Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Official

I'm a boob. No, not a female anatomy part, but a big blubbering boob!

Today I had to teach about our Heavenly Family and the reason we came to earth. And about 3 minutes into it, I began tearing up. I mean really tearing up! I kept plugging through, trying hard not to let my emotions get the best of me and at one point, I had to turn by back to the class to get my breath!

The lesson material was great! I had good participation (probably scared that I would break down again...which I did!), but my feelings were just right at the surface! No matter what I did, I had a hard time getting control.

I was able to finish the lesson...a lesson I brought props to. I had pictures of Princess, Mom & Dad, Mom and Dad Princess, friends, cousins, grandparents, nieces, nephews, Princesses sister's family, you name it I brought pictures! After the lesson, there was one sister really crying, tears running down her cheeks. I went to apologize, only to learn that her husband had recently died. He is a member of the Church, she is not. My lesson on eternal families was for her, not for me, not for my Mom (still not doing well), but for her. She needed to feel the Spirit, and this helped to break through to her. I don't know what the future holds for her, but I know that my ramblings and blubberings were for her.

Ya know what? I'm grateful to be a boob (the big blubbering kind)!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Way Cool

Have you ever opened another person's blog or web or anything and when you clicked on a link it opened in a new page or tab? Well I loved that feature and I just found out how to do it.

There is a blog out there called betabloggerfordummies. I found an html script that you insert into the widget code that allows all of your links, blogs, etc to open in a new window or page. It is so cool!

Here is the link ->

Click on links (orange tab in header), then expand the "50 types of links and how to make them work", then look for number 8 and the highlighted word "e-mail". Then scroll down to "opening links in a separate window". The code is highlighted in black. Remember to back up your template before making any changes.
That should do it! Have fun


Too Much

Or too heavy? I'm not quite sure. I guess I'm liked (read) more for my witty repartee than for my deep, spiritual, thinking side (I state this only because on the Nerd scale, I received 5 comments, yet matters of great concern I only received one comment).

So dear friends and family, I will try to not pour out my soul/heart too often and just thrill you with the life and times of the TexasPricetags!

This past week has been a doozy.
• Last Sunday evening I started off feeling poorly, awoke during the night with sweats, chills, etc and found I had a fever. My scratchy throat from Saturday was not just allergies, but a cold. I weathered it pretty well sleeping most of Monday

• The rest of the work week was spent dealing with issues and trying to catch up on audit reports, expense reports and firefighting.

We haven’t seen too much rain lately, but I know for a fact it will rain today or tomorrow, independent of what the TV, Internet, Radio, and Newspapers say! Why do you ask? Because for the first time in 6 months, both cars are washed, waxed and clean! It is a sure sign that rain will be opening from the heavens any minute now, or at least while we are at Church this afternoon.

Speaking of Church, my new calling as Gospel Essentials Teacher is going quite well. I usually have about 10-15 people attending, some new, some old. The new ones don’t quite scare me as much as the old ones, cause they don’t usually get out there on tangents that are pretty deep discussions. I do try to steer the class back to the topic at hand, and gently thank the tangent taker for their comments.

I added Princess to the blog so she could start posting, or create her own blog and link to it from here, but no such luck yet.

If I have any exciting happenings at Church today, I will describe it in detail here on these pages.


Thursday, September 13, 2007


That's how I fell today. Blessed beyond measure. Many of you dear readers know that I try not to let my Mormon influence get the best of me and become to "preachy" with the blog. However, I am blessed more than I could every imagine.

I want to declare my love for a beautiful Daughter of our Heavenly Father. Her unconditional love for me and those that surround us. I truly don't deserve all that she does for the girls and me.

I am grateful for loving parents. My dear Mother has struggled, fought, climbed, and torn her way through 4 years of hell. She is dealing with Cancer. They found ovarian cancer in 2003, just after her Mother passed away. She was given 12 months. 13 months later, she was given 12 -18 months. Now, 3 years later, we learn that her numbers are climbing, the drug study she is on is not working, and tumors are growing. I have held her hands, felt her tears on my cheeks, heard her voice quiver and shake from 1350 miles away, yet through it all, her faith holds her, her testimony of God, his son Jesus Christ, and the plan that He has for us. Now with this latest round of chemo unsuccessful, the Dr's are giving her 3 to 6 months to live. I don't know what the next 3 to 6 months hold (heck not even the next 24 hours), but I do know this, I love my Mom. She is a fighter, she feels that God is not done with her yet, and I know that she prays that His will be done.

I pray for her every morning, noon and night. I pray that the pain will not be too much for her to bear, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that my prayers are answered.

My sister Buffy (not her real name, but my nickname for her from high school) has had my Mom at her house for the past several weeks. Here she is, fourth of six kids, having to manage this burden with her husband and my younger brother and his wife. I know that she has learned more unconditional love through serving my Mom, than anything other trial in her life.

I love my family. Please forgive me for being so sappy, so emotional, so overjoyed in God's blessings to me and to my family. Remember to keep your loved ones closer, love those that spite you, and pray for guidance in your lives.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Blame it on Todd

I haven't really blogged lately - too much work, too much house work with Princess, being way way too grouchy - you name it, I'm a lazy bum or I just don't care. I did however pickup a cool tidbit over at three girls and a boy I picked up this:

I am nerdier than 60% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Todd is more nerdy than I am, - no scratch that, I am he only scored 48 "lightly nerdy" while I scored 60! GREAT!

Think you're not a Nerd? I challenge you to go take the quiz!

I'll try to be better a posting. Princess got this yesterday (the corner unit)and we put it up this morning - we worked too long and hard on it, going without food or beverage and I ended up grouchy and a jerk. Thank goodness that I have a wife who loves me unconditionally...even when that condition is jerkiness.