Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kitchen Update

I tried to post this yesterday, but experienced some "Blogger Problems". So here is the Kitchen update (the pictures are not in the correct order - I have to remember to upload them backwards to tell the story).

Here I am "mudding" the torn drywall spots

Here I am scrapping the last of the wallpaper off the Kitchen light.

Here I am soaking the wallpaper above the cupboards.

Here I am scoring the wallpaper above the cupboards.

With all the wallpaper off the walls, the torn spots repaired, Princess (who became the event photographer which is why she is missing from all the photos) and I cleaned all the crown molding, chair rails and baseboards removing all the fabric softener residue. We both smelled "mountain fresh" as the package stated. We cleaned up all the "stuff" from the cupboards, and invited friends to come over and shop through the tins, plants, and dispensers that had been on top of the cupboards. I am happy to report, we got rid of, er were happy to share quite a few of these items with friends.

We've gotten a verbal quote and are waiting for a written quote to texture the wall. We hope to have it textured by next week, then the painting can begin. Yee-HAW! We're excited about the fact that the walls are going to be whole again, something that hasn't been there for quite a while.

Once this project is completed, we're going to remove the wallpaper from the entry way and the Master bath - maybe even the guest bath as well. We'll see how that goes. As it warms up, we're going to clean the house trim, prep it and then paint it. I'm just a little excited about all these "little" projects!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yesterday, Princess was under the weather and we both stayed home from Church. I got bored, and started a project that has been six months in the making. Removing the kitchen wallpaper. I posted some pictures below to show the progress I've made, and the work yet to be done.
Kitchen part, wallpaper yet to be removed.

Windows looking to the backyard

Area above kitchen door, in progress at this point

Same shot, showing the "bigger picture".

I will be getting more fabric softener today, finishing the wall next to the fridge, and then moving all the "stuff" from the top of the kitchen cupboards, removing that paper, and sanding and floating the wall so that I can texture. Then comes painting, then comes putting it all back! Yeesh!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Princess and I have had a wonderful Christmas Morning, and we hope you have too. We've exchanged gifts, listened to Christmas Carols, and had Grandma Ruthie's Breakfast Brunch Casserole for breakfast.

Yesterday morning we celebrated Christmas morning with one of our Texas "families" that have adopted us. We spent the morning watching Ava, Sydnee, Todd, and Lindsey exchange presents. We watched as the girls discovered their treasure trove from Santa, new Barbies, new books, new Princess dresses with crowns, and slippers. There were fairy wings, tutus, and little cat and dog toys to play with. We then had a glorious feast of Breakfast Brunch, OJ, Cranberry Juice, bacon, cinnamon rolls, and sausage biscuit/rolls. It was a wonderful time and tears filled my eyes many times as the girls would let out squeals at their new clothes (that's what adopted Aunts and Uncles buy little girls). We had a great time (Lindsey, this is a better Christmas memory than any musical, dinner at a restaurant, or movie - just so you know), then we went out and did some last minute shopping/errands.

Last night we had soup buffet at the Jacobsen's (we've adopted each other here in Texas), with Elaine and the four Elders. There was Chili, Taco Soup, Elaine's Spicy Chicken Cheese Soup, and Cori's Chicken Chowder. We had Panera bread bowls, and a wonderful cranberry punch. Dessert consisted of Rocky Road Crock pot cake and Brownie Trifle with milk on the side. Each of the kids did at least one special musical number on the piano, then Parker did a trumpet solo, and Kylee and Morgan did a flute duet with Cori on the piano. Mark humbled me into singing a solo, the Elders sang, and then we all sang Christmas Carols and had a good time.

Later we played the "Turley Candy Bar" game (with a lot less candy and more trinkets to collect). Morgan was the winner with the most amount of loot, while the "Mater" truck kept Haylee's attention until she got it on the last roll. We watched a Christmas video, and were held in suspense while the kids opened their Christmas Pajamas (Kylee takes waaaaay toooo long in opening her gifts!

Princess is working on place makers for our Christmas Dinner at the Mock's. The Lackmeyers, us and the Mocks are all going to be there and it should be chaotic fun.

Missing family this year is hard. It's the first year without Mom and we didn't go home. Dad seems to be doing well and sounded chipper on the phone this morning. Princess did get me some sugared orange slices to remind me of Mom and continue a Christmas tradition she started when we were kids.

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmas Days, and Praying that you receive Heavenly Father's choicest blessings.

Jim & Princess

Saturday, December 20, 2008

As promised, here are the photos of the Price household "decked" out for the holidays

This is the Willow Tree Nativity
This is the Precious Moments Nativity

Vista of the decorated tree, mantel and the top of 
one book case

Here's the house lit up

Here is the decorated house during the day

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas 
from our house to yours
Jim, Princess, Sadie and Sasha


Where have we been?  That's the question I keep getting from every reader of this blog.  Well, we have been uber busy!

While I have been trotting the globe, Princess has been holding down the fort.  We decorated the tree and finished putting up the Christmas decorations (photos to come, I promise).  Then she readied all the preparations for our annual Christmas Ornament Party.  We did that last Saturday and had a blast (although, some of our usual suspects were not able to attend).  Princess has also been performing the job of Christmas present buying!  She has been a real trooper.

I know, I know, quit nagging, more pictures to come soon.

Tonight's our Ward Christmas Party (we're going cause Princess got guilted into roasting a turkey a la Martha Stewart's recipe - we don't usually go, lots of kids running and screaming, cold food - you get the picture, not that there is anything wrong with kids, but I'm getting older) but we are - so look for us there with bells on!


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Done Prepping

I don't have photos to show it, but the Price household is done prepping for Christmas.  We have the tree up and decorated.  We have the wreath above the fireplace.  We have the mantel set with nativities, and the Willow tree and Precious Moments nativities are in their proper place.

The tops of the book cases are done, and it is the least amount of decorating we have done in decades (I can say that cause see we've been married 21 years, hence "decades").   But, I'm not complaining.  We decorated for us, and for the Ornament party that we'll be having, but we didn't go all out (or as I like to say "Christmas Threw Up at our house").  We contemplated going to Vegas for Christmas, whether driving or flying, but decided to forgo it in favor of some much needed R&R at the homestead.

I'll take some photos and post them later.  We're having cold weather (yeah) except it is raining and windy and we had a bit of sleet.  Compare that yesterday to a high of 70+ and that was at 9:00 PM!  Tonight it is 34!

Be safe - keep warm, snuggle with the one you love.


Friday, December 05, 2008


The Price household is busy prepping for Christmas.  I was in California all week, came home to Thanksgiving still up and decorated, got up and was at work by 6:15 this morning and reminded Princess we had a lot to do to get ready for Christmas.  

Princess brought me lunch at work, and then bee lined it home to get surprise me.  This is what I walked into after work today.

She had hung all the garland and bows by herself.  No easy feat by yourself, but she was speaking to Cori on the phone the whole time!

This is a close up of the tree skirt around our tree.  My Mom made it for us for our first Christmas.  The skirt is all hand quilted and tied with variegated yarn.  The little white blocks are Aida cloth that Mom cross stitched 16 of Princesses favorite Precious Moments figurines on and then quilted them into the design.  That little couple is in a gift box and the wording says "First Christmas together 1987".  When I think of the hours that Mom spent cross stitching those designs just for Princess, my heart is truly full from the love that she gave.

And lastly, here is the tree.  It is an artificial green tree that has been "flocked" with snow.  We have had it for 14 years - a true bargain from the day after Christmas sale at Ralph Jones Display in Vegas.  It is time for a new one - I just have to figure out how to buy one without breaking the bank!  Princesses family always had a white tree with multi colored lights.  This has been our tradition for the past 21+ years.  We're working on this right now, and hopefully, I'll have some pictures to post of the "finished" room tomorrow.


Turkey Day

We had a really great Thanksgiving.  Lynn was here from Michigan, we had some cool weather blow in and we kept everything pretty laid back.

The Flowers that Bill and Linda sent

Princess and Lynn working hard in the kitchen - notice the smiles - I told you laid back!

The table fully loaded with turkey, potatoes, gravy, cream corn, jell-o, asparagus casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, rolls, and sparkling white grape juice - in my opinion, the gravy was the bomb!

Princess using the china, and the place cards that she made using her FABULOUS Stampin Up skills!  Totally adorable.

And for some reason, I could not get the table set without the food as the first picture.  All in all, we had and have a lot to be thankful for.  Freedom.  Jobs.  Health.  Friendship.  Families (both blood and adopted).  The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Being with Loved Ones.

This was the first Thanksgiving without Mom.  Princess made a comment on Sunday after, and said how proud she was of me during the holiday and how worried she was of me.  I love this woman.  She rocks.  I thought of Mom.  Happy thoughts of Mom.  Made me smile, and made me laugh, tears came to my eyes, but I was able to keep them there.

We are now debating driving home for Christmas.  It is such a long drive, 1350 miles, 24 hours long, and even though gas has come down, it is still a bit of a burden.  We'll see though, it would be nice to be home with Dad, Bill, Linda and the rest of the family.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures (Lynn - you need to get a camera!).


Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Time is just flying by. Here I sit, almost one week post Thanksgiving, in Sacramento, CA for the night. I have spent since Monday working in Modesto, and tonight I'm catching some winks in Sacramento before the day long travel trip home.

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by, 22 days until Christmas!!!! What?! I better get my behind in gear and get some shopping done. Princess is working on handmade Christmas cards, so hopefully those will get out sometime this weekend. We still have to set up the tree, garland, and all the other "stuff" that goes with making our house into the Christmas Spirit.

I have pictures of turkey day, but you'll have to wait until I get home to download them from the camera.

Be safe everyone and keep whistling, humming, or singing those wonderful Christmas carols.