Friday, September 26, 2008


Thought I would post some pictures of our trip to Michigan

Beautiful Wooden boat on Lake Charlevoix, MI

Princess & Lynn on the steps of the Terrace Inn, Petsosky, MI

View of the Inn with Princess and Lynn on the front steps

The Three Muskateers on Lake Charlevoix, MI

We had a great time in Michigan - Love & Miss you Lynn

Monday, September 22, 2008


So my last rant was about Fall and how this is my favorite season.  The temperatures were in the low 80's, the nights were in the mid 50's, and life was wonderful.

Today was the autumnal equinox.  The first day of Fall.  Today's High was 90 freaking degrees!  What happened?  I'll tell you what, good old Mother Nature - rearing her pretty head decided that we needed some more heat in September to keep up appreciating what is around the corner.  I tell ya, I'm sick and tired of it.  I want Fall back!  And Now! (yeah, get off your soapbox)

Yesterday at Church, I asked that Princess be released from our joint calling.  She has hated it for the past year and several months.  She likes teaching kids, primary kids, and not adults.  It is also hard for us if we want to take a weekend off and go somewhere, we have to get a substitute.  Hopefully Princess will get a better calling in R.S., or Primary, or Young Women's (Hah, that last one was mean)!

Anywho, we are doing good.   I'm off to Mexico this week, and have a long day ahead tomorrow, I'm covering for a shift manager in the afternoon, so it's going to be a long day, 7 to 7.  I'm really going to need a vacation soon.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Color Change

No, not to the blog, but to the weather.  My favorite season is fall, followed by winter, then spring, and lastly, summer.  This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, me having come from the desert, I love it when it cools off.  It definitely has started doing that here.

I was in Minneapolis this week, and I realized that highs in the 60's during the day are the place for me.  The leaves had begun their changes, slowly, subtly, into the oranges, golds, and reds.  Man I LOVE fall!  It was a short trip, but I came back to low 80's here during the day and this morning it was 59 when I left for work!  Man I love fall.

Soon, we'll have our windows open during the evenings and reveling in the cool evenings.  I love to sleep bundled up and that is just around the corner - yeah baby, I love fall.

I spoke to a friend from Vegas today - she may not ever know it, but she cheered me up tremendously.  I've been blue again, not too bad, but today on the phone we laughed and we cried.  It was good.  I am blessed.  I know it, even if I rebel against it and all the good I have in my life.  Thanks Debbe for making my day today.

Hey everyone, Fall is coming!  Yahoo!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

IKE part Deux

We are certainly most lucky to live in Central Texas.  IKE has been devastating the Gulf Coast and has done "his" damage there, moving quite slowly through the US heading into Northeastern Texas and points northward.  

IKE has given us some good and much needed rain.  Some wonderful wind, not too much, just enough to be enjoyed.  IKE has also given us a great opportunity today, most everyone we know back home in Vegas has called us to make sure that we are safe, that we have "endured" the ravages of the storm.  People, come on Seriously (said with sarcasm)!  We live in CENTRAL TEXAS - more than Two hundred (yes, 200) miles away from Houston.   We have a better time with Tornadoes than we do with Hurricanes.

Our neighbors up the street and us have had a great time mocking (no pun intended - their last name is Mock) those here that surged the gas stations, surged the HEB's for bottled water, food, milk, ICE CREAM - Come on seriously people - if there's no electricity, there's no freezer for ice cream.  Princess went to the store last night for our normal supplies, and she was faced with empty shelves - same as RITA three years ago.

We laugh.  We shake our heads and we watch hysteria unleash over a storm.  People should listen to the Prophet - "Be Prepared"!  Heck, we could live for at least a week on the candy, chips, soda, and canned food we have in our cupboards.  If we were at home at the in-laws, it would be for at least a month! 

Anyway, we're fine, doing fine, ironing and watching a movie.  Thanks so much for asking.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Help Me!

Understand that is.  The last two posts have been trying to reintroduce myself to blogging without being such a downer and guess what?  No comments!  NADA! Zip! Zilch! Zingo!

Come on, I love that you all love both Princess and I, but throw me a bone now and then!

I just got back from 7 hours of driving from Beaumont to Waco - yes!  I said Seven hours!  Traffic was heavy just getting out of Beaumont, then the idiots zinging and zipping through Highway 105 and Highway 6 - just about pushed me over the edge.  Anywhoo, I'm home, tonight is card night for Princess, so I'll be alone again - nothing to do but watch some boob tube and iron!

The girls just barked cause Princess came in and now we're going to go out and get the mail.  Yes - this is my exciting life!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I don't like Ike! This storm is proving to be one great big headache. Instead of travelling to southeast Texas, I got up this morning and called the folks only to hear it has been put off and we're playing it day by day for now.

Go Away Ike! Leave the battered Gulf Coast alone! We need the rain, just not the destructive winds. Go Away!

Can you tell I've been working couped up inside the house all day! Well, hopefully, I'll be on my way tomorrow and knock that task off my to do list.


Sunday, September 07, 2008


All right.

I am trying to be more positive and less "bluesy" about the blog.  I am trying to find my inner voice that once kept this blog lively and fun.  I beg of you to indulge me to work through the grief in my hang look past the "glum" posts and the ever present "Mama's Boy" that is lost and wandering.  PLEASE, hang in there with me.

Since coming back from Michigan, I have had the pleasure of being in the plant (that is almost a record, the week before vacation, and the week after), which is coming to an end on Tuesday.  My travel for Tuesday is to head to Beaumont, TX for work.  The area is hot and humid, but as we know, the calendar says "September" so fall must be around the corner.  I like Beaumont, small town feel, with large town luxuries (i.e. chain restaurants).

I dislike the drive, only for one reason, I used to have several small calls and chats with Mom on the drive down to Beaumont.  The first time after her  passing, was misery.  This time it should be better, as I am going to concentrate on calls for work.

The next three to four weeks are going to be murder for travel, Mexico twice, then some local visits, Princess out to San Antone for work, all culminates is some hectic planning on my part.  Princess will celebrate her B-day early on in October.  Getting in shopping and secretly buying presents can be a challenge.  I do hold her to our rule established 21 years ago "If you find a hidden present, it goes back to the don't get to enjoy it".  I'll let you know how it goes.

Crazy Crazy Crazy, my life thus far.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I have been away. Avoiding mainly, the thought of blogging, of telling the world that Life is great just hasn't appealed to me. Sorry for the downer, but it's true, and this is the first time I have felt like signing in to post in a long time.

Princess and I went to Michigan to visit our dear friend Lynn. We saw quite a lot of Michigan, Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix. We spent the night in a quaint inn in Petoskey, did some wonderful sight seeing and shopping, and just relaxed. We all three needed it. Lynn moved from Texas to be closer to her family. Her biological family that is. We are her adopted family. We got to see her new house, play with the kitty's (my allergies stayed in check), and had a wonderful time. The weather was great, her house gorgeous with huge vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, and 2100 hundred square feet of unfinished basement - with good ceiling height I might add.

We came home, had an uneventful trip, even with Gustav ready to hit the Gulf Coast at any minute, but the flight was good. I have finished reading "Twilight" and am waiting to start "New Moon", by my newest favorite author, Stephanie Meyers. Loved the book.

Bert called me today, asking if it was normal to be depressed! HA! I told him yes - then we talked and commiserated about our lives and missing Mom. I know it will get better, I feel it, but it's still hard.

Anyway, if you get the chance, pick up the book, or travel to Michigan in late August - it is beautiful.