Friday, September 15, 2006

Home Again

Friday night, I'm home from traveling, looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but Princess and I both have sinus/allergy problems. She spent about 4 hours in bed today while I worked from home and did laundry, and did dishes, and worked from home...get the picture (whine). All grumpy complaining aside, she needed the rest and I insisted that she go lie down. I woke her up, fixed some dinner and now she is relaxing in front of the television. Hopefully she can sleep tonight and tomorrow.

We had plans for tomorrow night, but I cancelled, I felt Princess needed the rest. We can party (as if for us old folks) another weekend. We'll both lay low, I'll finish some work, print out some reports, and iron like there is no tomorrow on Saturday and Sunday...I'm continent hopping again during next week.

As for working at home, what with cell phones, computers, and instant messaging, I worked into the 5:oo PM hour. I had planned on half a day due to my long week this week, but that did not pan out. I know...whining again...but I can't help it, overworked, fat and onery does not make Jim a happy guy.

Oh well, tomorrow it's up, mow, edge, and complete the aforementioned chores.


Saturday, September 09, 2006


I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I last blogged! I pratically spent the whole month traveling for work, writing audits, etc covering off issues at the plant and this left little time at night for dinner, let alone blogging.

As I was finally catching up today, I read my new friend Debbie's blog only to find out that they are moving to Holland!!! Her Hubby got a job with Shell and they are moving to the Hague and are in the throes of finalizing all the documentation, etc to move!! We will miss seeing her when we visit Houston.

During August, I went to Mexico twice, Chicago, Boise, and Seattle. The travel wasn't so bad, but I did spend my 19th wedding anniversary apart from Princess. I tried to make it up when I got home, but it's just not the same.

While in Boise, I had the chance to visit with Princesses sister, hubby, and the 7 kids at home (numero uno is serving a two year mission in Argentina for our Church). We had a blast! We got to catch up, play a really cool game called "Quidller", and my brother-in-law's parents stopped over with a delicious cake. It was a good time for all.

I also got to visit Deseret Book and picked up a "thinking of you" gift for Princess - she was surprised. While traveling, I got reacquainted with STARBUCKS Creme Frappuccino - sans coffee! The banana creme and you can ask for coconut creme are my favorites - probably why I am packing on too many pounds.

My Primary class is going pretty well...except we have been instructed to not bring weekly treats, just treats that are tied into the lesson. Well with my travel schedule, I'm usually preparing my lesson on Saturday night/Sunday morning, so baking and such are out of the picture and consequently, my class is suffering. Every week, one of the boys prays for help to get through their Sunday of "fasting". Too cute!

Right now, I'm battling an allergy cold - so it's stay home, do expense reports, and get some rest.