Sunday, July 15, 2007

O Canada

What a beautiful country our neighbor to the north is. I flew into Toronto on Thursday, only to connect to another flight within Canada to continue my journey. While in Toronto, I caught up with another employee from our company. We both flew with our vendor rep to a small town called North Bay. The views from the plane were spectacular.

From North Bay, we drove to a smaller town called New Liskeard. We were right on the Ottawa river, where it is wide enough to create a lake. All this beautiful scenery and I forgot to take my freakin digital camera out of my bag! At this point, we were about 6 hours north east of Toronto by car.

We continued our journey the next day to a small village called Laverlochere within the province of Quebec. As many of you know, Canada is bilingual, English and French. Well, I don't speak French (I thought my Spanish skills were going to be no use to me) but boy did my knowledge of the Spanish language help. All the documentation was in French, but with my Spanish help, I could interpret what was written even if I could not read or speak it back to them.

We finished our business, to begin the 1.5 hour journey back to North Bay to fly into Toronto. Of course, what did I do? Forgot to take my camera out of my bag! See, age is getting to me and I'm becoming forgetful!

I finally got home on Saturday afternoon about 2:45 PM to spend some time with Princess. Now it's off to Church to teach my class, then home to rest, have roast, mashed potatoes, veggies, and a new lemon cake that Princess is developing for dessert! Now we all know why I'm as fat as I am, too much cooking/eating, not enough exercise.

Have a great Sunday - Jim

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Not enough of it that is. I was reminded the other day that I haven't blogged in quite a while - sorry dear friends/family that life has been extremely busy for the Price household.

After Sacramento, Princess and I loaded up on an airplane and took off for 7 days to, to, to...Boise, Idaho for her family reunion. We had a blast - I promise to post pictures so that you can see the whole family.

We got home, had two days to recuperate before work, and then it has been hectic. Fourth of July was in there and also a trip to Mexico for my work.

My Mom is back in the hospital. On top of her cancer, she has gotten an intestinal blockage. The Doctor's are skeptical at best. Four years of chemotherapy have taken their toll on her poor body. One Dr's prognosis is grim, the other's is not that much better. We are praying for her, asking Heavenly Father to do His will, but still wanting some more time. Only Faith and time will tell.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. My life on the "B" list (b for busy).