Saturday, February 24, 2007


I know that I have been lacking in my posts lately. Work has been tremendously busy. So much travel and so much to do while filling in temporarily for my boss.

This past week I was in Beaumont again for work. On my way home, I was going to stop and see the Joneses but I was hurrying and didn't make the stop. Boy am I glad I didn't. Seems like the flu bug has invaded their home...and mine. When I got home on Thursday, I had a fever of 101. I came home, put on sweats and climbed into bed while Princess went out to dinner with her friends from work (I was invited but didn't feel up to it). Little did I know how the fever would come to play. For about the past 36 hours, everything I have eaten (10 Ritz crackers and some chicken broth) has come screaming out of me. I don't know if this is a combination of flu virus, or of eating something bad on my way home. Either way, I am starving and trying not to eat anything other than broth and crackers. My fever finally broke last night and this morning I am feeling better, except for my tummy.

Princess has a busy day ahead of her. First the Primary activity, which I'm not going to, Second, a baby shower for Andrea (her third, and another boy)! I will stay home, finally shower, and work on laundry to get that chore done.

Tomorrow is Stake Conference - via satellite at the Chapel - we're not going - I don't know how I'll feel, and I don't want to infect anyone else with this little gem I have been experiencing. We got a couple of new movies, The Prestige and Zoom. I'll let you know how they are after today.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Today is the 62nd anniversary of my Mother's Birth! Happy Birthday Mom! I thought I would share with you photos of my Mom. The photo on the left was Christmas Day 2006 at Christina's house. The strapping man beside her is my dad - Hola Ricardo! And the little tyke is Mallory Kate Price, Bert's newest addition to our clan. The picture on the right was taken in front of my Grandparents house in Henderson when Mom & Dad were dating. Aren't they still the cutest couple.
Some interesting things about my Mom!
1 - She married at 16
2 - She celebrates her 46th wedding anniversary on 12 February
3 - She can sing beautifully
4 - She can dance better than any Mom I know
5 - She can sew (remember the purple shirt with the zipper?)
6 - She can paint
7 - She can quilt
8 - She can needlepoint
9 - She can crochet
10 - She can cross stitch
11 - She knows how to can/bottle
12 - She makes super home made bread
13 - She has unselfish love
14 - She has Christlike love for anyone and everyone she meets
15 - She has undying love for Dad
16 - She has style (even without her hair due to Chemo)
17 - She has a work ethic I cannot keep up with.
18 - She has always been organized
19 - She continues to have trust and strength in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
20 - She has outlived her Oncologists life expectancy
21 - She is a fighter
22 - She is a lover - of husband, God, Family, and others
23 - She is smart
24 - She is kind
25 - She can be ornery
26 - She is ornery when us kids fight
27 - She is a peacemaker
29 - She has a sense of who she is
30 - She played baseball with me in little league - even slid into third base in shorts!
31 - She is scriptural
32 - She CAN COOK
33 - She loves life
34 - She has never had a life of luxury, but she has made her parents proud
35 - She is a Grandmother
36 - She is a loving Aunt
37 - She is 3rd of four girls
38 - She and Aurella are the surviving members of her family
39 - She never forgets - dates, birthdays, anniversaries, etc
40 - She has never forgotten Audrey (dog biscuit eater of the family :')
41 - She received her GED when most of us kids were in grade school
42 - She worked at Skaggs, K-Mart, Pizza Inn, and Snavely & Golden
43 - She never asked for thanks for working to help the family
44 - She can build a fire in a fireplace that can run anyone out of a house
45 - She is a voracious reader
46 - She has buried one daughter
47 - She has 8 grandsons and 3 granddaughters
48 - She was an awesome RS visiting Teacher
49 - She loves to have someone rub lotion on her feet
50 - She endured many nights of sick kids
51 - She passed on her Lilly white skin to way too many of us kids/grand kids
52 - She has beautiful brown eyes
53 - She has a smile that can melt battling generals
54 - She always is encouraging
55 - She is thrifty
56 -She loves to surprise people with small acts of kindness
57 - She stretches her God given talents - like painting on candles, etc
58 - She has always supported Dad - except that one morning of the motorcycle race
59 - She has a huge tolerance for pain, emotional and physical and is a testament to us
60 - She is enduring (the end is a long way off for her)
61 - She is truly a Latter-day Saint and a pioneer
62 - She continues to shine
Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you can feel my Love for you, and know that the tears I shed while writing this are tears of love! God Bless You!

I'm IT!

I have been tagged! I can’t believe that anyone would think that I could have anything so interesting in my life that it needs to be shared. HA! I have been told by Princess, that I should have been a stand up comedian! I told her then, and I stand by it today, that we would have starved to death if I had been a stand up comedian.

Our friend Debbie tagged me after Sarah tagged her. I am supposed to blog about my idiosyncrasies. As if I have any! Once Princess saw that I had been tagged, she began to make a list for the blog. I kindly thanked her, took the list and put it in the paper shredder! As if!

So, without further ado, here is my list:
1 - Eyes. I have a fear of anything or anyone putting, touching, blowing, just breathing on my eyes. It all stems from a time when I was about eight years old. Medical technology was not the greatest and I had need to go see the Dr. because my left eye hurt every time I blinked or touched around it or anything. So at the Dr.’s office, the Dr. tells my Mom that he needs her to hold me down. So she does, he comes close, grabs my head tightly, and then proceeds to shove this paper strip under my eyelid. I SCREAM bloody murder, jerk upward and knock my Mom and the Dr. backwards. They yell for the nurse, and all three are holding down this screaming eight year old skinny kid! Needless to say, the Dr. got the strip under my eyelid and my eye turned yellow. He could see where I had scratched the cornea and need to have drops and wear an eye patch for about 3 weeks. It was a real kick to see this toe head of a kid (me) walking around Henderson in shorts, t-shirt, sneakers and a bloody pirate’s eye patch! I got honks, hollers, and all kinds of comments. Fast forward to present day and as an old man, I need/must wear glasses to see clearly to read and to work on the computer. I still can’t put drops in my eyes like normal people…read, I must drop them in the corner of my eye (with the lid closed), and rotate my head and blink them into the eye. Still, about half the drops run down my face cause I am too freaking scared to open my eyes while anything is in them. And now as an adult, I can’t even do the freaking glaucoma test at the eye Dr.’s because of my trauma.

2 - I can’t stand to have anyone touch my hair or head! It drives me nuts. I like my hair to be just so…coifed…if you will even with the new messy hair do (unlike my old Opie style), I can’t stand to have my head/hair touched! My head is sensitive, I am prone to migraines, and I don’t like to have my hair not look like it is supposed to when I am finished in the morning. Go figure.

3 - Made beds, dusted shelves, are a must in my home. When we were newly weds, Princess worked part time on Saturdays at a Hallmark store. While at work, I would clean our tiny apartment from top to bottom, doors, windows, baseboards, tub, toilet, mirrors, etc. I would do the laundry, fold it and put it away. If I found her drawers to be messy, I would organize them for her…boy was I naive! Princess would come home from her 8 hours at the store and then she would cry! Why, cause she said I made her feel bad about the way she cleaned house! I can sure tell you I was mystified, confused, and just plain stuck! We would argue about it not being important, then I would have to make it up to her. Long story short, 19.5 years later, I have learned to live with clutter, a lot of dust, and a little disorganization. BUT, my closet, drawers, etc are completely organized! Shirts must all hang the same direction on the hangers, and the closet is organized with the top row, suits, then dress slacks, then Sunday shirts, then short sleeve button shirts, then long sleeve button shirts. The second rack has shorts, jeans, then work causal pants (like dockers). On the shelf are my IRONED t-shirts (not under shirts), Polo shirts, etc, and the bottom row of my closet is reserved for the sheets for our bed!

As I said at the start, I have no idiosyncrasies! NONE, NIL, NADA, ZIP! I have posted these simply to prove my point. As I learn more, I will enlighten blogsphere minds at large. And to those that read this little corner of the WWW, careful, you never know when I’m going to tag you!