Wednesday, May 24, 2006

East Coastin' it

So, I left Waco this morning at 5:45 AM - only about 12 hours after I arrived home from Puebla. Flight left on time - I snored all the way to Houston, and we got to our gate about 15 minutes earlier than normal.

Now with my travels, I am at the top "elite" position with my favorite airline, Continental. When I checked in for the trip in Waco, the gate agent told me I had been upgraded, but the computer would not allow a seat assignment...she called Houston, was told to give me a seat in coach {:-(}. When I got to Houston I went straight to the gate and was told I was first on the list for upgrades. I smiled graciously, walked away and my spirits were dampened. I'm not one to ask for upgrades, but by golly when they tell me I have an upgrade and then take it away it really bites.

We boarded the plane, I took my seat in coach and struck up conversation with the gentleman next to me when all of a sudden the gate agent came down the aisle and moved me to First Class - whoooopppeeee!!! I love that first class stuff! Had a gourmet egg omelet for breakfast with a delicious fruit plate, watched a movie on my own private video screen and snoozed for just a little bit.

Got to New Jersey, beautiful weather I might add...and came to my hotel for some phone conferences. Just got off the phone with Princess and she is coming to New Jersey for the weekend! We will have 2.5 days of bliss together in the garden state. Well gotta go - it's late, I'm tired and have a busy two days ahead of me.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iowa and Mexico

So - It's been raining tooo much work for me here in Waco.

After Mother's day, I spent 3 very long days on the road in central Iowa and southwestern Minnesota. Pretty country I must say, especially with 800+ miles driven in the span of 48 hours. Then a couple of really long days to finish out the week and the next thing I knew it was Friday night, time for our friends daughter's 3rd Birthday and the my weekend began (who knew it was only going to be one day at the start of the week).

So I had Saturday to do the "honey-do's", which in my case are pretty much self inflicted - mowing, edging, washing and waxing Princesses Murano - she did help me dry and boy is that car spectacular when it is clean and shiny. Did laundry - ironed and packed to leave on Sunday to go to Puebla, Mexico for work. Had to miss the wonderful 55 mile drive from Waco to Killeen for Stake Conference, but sacrifices are also good for the soul! :-)

Puebla is the capital got it, Puebla! Pretty confusing isn't it - but you gotta hand it to the fore fathers of Mexico...Puebla, Puebla, MX is not too hard to learn. Beautiful city Puebla and home to a gigantic...hugemongous Volkswagen factory. I met up with a co-worker from NJ and we spent two nights and one very busy day working with our supplier...a two hour drive from Puebla, but some breathtaking views as we descended mountains from Puebla into the state of Veracruz to get to our vendors.

Just got home at 5:00 PM CDST and will be back at the airport tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM to leave for a week and a half trip to western NJ. Boy I can really say it - I am tired. Well, gotta go and pack the two suitcases for the trip. I should have some adventures to detail by the end of the week.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

For Linda

Happy Mother's Day Linda. Linda is Princesses Mother. I have a wonderful nickname that I have called Linda for the past few years..."old Woman". I know it doesn't seem very nice, but it came from a joke or a commercial and now when I call to talk to my other Mother, I say hello old woman and she answers back "hello old man".

Linda was born in Emery, UT, another of those well bred, hearty faithful Mormon stock. Linda's family moved from Emery when she was sixteen to the bustling Metropolis of Salt Lake City, UT. There, she graduated from high school, dated and broke hearts of a few of the fine fellas in SLC, eventually attending BYU in Provo. There she met Bill, they married and he went off to the University of Utah as he says "to get an education now that I got me a wife"! And boy did he make out in the deal.

Linda is the second of three children, but is the oldest as the first son passed away when only 2.5 months old. Linda's mom came from 12 children and she always desired to have a large family. Unfortunately, she was blessed with only two daughters, Princesses older sister, and Princess. Linda too has a unique birthday 10-31-41...she is called Wendy Witch by her family on her birthday.

Linda has been blessed with eight grandchildren who love and cherish her. Although all of these grandchildren come from Princesses older sister and none from us, Linda has, and continues to treat us with the same regard she holds for her other daughter.

I am thankful for Linda...not just cause she is Princesses Mom, cause she has been and is a great person and friend to me. Linda encourages me, chastises me when needed, and most of all, the thing she taught Princess, is to love unconditionally, like Christ has taught us to do and be for the past 2000+ years.

So Linda, thanks for being my other Mom, thanks for Princess, thanks for your principles, morals, ethics, sense of humor and your Love. You are cherished by us both...across the miles.

This is a photo from the day we left Las Vegas to moved to Central Texas...June 2001

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we celebrate that one day per calendar year to show Love, Gratitude and Kindness to the one who gave us life, cared for us, kissed boo-boo's, boosted our egos/esteem, and generarlly pushed us to succeed in life...MOM

In our hurried and busy lives, the second Sunday in May is our Mother's day (in reality Mom, we all know that the other 364 days per year we should be treating you like the Queen you really are and deserve) to be lavished upon, doted on, have breakfast in bed, and surprise with homemade cards, gifts, and of course flowers and candy.

To our Mother's I say thanks, Thanks, THANKS!

My Mother was born in Salina, UT, and spent her very early years in Antimony, UT. This is where she began to develop the caring traits that have stayed with her throughout her life. My Mother married at 16, began her motherhood about 10 months later and has never stopped caring for anyone in or out of our family. Mom is the third of four girls and has a distinct birthdate 2-3-45. Mom eventually earned her high school diploma through night school when I was in grade school. Mom had 6 children and in her lifetime nursed my oldest sister through terminal cancer, cared for her Mother when she was afflicted by a stroke, and cared for her Mother-in-law at the beginning of her battle with Alzhiemer's Disease.

Mom has always taught us to trust in Heavenly Father, Pray, read the Scriptures, and be diligent in our Church callings...doing everything in our power to serve with happiness and Love. Mom struggles with Ovarian Cancer (and has currently outlived docter's prognosis for the last 6 months) which at times debilitates her, but she keeps on fighting. I Love my Mother. I Love her strength. I Love her tenacity to deal with tough sitautions. And, I love even more being her son.

So Happy Mother's Day Mom...from one long distance son to his Mother who is always close in his heart.


Yes - I have been lazy...lazy about blogging. I am so sorry for all you "devoted" fans of texaspricetags! Work has been crazy and weekends have been crazier yet. I guess that this is because Spring has been in full bloom of late and we Central Texans are dashing right into Summer.

This week was a little hard because Princess went to San Antonio for the Texas Dental Convention and I was a little BLUE so you see the shoe was on the other foot.

I promise to be more diligent even if it is just to "pop" in and say "hi"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Loooong Week

It's Thursday and I have been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest and I am losing !!! I have been in the plant all week and it just seems that I am no longer helping to make candy, but I've become a firefighter...'cause that's all I've done all week is fight someone's fire that they dragged me into.

We continue our quest to get through season one of Nip/Tuck.
Me with my hands in front of my face for about ten minutes out of each episode, and Princess just taking it in. Tonight will be another disk for us to peruse.

I have been trying to eat better for Princess and the diabetes. Today I lost! I had two granola bars before lunch as my frosted flakes left me early on in the crisis that were happening. As part of this, I'm taking my lunch to do portion's helping. I even pack grapes as a snack for later in the afternoon...even with all that, I had a SNICKERS Almond bar to boot. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

My Mom is doing better with her cancer numbers - more or less stabilized so that is good. We are trying to plan a trip home in the fall so that we can spend some more time with family than what we ususally get with that brutal 24 hour drive home...we'll see how it all pans out.

I promise to be back tomorrow to let you know how my "new" career is going.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Nip & Tuck

Tonight we've been watching the Season one DVD's for Nip/Tuck. This show airs on the F/X network and Princess just loves it. I on the other hand have to watch many...and I mean many of the scenes with my hands in front of my face. Yes, yes, I am the queasy one in our family, and this show just like ER brings out my biggest fear and weakness...blood and gore.

As I have said before Princess works for a Dentist (has been a Dental assistant all our married life) and loves the gore...Her fav movies are vampire flicks. Princess used to come home from work and share gory details over dinner...until the night I almost puked on my plate (about our third night home from the honeymoon). Ever since she is much lighter with the details, and never, and I mean never, shares them over dinner! See, I knew I married the best dang woman in the whole world.

I also bought Aeon Flux over the weekend, but we haven't had time to watch it yet. As soon as we do, I will post my review of two thumbs waaaaayyyy uuuppp or two thumbs waaaaayyyy down!

Seriously, if you like ER - check out nip/tuck you may just like it too...IF you can handle the gore that is.