Tuesday, March 20, 2007


...sometimes it just passes you by.

I am remiss. I have been so busy with work lately, that I have not posted for over a month. Let me catch you up...readers digest style.

1 - Been to Beaumont Twice - work (got to see Sterling, Sarah, and the kids on my way home)
2 - Went to Pine Bluff, Arkansas once - Work
3 - Spent one week in Waco at the plant.
4 - Spent one week at home (Las Vegas) my dear sweet Aunt Hattie passed away suddenly. (I did get to spend some good quality time with family (no friends this trip) and see my parent's home re-do in Hurricane...then went to Kanab (did see some friends), then drove home, 24 hours straight through. Thank Goodness for technology and good dependable cars.

Music. My Uncle Gary asked us (Princess and I, my older brother Rich, his wife Dawn, their son Richie, Younger brother Bert, his wife Alisa, and my younger sister Christina and her son Kyle). We sang Love at Home, a classic LDS hymn and one of Aunt Hattie's favorites. As usual there was the hemming and hawing over singing the song in parts, Rich, Bert, and Richie all sang bass (really rocked the part), Kyle and I sang Tenor, Princess and Christina sang Soprano, and Alisa and Dawn sang Alto. We had so many compliments, on the arrangement and on the way it sounded. Made all the worries worthwhile. Also, Bev Abbott played the piano and did a super job under some very stressful times for her.

Whew - that's quite a lot of stuff to cram in one month - so you see why I have been so lacking/remiss in posting.

My wonderful boss comes back from Maternity leave on April 2nd, and I get to hand over these reins to her and resume my lackey post and get back to some auditing.

Our friends the Hammers had a baby girl on Sunday - named her Sarah, and she is being loved to death by her big brothers.

Also, we found out that our friend, Rachel (evil one) is having a girl!!!!! This after three boys. Go Rachel and Josh.

That's enough - no great words of wisdom, lot's accomplished...like the plants we planted last Saturday and the mowing and tree trimming (thanks again for the ladder Sterling), trying to get the house/yard in shape.