Friday, June 09, 2006

Lazy, Overworked, Whatever

I haven't posted since Princess and I knew that Princess was coming out to NJ and we would spend the weekend together sightseeing and going to the Big Apple. I haven't had the desire to post (I know Sarah...I know adoring fans want to know what we did) because work has just been hectic. Long days (12 to 15 hours each day) and never enough time to finish what is on my plate before another thing comes along.

Sooooo - Memorial day weekend, I picked Princess up (late by about 40 minutes) at Newark, we got her luggage and then off to the rental car so we could go back to our Hotel. Dinner was at FATBURGERS (super great hamburgers) and then some shut eye.

Saturday we got up and had free breakfast (I had saved some coupons from the was FAB), drove around NJ - I took Princess to see X-MEN 3 (loved it) then to one of my favorite shoppes, The Old Mill, candles, collectibles, etc (where I always pick something up for Princess when I am in NJ. Had dinner down by Mohawk lake and all in all a really good time.

Sunday we went into the City with Greg and Michele (he works for Mars too) and volunteered to be our guides. It was HOT, Sunny and overall a great time.
World Trade Center

The Brooklyn Bridge - We almost walked across it

(l-r)Princess, Michele & Greg in front of Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn. Best Pizza on earth - really and it's underneath the Brooklyn Bridge (they are eating ice cream before we ate pizza cuase it was a 45 minute wait)

We walked and walked, bought tons of Water, rode the subway many times - sat and rested in Central Park and people watched - saw a cute Dachsie while we were there, walked down 5th avenue, saw the Apple store, FAO Schwartz, Trump, Tiffany's (just for you Sue, Shannon and Sarah.

Princess outside (a thankfully) closed Tiffany's on 5th Avenue

We went to Times Square - saw the whole world there including...Christine Lahti!!!
She was walking in Times Square with her kids - I freaked, yelled her name, Greg and Michele said "Who?" and I said - "The Emmy award winning actress, was on Chicago Hope, major films, Lifetime Movies!" and again they repeated "who?"...about this time, she stopped, turned, flashed that beautiful smile and waved at Princess and I!!! We were in Heaven!

Finished the day, ate in Hoboken, got to the hotel and slept in on Monday. Then I took Princess to the Delaware water gap, we ate and then back to the airport :-(. Seriously, I cried when she left. I finished up my week, went to Newark on Friday and while going through security, I was untying my shoe when the person behind me pushed me and I almost fell. I looked back and it was none other than...Richard Simmons!!!
I said exscuse me, went to untie again he pushed me. So, I changed sides so I could watch him and he did it again...I said exscuse me Mr. Simmons, and he corrected me and said "Richard!", so I said Richard stop that and he said "no" so I slipped off the shoes still tied, put them in the bin and went through. He is just as funny and hilarious in real life as he is on TV! I got home at 4:00 AM on Saturday morning and this past week has been a blur!

Our friends did have a baby girl yesterday, you can check it out here at She is really cute.

I'm off today and enjoying it immensely - thanks for the patience - long post I know.