Sunday, April 27, 2008


We're home! Safe and sound - a little chilly here in Texas compared to Las Vegas, NV (yeah baby). It's late - more to come on the past week.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

A bottle

I need a bottle to trap time in! I last blogged in March, now it is the past the middle of April (hope everyone sent in their taxes before the 15Th).

We had a wonderful Easter with our "Waco family" (this is defined as a any of the dear friends we have met here in Waco), enjoyed watching General Conference, especially Elder M. Russell Ballard's talk - his face in describing his wife's expression while he tended to his little children was priceless, and we have enjoyed some cool weather, some warm weather, and some stormy weather - without the tornadoes.

I have travelled so much, I feel like I have forgotten where I've been and what I've done. It is a sorry state to get old and lose your memory.

Today I have a special assignment. I have been asked to sing at Haylee Jacobsen's baptism. What an honor for me. I didn't think that Haylee even liked me, and she certainly surprised me with the request.

Afterwards, Princess and I and the girls will be gone for about ten days. This too is an honor. We are travelling home to spend time with my Mother. I fear that, I know that her time here on earth is limited and with my work/travel schedule, I desire to spend some time with her while I can. The cancer in her body is causing more and more problems with normal functions, and she has just returned from her ninth hospital stay since the end of January this year. It is truly a privilege to make the drive home to see and spend time with her. She has proven to all of her children that every single day is worth fighting for to live. Heck, she was only given 18 months to live when they diagnosed her, and that was in May 2003! This may sound a little selfish (rightly so I think), but with Princess and I having lived in Texas for almost seven years, we know that the call will come telling us that she has left this life, and I want to take advantage of each opportunity I can to express my love, my gratitude, my honor and privilege for having the wonderful, glorious duty to be her son and call her Mother.

I know - I'm too sappy and sentimental - can't help it for cyring out loud - she's my Mom! Our wonderful friends (family) will be taking care of the house - I even had offers from someone to mow the yard while we are gone - thanks, but I'm anal about the pattern I put in the grass with the mower.

I still need a bottle - to capture the memories and the time in - I guess that's why the Good Lord gave us memories instead.