Saturday, August 18, 2007


So this week I began a new adventure at work. For the first time in over 21 years, I get to dress up in business casual clothes for work. My whole career at work, I have had white uniforms to dress in...aka good humor man (a comment not lost on me by Princess and friends). What did I do when presented with this new challenge? SHOPPING of course. Princess kept me in check, but I did get some new pants and some new shirts (this weekend we're going again - even if she doesn't know it yet).

Thursday, I travelled to Little Rock, AR for work. It was a short flight, uneventful hour long plane ride from Houston to Little Rock (Home of Bill Clinton if you didn't know). At the airport, I met up with two co-workers from the East coast (Stacy and Jack). A note about Stacy, she is the purchasing manager for a variety of different commodities we buy. Stacy is petite, but don't let the size fool you, she holds her own with the toughest of the rednecks we met in Arkansas. Picture "Preppy Mom" in about a 5'4" frame, that has no problem taking you down a peg or two (it was a blast to be with her - it was my first time meeting Jack, so I'll have to size him up and let you know. We all travelled to the vendor's location so that I could perform the audit.

We were touring a rice milling operation and of course, Thursday's high was 104F! With humidity that hovered around the SAUNA level. Work went good, we had a nice dinner at the country club, and then toured another rice location on Friday. After the second tour, we jumped in the car and headed back to Little Rock to eat some lunch and catch our flights home.

We decided that we did not want airport food, so we headed into downtown, where we lucked upon a parking spot, and then perused the local eateries. We sauntered in the lovely 99F sunshine and SAUNA humidity, all the way down Bill Clinton Blvd, and Stacy even bought some paraphernalia at the museum library store.

We grabbed lunch at a pub, "The Flying Saucer" home to about 300+ different beers, lagers, and ales. The food shall I say it...nothing to blog about :-). We arrived at the airport, checked in the rental car (me forgetting to give the keys to the new 2007 push start Altima and running back with sweat pouring down my back, legs...well, you get the picture, and then settled in to connect to some WI-fi and do some work.

Little Rock airport has free WI-fi for Internet connections, but it was down yesterday so we chatted about the trip, families, work, etc. Stacy jumped on her plane headed back to the east coast, me waiting for a 6:30PM flight home...WHICH DIDN'T HAPPEN!

The 4:30 flight left at 5:15, then returned to the gate at 6:10, deplaned, and left again at 7:00PM. No announcements were given by the CONTINENTAL staff as to the delays for the 4:30, nor the 6:30 (which eventually boarded beginning at 10:30PM (of course dear friends, Continental sent my flight to Waco on ahead of me, and booked me on the 11:00 AM home today!). I slept all the way to Houston, bumpy ride and all, navigated to the rental counter (of course, my name was NOT on the gold list), and obtained my rental car at 12:30AM this morning(can you say inept workers)).

I navigated the interstates, toll roads and highways between Houston and Waco with the greatest of care due to the tremendous amount of water on the roadways (HA - hardly a puddle - but we delayed the flight 4 hours for the torrential flooding that took place yesterday afternoon), arriving at my abode around 4:00AM, where I was greeted by Princess and the girls.

But, the surprises were not over! At 7:30 this morning, Jenna strolled into our bedroom and announced that she was ready for breakfast (I believe having been awake for about an hour on her own, and telling me I need my pajama top on when I slept). Seems that Jenna is the proud big sister to Elizabeth (who decided to come about a week early, and also very quickly from the story). From the pictures Princess took, I can't wait to see this new bundle of joy!

So, here I sit in the computer/craft room typing out my woes. Princess made us pancakes and fruit, and is now showering. I'm next, then the fun of our Saturday begins. And all of it on just 3.5 hours sleep (I should be just lovely out and about with the back to school crowds)!

More adventures to come.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


So this week I was supposed to spend the whole week in the office. I had planned everything out to the proverbial "T". Finish some reports, catch up on expense reports, start prepping the trim on the house to give it a good coat of paint (I know, I wait until August to do this, BUT, we have had record rainfall during May, June and July, etc.

I was busy at my desk on Monday when I got the call from an R&D associate stating that he needed an audit performed right away and how fast could I do it. I explained my schedule, he gave me the contact, and next thing I knew, I was planning a trip to sunny Los Angeles area.

Now you might be wondering, why I have titled this post "MMMHHH". Well it is because while in sunny Cal-i-for-ni-a, I ate several times at my favorite burger joint in the whole wide world...In-N-Out Burger!

And to prove how loving I am to Princess, here is what I ate at IN-N-Out->

I even had the audacity to call her and let her know what I was eating that very moment while we were speaking! :-) She wasn't too impressed I must tell you. I don't really think her tone with me was all that pleasant either! Go figure!

I made it home safe and sound, and today is a day filled with errands - and sshh, I've got to find a 20th anniversary present for Princess and she has given me no clues whatsoever to get her! It's not like we don't have all that we need, but still, it is our anniversary (she has put up with me for 20 years after all), so she rightly deserves all the attention and accolades she can get!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Family Reunion

This is so cool!

Friday, August 03, 2007


July started out with a bang- literally a Fourth of July bang. We had a great party with our neighbors, then were home to not enjoy all the crazies and the fireworks.

Then on July fifth, I travelled to Mexico for work. There I got some bad news about my Mom and her Cancer, where of course I doomed and gloomed. BUT, she recovered from her issue, and she is at home and undergoing tests for a study she was FINALLY accepted into.

The rest of July is a blur. I made two separate trips to Canada, one to a really beautiful point in Northeastern Quebec, the other to Toronto for meetings. Both were good, but not a cool temperature wise as I would have liked.

Then a trip to Chicago for a team meeting, then a trip to Mexico again for work, and I just returned from Minnesota and Winsconsin.

Wenedsday night, we were driving back to Minnesota from Wisconsin and fortunately did not go near I-35. At 6:00 PM, an older bridge section collapsed in rush hour traffic, causing multiple deaths and injuries when about 50 cars plummeted into the Mississippi river. If we had gone the way our vendor told us to go, we might have been on that road stuck in traffic or worse. Instead, we followed Hertz Neverlost for the quickest way back and arrived safely at our hotel. I am glad I followed the inspiration given to me to use the Neverlost instead of following directions/maps.

So, you can see just how busy I have been with work and travel. Sorry for boring so many of you dear readers with no updates. I'm not even going to promise to do better. I will state that I will blog when I can with time permitting.



So in June we took our vacation to lovely Boise, ID to partake in Princesses family reunion. I dreaded the trip, 10 days with family and lot's of kids. Boy was I wrong!

We had a blast. When we arrived at the airport, we had rented a small car for the week (heck we were only going to need it to get to her sister's house, and for errands. Well, because of my travels for work, we were upgraded to a Subaru Tribeca (their SUV). It was lovely. Drove smoothly, had a great sound system, and had GPS navigation!

Each morning we got up with the in-laws and the kids, had scripture study, and then went to the park to do a mile around the track. Princess and I walked, while the kids all jogged and timed themselves. Then it was back home to eat breakfast, shower and get on with the day. The reunion was Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. We had the Aunt, cousins, etc and had games planned and a craft idea for the adult women. Princesses Uncle took all the kids swimming at their hotel (about 10 or 11) and they had a blast. We barbecued, played badminton, catch, jai-alai, it was great.
Matt playing catch with the kids

Dave, Jared, Kerry, and Aunt Marcia enjoying watching the kids and each other in the shade.

After Church in the Mike's flowers for a family portrait.
All in all it was a really good time had by all. Now I only have to "dread" it for the next two years:-)!