Sunday, March 23, 2008



Happy Easter!!

Here is a little ditty that I did last night at a bar-b-cue

Can you tell what the little

shapes are? Take a wild


Keep Guessing!

They're PEEPS!! LOL - It was too much fun!

I did it all by myself and Princess was most

proud of me! The cookie was delicious too!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nicole's Wedding

Just some pictures of that fun evening


That's how my life has become lately. Travel, home on weekend, travel, home on weekend, rinse, lather repeat, you get the picture.

So dear readers, not many of you commented on Princesses new car! I am disappointed in you. That thing is a major investment of time (and let's not forget money) for us both. It drives like a dream, and if you are considering a new car, I say, no shout it out, check out the Murano!

This past week has kind of been a downer (uhoh, it's Debbie Downer wah huh). I hurt my back last Saturday and have been working from home to recover and recuperate. I don't mind the getting old part of life, it's the getting fat part that just bites the big one! I know, I know, exercise, moderation in diet, exercise, will all help those old body parts feel better. Thanks for the lecture.

So, I thought I would post some more random pictures - no not the car - you jealous people, but of our trip home for the wedding.

This is the bride and MOTB (her mom- figure it out!) dancing - it was cute and they had a great time.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Colder Than..

So, Sunday the temperature was 76 F for the high! In MARCH! Then Monday, the temperature was a cool 41 F for the high! Oops, did I say cool? I meant to say Freezing with the wind chill driving the temperature down into the mid 20's.

Now most sane people are at home, with heaters on, or with fires in the fireplace, but no, not us! Princess used my only scheduled day at home to go out and get her new vehicle. See, the car she has been driving was a lease, or as I like to call them a "fleece". The lease was up, and we had batted around keeping the car and paying it off. Well, mathematics took over my brain and after adding up 3 years of "fleece" payments, and then 3 years to pay off the car - I about fainted!

We were smart this time, we got pre-approved for a loan, researched the car we wanted, price, options, taxes, etc. We even tried to do an online deal through our insurance company, but they didn't have that feature here in Waco. We walked in to the dealership, got our salesman, looked at the car, then we said, here's the deal. He accepted, and in under two hours, we left with the new car, saying adios to the 2005 Murano.





Here's the exterior - this is about the color we purchased, called tinted bronze.

Here's a picture of the interior, it's black with some dark gray and it has leather seats, with the front ones heated (which came in handy yesterday)! She's happy, I'm happy, and my budget is happy too. In my book, a win win. One other thing, she better get used to this car - she'll be driving it quite a while!