhood about 10 months later and has never stopped caring for anyone in or out of our family. Mom is the third of four girls and has a distinct birthdate 2-3-45. Mom eventually earned her high school diploma through night school when I was in grade school. Mom had 6 children and in her lifetime nursed my oldest sister through terminal cancer, cared for her Mother when she was afflicted by a stroke, and cared for her Mother-in-law at the beginning of her battle with Alzhiemer's Disease.

Mom has always taught us to trust in Heavenly Father, Pray, read the Scriptures, and be diligent in our Church callings...doing everything in our power to serve with happiness and Love. Mom struggles with Ovarian Cancer (and has currently outlived docter's prognosis for the last 6 months) which at times debilitates her, but she keeps on fighting. I Love my Mother. I Love her strength. I Love her tenacity to deal with tough sitautions. And, I love even more being her son.

So Happy Mother's Day Mom...from one long distance son to his Mother who is always close in his heart.


Yes - I have been lazy...lazy about blogging. I am so sorry for all you "devoted" fans of texaspricetags! Work has been crazy and weekends have been crazier yet. I guess that this is because Spring has been in full bloom of late and we Central Texans are dashing right into Summer.

This week was a little hard because Princess went to San Antonio for the Texas Dental Convention and I was a little BLUE so you see the shoe was on the other foot.

I promise to be more diligent even if it is just to "pop" in and say "hi"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Loooong Week

It's Thursday and I have been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest and I am losing !!! I have been in the plant all week and it just seems that I am no longer helping to make candy, but I've become a firefighter...'cause that's all I've done all week is fight someone's fire that they dragged me into.

We continue our quest to get through season one of Nip/Tuck.
Me with my hands in front of my face for about ten minutes out of each episode, and Princess just taking it in. Tonight will be another disk for us to peruse.

I have been trying to eat better for Princess and the diabetes. Today I lost! I had two granola bars before lunch as my frosted flakes left me early on in the crisis that were happening. As part of this, I'm taking my lunch to do portion's helping. I even pack grapes as a snack for later in the afternoon...even with all that, I had a SNICKERS Almond bar to boot. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

My Mom is doing better with her cancer numbers - more or less stabilized so that is good. We are trying to plan a trip home in the fall so that we can spend some more time with family than what we ususally get with that brutal 24 hour drive home...we'll see how it all pans out.

I promise to be back tomorrow to let you know how my "new" career is going.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Nip & Tuck

Tonight we've been watching the Season one DVD's for Nip/Tuck. This show airs on the F/X network and Princess just loves it. I on the other hand have to watch many...and I mean many of the scenes with my hands in front of my face. Yes, yes, I am the queasy one in our family, and this show just like ER brings out my biggest fear and weakness...blood and gore.

As I have said before Princess works for a Dentist (has been a Dental assistant all our married life) and loves the gore...Her fav movies are vampire flicks. Princess used to come home from work and share gory details over dinner...until the night I almost puked on my plate (about our third night home from the honeymoon). Ever since she is much lighter with the details, and never, and I mean never, shares them over dinner! See, I knew I married the best dang woman in the whole world.

I also bought Aeon Flux over the weekend, but we haven't had time to watch it yet. As soon as we do, I will post my review of two thumbs waaaaayyyy uuuppp or two thumbs waaaaayyyy down!

Seriously, if you like ER - check out nip/tuck you may just like it too...IF you can handle the gore that is.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


So we had some bad weather on Friday night which brought some greatly needed rain. It also brought some greatly appreciated cooler weather. Saturday evening we tried to eat outside in the beautiful cool weather (about 75F for the high) with our neighbors...and I say tried, 'cause we couldn't get the coals to light, no matter what we did. After about an hour, we put the meat in the fridge and went to Mama Baris Pizza - great food.

Came home from Dinner, opened all the windows in the house and slept like logs. Princess likes it cool in the house for sleeping and it got cool right down around 67F. Because of the whole Diabetes topic in our house, Princess and I are eating healthier and this morning she made one of her signature smoothies - low fat yogurt, 2% milk, a dash of O.J. protein powder, a frozen banana and some frozen pineapple - YUMMY! She finished hers and I had my portion on the way to Church.

Church was great - good speakers, great lessons, and uplifting music. We came home to the dreaded blinking light on the machine and it was our same neighbors. Seems they got the grill on and wanted to cook the meat from last night - so it was change the clothes, dash up the street and cook on the grill.

Princess came home and ironed, letting my rest up a bit and we watched her new video purchase of season one - Nip/Tuck. I have to watch through my fingers as the fake blood and stuff really grosses me out. Princess made rice, salad, Malibu chicken and a zucchini custard type dish - all really wonderful (all this is turning into two meals - see healthier and left overs to boot). Now it's ABC for our fav shows. All in all, a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Texas and New Mexico

It's Wednesday and I arrived into Lubbock, picked up my rental car... a real cutie, a Jeep Liberty Limited. Leather seats, in-dash 6 CD player, and the icing on the cake was Sirius satellite radio (the best thing in the world next to my ipod on long desolate trips.

Arrived in Roswell, NM, met up with my boss, went for a walk as the weather was absolutely freakin' beautiful, light breeze, sun was setting, just gorgeous. Too bad Princess was not with me as Roswell is her birthplace. My father-in-law (aka Santa and aka the clown) was stationed at the now defunct Walker Air Force Base there from 65-67.

Thursday morning got up, showered (kind of nice of me so as not to be too stinky), ate breakfast (as both Princess and I are eating more healthy since she got tagged for Diabetes). Went and did our dairy audit, got my boss to the airport for her flight home and then I went and took pics of Roswell for Princess and her family. I also got some pics of the home they lived in for that very short time. I have added these on a Flickr badge. Click on the badge and it will take you to all my public photos. Easiest way I know to share the photos.

After taking the photos, bought some water, a soda pop, and was on my way back to Lubbock. Took me right around three hours with only one potty break. Got to my hotel, checked in got some grub and what did I see shining brightly in the night? Krispy Kreme!!!! You see, coming from Vegas to Texas, we lost out on the good ole KK and then they built one here in Waco and it closed 18 months later! Dang! So after eating, I went and got me some donuts and just to prove it to you, here it is and boy was it delicious! HOT and FRESH, you just can't beat that SHIPLEY'S!

I flew back to Houston, missed my connection due to weather and so I got another cool rental car...a Subaru Legacy wagon with the hugest and I mean hugest sun roof in the world...whaddya expect, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas. Got home, unpacked and started in on the laundry with Princess. About 12:30 AM guess what happened? Severe Thunderstorm warning and TORNADO WATCH!!! Am I a jinx or what? Oh well, it got me out of mowing today.

I know that these are a little back dated, but I wanted to catch everyone up on my goings and comings, comings and goings. Today we did our normal Saturday errands and lunch at CHIK-FIL-A. Until tomorrow

Jonesboro to Memphis

Today being Tuesday, my co-worker and I did audit our supplier and even though this morning it was raining huge...and I mean HUGE, drops of rain, about mid-day the sun poked through the clouds and began to dry us out.

Our supplier took us out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant called El Acapulco in Jonesboro. Great food...and from a fat man I really mean great food. I even ordered my food, my co-workers food and one of the suppliers sitting at our end of the table's food in Spanish. I surprised the heck out of our waitress who was from Northern Mexico. Really good Mexican food. Better than Tex-Mex that everyone in Waco is accustomed to.

We finished the audit around 4:30 PM and headed back to Memphis. We stopped at Wal-Mart so that my co-worker could purchase the DVD Walk the Line and I decided to purchase the soundtrack as I had another leg of my odyssey before the week was up. We popped the soundtrack into the CD player and away we went.

Got back to Memphis, ate dinner, and settled in for the night...ANOTHER night of thunderstorms, lightening, rain and now Tornado WATCHES, not warnings. My co-worker was so worried about me that he called me twice to make sure that I was all right. He's a tad bit older from Tennessee and talks r e a l s l o o w w! But he is a great guy and a joy to work with. I just usually find myself answering a lot of my own questions...and he tolerates it.

Tomorrow is a flight to Lubbock, TX, then drive 3 hours to Roswell, New Mexico for another audit. OOH Roswell...Aliens...Spaceships...HAH! Can't wait.


So, it's Monday and I flew to Memphis, TN to meet up with one of my counterparts to do a "workwith/training" audit of a supplier in Northeastern Arkansas. I had to wait over three hours in Memphis (sitting in the airport, no internet connection, no restaurants to speak of) while I waited. Tried to do some work, but anyone who travels knows how impossible it is to balance your laptop on the luggage and type while trying to keep your papers from falling all over the place (no, there were no Presidents clubs for me to go into).

Frustrated, I stopped, began watching Walk the Line for the third time! I love this movie! I love the music! It helped take away my frustration over the wait. I got half way through it and had to stop as my co-worker arrived.

We drove into Arkansas, ate dinner at Ruby Tuesday, and had thunder, lightening, and lots of rain...Northeastern Arkansas in a Tornado watch...not really my idea of a great time, is work. Rain and thunder all night, I slept like a log, but got up occasionally to check the news so that if I did have to evacuate, it wouldn't be in my underwear! The fun just never stops.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sabbath Day

So it's Sunday afternoon. Princess and I have been to our 3 hour Church schedule (it is so nice to drive to the Chapel once instead of 3 times like I used to have to do when I was a kid). We had a new couple speak and their messages about marriage are timely and needed in our society today. The only problem was since we were in Houston last week, people seem to have the funny idea that we have abandoned the back pew we have been sitting on for over 4 years. Just means next week we will get there earlier and boot them out!

So I'm teaching about Joseph in the Old Testament and how he was sold into slavery, eluded Potipher's wife and I look up from putting a picture on the board and all the kids are making a funny/disgusting face. Seems they all knew what the scripture meant "to lie with" (heck when I was nine I didn't have a clue what that was). And when I got to the part about how Joseph had to flee and Potipher's wife grabbed his cloth and he fled naked there were grunts, and mutterings of now days really KNOW WAY TOO MUCH!!! What happened to their innocence? All in all, the class went well...teaching about making right choices to stay closer to Our Heavenly Father's Spirit to help guide us. Even with all the moaning, I'm pretty sure they got the message.

After Church, Princess and I made some lunch and I am currently checking work e-mails (yes while writing my blog!) and then I get to do the dreaded expense reports. Princess is ironing clothes for me...I'm going to Tennessee, Arkansas, Pan Handle of Texas, New Mexico and back home on Friday. Whew! Just typing it makes my tired. Since it is Sunday, that means our fav T.V. shows - Extreme Home Makeover, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy - Love-em!

I may not be able to blog during the week, but I will keep you posted on all the antics throughout my journeys


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday...a day late

So it's only 7:30 in the morning, I'm the only one up. Princess and the girls are still in bed. Yesterday I got to the plant and all was going fine. I went to the men's room and while indisposed, my cell rang. Now I hate answering the cell phone in the b-room (and it annoys the heck out of me when other people do it). So I go to silence it and instead I hang up on the caller...oops. While still indisposed, the dang thing rings again! This time I silence the ringer and the call goes to voice mail. I finish being indisposed, get the message and call the person back. Seems we were having a problem with some incoming material at a warehouse in Dallas. Long story short, about mid-day, I end up going to Dallas to do an investigation. I ran home to put on some better clothing (it is after all Spring in Texas and I have to wear a uniform at shorts and t-shirts are about the norm).

Princess and I arrive in Dallas. I meet with the warehouse manager, we investigate, come to an agreement on what to do, I call my boss and the previous person and give them the 411. It is now about 3:30 in the afternoon. Both Princess and I are hungry so we leave the warehouse and head out to North Park Mall for some sustenance. This mall was featured a few years back in a Richard Gere movie called "Dr T. and His Women". The mall is upscale and has gone through an extensive add on. We walked, went into a few of the stores, Princess shopped, I lugged bags (my normal routine when at the mall...pack mule). We forgot to eat! Princess is undergoing analysis by our family Doc for Diabetes and this is not good.

We decide to head to Costco on our way home and proceed to do the inevitable at 5:00 PM...get on the biggest parking lot in the world...the freeway. Sooo an hour later we are hitting the 360 and it too is a parking lot. Princess looks over to our left and sees a Dillards' Clearance Center store. We exit...go to the store and 45 minutes and $66.00 later we exit, me with two new pairs of shorts, a new swimsuit, and a tie. Princess with 4 tops (2 for her Mom), and a cute red/maroon sweater top...not bad I say (we will definitely be going back.

On to Costco - mad dash through the store to get our list...on to buy ice for the ice chest...then Dinner at Cheddar's (love that place)...then arrive at home at 10:30 PM...which is why this post is now on being written todya, Saturday.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Home Again

Today was a bit uneventful. I traveled back to Waco from Orange County, California. A long travel day by any standards, at the airport at 7:00 AM California time and arrived home at 5:00 PM Texas time with a two hour time difference sandwiched in there.

I am usually quite talkative on airplane rides, but the gentleman seated beside me (oh I forgot to mention that I had gotten an upgrade to first class) was definitely not a talker. Nothing more than Good Morning, and then a nod when I had to ask to get up and use the restroom. So, with nothing more than the Sky Mall magazine, I got out the laptop to do some work, and lo and behold, I had unplugged it from charging all night, but forgot to turn it off and the battery was dead...No work, no movie, nada, zip, bupkiss. So I pulled out the USA Today, read, ate Special K cereal (yum) and then snoozed.

Landed in Houston - had my 55 minute layover, boarded the lovely turboprop airplane to Waco, put in the earphones for my ipod, turned it on shuffle and slept all the way to Waco. Went by the Dentist office where Princess works, waited for her and then we headed off to Taco Bueno for our culinary dinner date.

Came home, unpacked my small overnight bag and then I surprised Princess. If you'll remember my earlier post, I was giving my better half a hard time about eating In-N-Out Burger while in sunny Cal. I told her to come into the bedroom and I would give her the ketchup packet I brought her her surprise....(tension building) I brought her a new In-N-Out T-shirt!!! See, I'm not a total jerk!

Tomorrow it is back to the office/plant lot's of work to do and catch up on, so, "good night and good luck"


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sunny Southern California

Well here I am today in beautiful Southern California. Got up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight to Houston, then on to Orange County International airport. A short 55 minute drive down I-5 and I was off and working. Auditing can be so invigorating.

So I finished the audit, got on the road and headed back up I-5 toward the airport...This is a short trip as I will be headed back home early tomorrow morning. Beautiful weather here in CA! I think the car said the outside temperature was a wonderful 75 F for the high!! Left Waco and it was 99F yesterday - I about died! So as I'm cruising up the interstate taking in the beautiful hills and mountains to my right and the wonderful ocean to my left I pull over to take some phoots and after rifling through my bag with cars WHIZZING by at super speed, I found to my dismay that I had left it at home...drats.

Got back up by the airport and had a difficult time trying to find the hotel so I called the front desk and got this very pleasant young man. We tried to communicate the directions back to one another, but I eventually spoke in Spanish to him and was able to understand him without the heavy accent. It truly is a blessing to be able to speak another language.

I have a wonderful dinner planed!! In-N-Out Burger!! Yippee - both Princess and I miss them so much from living in Vegas, and we haven't found a replacement for them in Waco. I have been naughty, rubbing and chiding Princess that I am eating In-N-Out and she isn't. Shame on me.

On the plane ride out, I did some work on the laptop, and then watched the movie "Walk the Line". Neither Princess and I are big fans of Country music, but I must confess that I absolutely loved it and it brought back memories of listening to Johnny Cash on LP's as a child. I think I will try and watch it again tomorrow just so I can get the whole thing from start to finish. I give it two thumbs Waaaaaay Up! If you haven't seen it, get out and rent it and have a wonderful evening (caution though, I think it is rated PG-13, so watch it after the little ones have gone to bed.

If you've seen the movie, I would love to hear your thoughts and critiques on the movie. Also, I am always up to seeing more movies and do take recommendations.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Long Time

I've been slacking recently with the travel my job puts me through. I promise to get better and to make even small posts when they happen.

So last weekend was Easter. Princess and I had the luxury of driving from Waco to Houston to meet up with ex-Wacoans that are now back to being Houstonians. We got to Houston around 8:00 PM Friday night, met up with Sarah and Sterling and then went to get a bite to eat at Pei Wei - you gotta love Pei Wei. We then stayed up visiting until after midnight without interruption from their lovely four children.

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn and decided to go wash the bug guts off the front of the Murano. Went to the coin-op car wash down the street, washed for $5.00 worth, dried, came back and hit the day full force. Sarah's girls needed new shoes to go with their Easter outfits and I went along for the ride while Sterling worked on building Sarah's new office furniture (the man can put me to shame with what he is able to do with wood - he's freakin awesome). Then to Target (tarjay - say it with a French accent) then to Kroger, then home, then to Disney's new movies The Wild, then coloring Easter eggs (my fingers are still blue-green), and then a little quality time for the adults...DINNER AT MAGGIANOS!!! This was our first time and I swear I gained ten pounds from that one meal. Doggone it was great!

Sunday was a great family breakfast, then rush to get to Church - oh yeah, the egg hunt in the grass which was pretty wet for the kids - then Church which was great, back home to finish the touches on the Dinner. Sarah's parents and her sister's family came and we had a great time. It was sad for us to go, but we clocked the trip home in miles and hours...only 166.5 miles one way and 2.5 hours with an average speed of 70 mph (gotta love the gadgets they put on them cars nowadays).

Today was back to the daily grind, but with the wonderful task I looked forward to all day...creating a new post.

I've added a link to Sarah's blog - check it out - she's so dang good and crafty I will never measure up.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

What Weekend?

My whole life, my Mother taught me that "Saturday was the day we got ready for Sunday". Well now that I am on the downhill side of life (having past the age of 40), I would really like to know what happened to lazy or semi-lazy weekends.

We got up this morning and it was quite cool. A cold front had moved into Central Texas and it was about 47 F outside!! Still we slept with the windows open and the house temp was about 61F. Came and checked e-mails and then heard the familiar Saturday morning buzz...Lawnmowers and edgers. Drat! So, I put on my yard gear, an old pair of shorts, t-shirt and shoes, got out the mower, gas can, and edger and began my duty. The backyard went very quickly. Then I did the front and edged. All in all about 50 minutes of work...cause I like to put a pattern in the lawn, not always mowing in the same direction.

Came in showered, gave Sadie and Sasha their treats, and Princess and I dashed off to start what she calls "errands". First to Chik-Fil-A for some nourishment...mmm I love their strips and lemonade. Then shopping for trees for the front and back yard. Doom and Gloom, more work for yours truly. Then to Target (Tar-jay) to pick up the sundry items, then to the Grocery store. See what I mean - where's the weekend.

Came home, unloaded the car (sans trees - those'll come next week) and went to work on my Primary lesson for tomorrow. Now it's 4:30 CDT and in about an hour we're off to a barbque and games. Sunday will be three hours in Church, home to a small lunch and then Princess will make dinner - cap off the evening with Extreme Home Makeover, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy (our favorite shows)

AGAIN - Where's my Weekend - I know, I know...I'll have some Brie to go with my Whine!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

First Post

A little bit about myself and my significant other -my beautiful wife of 18+years Princess!

Orgininally from Las Vegas, NV, we moved to Central Texas June 2001. We have been happily married for almost 19 years and unfortunately we were not blessed with any children...soo, we happily adopted to beautiful daschunds (both females, Sadie is the darker one and almost 6, Sasha is the more pure red and will be 5) that have been a great source of happiness for us these past 6 years.

I work for a major candy company here and my lovely wife (whom I have referred to for the past 18+ years as Princess) works as a certified dental assistant. Wh0'd have thunk that I would be lucky enough to eat candy all day and then have super great dental care at my disposal. I give Princess a really hard time about the amount of pain that she inflicts when taking x-rays, but in reality, I am a big wimp when it comes to any amount of pain.

I come from a family of 6 children and Princess comes from a family of 2 girls...but her older sister has us beat (and almost has my parents beat for grandchildren) as she has EIGHT beautiful children. The oldest is currently in Argentina serving a two-year mission for our Church.

I travel quite extensively in my job doing continuous improvement and quality audits with our suppliers. It is a great job and I have truly been blessed by it. I speak, read, and write fluently in Spanish and have spent a great deal of time in Mexico and Central America for work. This has kept my Spanish quite good and has broadened it due to learning some technical words and phrases.

I know that this is quite rambling, and being new to the whole Blogging scene, I hope that you will have patience with me as I try to get better. I will also try to get more creative with pictures and whatnot as I go forward. I am open to critiques and welcome any and all comments you might have.