Monday, August 14, 2006

For my Love

Happy 19th Anniversary Princess!!! I love you with all my heart. I wish I were with you today and not in Mexico!!

You are my all, my everything and thanks for a wonderful journey this far!

I Love you!

Hugs and Kisses


Sunday Update

Yesterday, as I had stated before, Princess and I were asked to talk in Sacrament meeting. The Bishop told us to take 12.5 minutes each for our remarks.

We got to the Chapel, set up on the stand by the pulpit. There was a youth speaker and a rest hymn, so I was not panicked about time. Well...after the youth speaker spoke for about 15 minutes, Princess spoke for 22 minutes without stopping or looking at the clock!!! She sat down next to me and there was 5 minutes left to the meeting before the closing hymn.

I stood up to speak and the Bishop and first counselor both looked at me, nodded and told me to deliver my talk. I had 8 pages typed single spaced to deliver. I talked faster than I ever have in my life. I consolidated where I could, didn't read all the scriptures that I had chosen, and we finished about 8 minutes after we should have.

Before I entered my Primary class, the first counselor asked if Princess and I would choose another topic and speak at a youth fireside!!! I told him NO! I don't believe he heard me.

We'll see - Jim

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hairdo II

So this is Princess's new do! Gone is the 1980's mall hair with the huge updraft in the front. Now she has longer slicker lines in a much more modern fashion.

She took this photo herself in our kitchen/dining room. I promise to take a better picture tomorrow and post, but I know that all the family is dying to see this.

Just gotta love my Princess!


Hotter than...

So, it has been like 100 or more for about the last three weeks. The hottest summer since Princess and I moved here in '01. We got our electric bill yesterday. They say we used more electricity this year than last. I find that hard to believe. We've set our thermostat up higher than ever before. We're turning off lights, ceiling fans, you name it, just so we cut the bill. We're even staying up late, trying to do laundry in off-peak hours to keep the bill down. But, here we are with our highest electric bill ever in 19 years of married life. We may have to cut out trips to Sonic so that we can afford to pay it.

On a lighter note, Princess and I are speaking in Sacrament meeting tomorrow. For those non-LDS, this means we are the people giving the sermon. Both of us have been extra nervous and vying for computer time to write our talks. And I still have to teach Primary afterwards - I tell you, my life is hectic.

I spent all week in Mexico for work - hotter than you know what there too! I will be traveling quite a bit for the next month - my schedule never lightens up. I'll be back boiling in Mexico this coming week too. Thank goodness this white boy can speak, read, and write the lingo down there or it would be mayhem. I mean mayhem.

The worst part about traveling for my job is that sometimes I am gone for important life events, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc. This Monday, Princess and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary! Who'd have thunk that she could put up with me for this long?! I certainly am the luckiest guy in the whole world to have her. She is so kind, thoughtful, shows unconditional Christ-like love not just to me, but to everyone she meets! I am truly blessed for her in my life. I won't be home for the big event, and she is "ok" with that, so we have done everything she wanted to do this weekend, cards with our friends, me not nagging, etc. and I'll have to make up more next weekend when I am home with her.

Have a great night - Jim

Saturday, August 05, 2006


When I was a kid, our parents had this rule; "No Cartoons on Saturday Morning until your chores are done. Well now as an adult, without children, I can't get Princess to understand this rule at all.

As a huge courtesy to her, I let Princess sleep in on Saturdays...this means, no mowing, no edging, no vacuuming the car out until she is up...around 9:00 to 9:30. So this morning I am up at 6:00 outside enjoying the cool morning (yeah at 78F), pulling weeds, sweeping the front porch/walkway...doing my honey-do's. I decide to wash her Murano since it's been a couple weeks and the sprinklers at her work are constantly getting it wet (also at this time, I have done several loads of wash - not folded, but put in the washer, dryer or hung up to dry).

As I'm finishing up, she comes out and offers to help dry, of which I am very appreciative. She helps, then goes inside, I hear nothing and I'm thinking "she went back to bed!" But she hasn't, she's making a cake (third weekend in a row) for our friends birthday, so I don't go into nag mode. I pick up the rugs in the laundry room and front entry way, take them out to shake them off, sweep the front tile, then mop it. So why do I tell you this? I look over and she's on the couch watching "Paula Dean" on the food network. I just shrug and keep going. She is after all my Princess...and I love her for it.

She's showering, I going to put the rugs down, then shower and we're off to shop for tax free weekend in Texas! About time I need some new shorts - so Old Navy here we come. Hope your day is as fruitfull as mine.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nothing Interesting

Nothing really interesting has happened lately. My life seems a little boring right now. Too much work, too much stuff to do in the yard, more work, house cleaning, etc. You get the picture.

Princess made a birthday cake for the son of friend who turned 3. The kid is into trains and so his party was train themed. Princess copied the train design from the graphics our friend did for the kids t'shirt. It was originally in black & white, but she did it in colors. For no formal cake decorating classes, she continues to amaze me. Well I tried to upload a picture here, but you're going to have to look at the cake in my Flickr banner in the right side bar.

Going to dinner at Chik-fil-a (for those not familiar, this is a chicken restaurant pronounced Chick filet).

I promise to post more about boring me soon.