Friday, June 03, 2011


Tomorrow will mark the two week point since Sasha passed away.  It's been a hard two weeks.  Lot's of tears, lot's of heartache, and lot's of longing.

After the whole ordeal, I had to travel to Boston on Monday.  On one of my plane rides (had to go to Boston via Chicago) my seat mate, Will, and I commiserated on the loss of our friends.  His had passed away two years ago and he still was "weepy" when he talked about Fritzy.  Seeing this, I didn't feel so bad about being more than "weepy" talking about Sasha.  When I returned home, we picked up Sasha (see previous post), and then Melanie left for Boise.

Melanie had a great time in Boise.  She was excited to see the nieces and nephews, and to spend time with Kara before she left for her mission to South Dakota!  She ate Taco Time, Iceberg, went to Winco (we love Winco), baked pound cakes, and had time to visit with family.  I stayed behind to look after Sadie.

Sadie and I cleaned, we washed, we vacuumed, we dusted, we ironed the whole time we were together.  I know, you're saying "B O R I N G!", but it was a way to keep me occupied.  Plus, Melanie came home to a clean house and I have no un-ironed shirts in my closet!  BONUS!

We're adjusting to only having one girl (the four legged kind) roaming around the house.  It's not been easy, but it's getting better.

I wanted to say thanks to all of our friends that sent cards, called, dropped a note by, and kept us in their prayers.  We both appreciated it and we both appreciate you so much.  Thanks!