Sunday, April 30, 2006


So we had some bad weather on Friday night which brought some greatly needed rain. It also brought some greatly appreciated cooler weather. Saturday evening we tried to eat outside in the beautiful cool weather (about 75F for the high) with our neighbors...and I say tried, 'cause we couldn't get the coals to light, no matter what we did. After about an hour, we put the meat in the fridge and went to Mama Baris Pizza - great food.

Came home from Dinner, opened all the windows in the house and slept like logs. Princess likes it cool in the house for sleeping and it got cool right down around 67F. Because of the whole Diabetes topic in our house, Princess and I are eating healthier and this morning she made one of her signature smoothies - low fat yogurt, 2% milk, a dash of O.J. protein powder, a frozen banana and some frozen pineapple - YUMMY! She finished hers and I had my portion on the way to Church.

Church was great - good speakers, great lessons, and uplifting music. We came home to the dreaded blinking light on the machine and it was our same neighbors. Seems they got the grill on and wanted to cook the meat from last night - so it was change the clothes, dash up the street and cook on the grill.

Princess came home and ironed, letting my rest up a bit and we watched her new video purchase of season one - Nip/Tuck. I have to watch through my fingers as the fake blood and stuff really grosses me out. Princess made rice, salad, Malibu chicken and a zucchini custard type dish - all really wonderful (all this is turning into two meals - see healthier and left overs to boot). Now it's ABC for our fav shows. All in all, a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Texas and New Mexico

It's Wednesday and I arrived into Lubbock, picked up my rental car... a real cutie, a Jeep Liberty Limited. Leather seats, in-dash 6 CD player, and the icing on the cake was Sirius satellite radio (the best thing in the world next to my ipod on long desolate trips.

Arrived in Roswell, NM, met up with my boss, went for a walk as the weather was absolutely freakin' beautiful, light breeze, sun was setting, just gorgeous. Too bad Princess was not with me as Roswell is her birthplace. My father-in-law (aka Santa and aka the clown) was stationed at the now defunct Walker Air Force Base there from 65-67.

Thursday morning got up, showered (kind of nice of me so as not to be too stinky), ate breakfast (as both Princess and I are eating more healthy since she got tagged for Diabetes). Went and did our dairy audit, got my boss to the airport for her flight home and then I went and took pics of Roswell for Princess and her family. I also got some pics of the home they lived in for that very short time. I have added these on a Flickr badge. Click on the badge and it will take you to all my public photos. Easiest way I know to share the photos.

After taking the photos, bought some water, a soda pop, and was on my way back to Lubbock. Took me right around three hours with only one potty break. Got to my hotel, checked in got some grub and what did I see shining brightly in the night? Krispy Kreme!!!! You see, coming from Vegas to Texas, we lost out on the good ole KK and then they built one here in Waco and it closed 18 months later! Dang! So after eating, I went and got me some donuts and just to prove it to you, here it is and boy was it delicious! HOT and FRESH, you just can't beat that SHIPLEY'S!

I flew back to Houston, missed my connection due to weather and so I got another cool rental car...a Subaru Legacy wagon with the hugest and I mean hugest sun roof in the world...whaddya expect, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas. Got home, unpacked and started in on the laundry with Princess. About 12:30 AM guess what happened? Severe Thunderstorm warning and TORNADO WATCH!!! Am I a jinx or what? Oh well, it got me out of mowing today.

I know that these are a little back dated, but I wanted to catch everyone up on my goings and comings, comings and goings. Today we did our normal Saturday errands and lunch at CHIK-FIL-A. Until tomorrow

Jonesboro to Memphis

Today being Tuesday, my co-worker and I did audit our supplier and even though this morning it was raining huge...and I mean HUGE, drops of rain, about mid-day the sun poked through the clouds and began to dry us out.

Our supplier took us out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant called El Acapulco in Jonesboro. Great food...and from a fat man I really mean great food. I even ordered my food, my co-workers food and one of the suppliers sitting at our end of the table's food in Spanish. I surprised the heck out of our waitress who was from Northern Mexico. Really good Mexican food. Better than Tex-Mex that everyone in Waco is accustomed to.

We finished the audit around 4:30 PM and headed back to Memphis. We stopped at Wal-Mart so that my co-worker could purchase the DVD Walk the Line and I decided to purchase the soundtrack as I had another leg of my odyssey before the week was up. We popped the soundtrack into the CD player and away we went.

Got back to Memphis, ate dinner, and settled in for the night...ANOTHER night of thunderstorms, lightening, rain and now Tornado WATCHES, not warnings. My co-worker was so worried about me that he called me twice to make sure that I was all right. He's a tad bit older from Tennessee and talks r e a l s l o o w w! But he is a great guy and a joy to work with. I just usually find myself answering a lot of my own questions...and he tolerates it.

Tomorrow is a flight to Lubbock, TX, then drive 3 hours to Roswell, New Mexico for another audit. OOH Roswell...Aliens...Spaceships...HAH! Can't wait.


So, it's Monday and I flew to Memphis, TN to meet up with one of my counterparts to do a "workwith/training" audit of a supplier in Northeastern Arkansas. I had to wait over three hours in Memphis (sitting in the airport, no internet connection, no restaurants to speak of) while I waited. Tried to do some work, but anyone who travels knows how impossible it is to balance your laptop on the luggage and type while trying to keep your papers from falling all over the place (no, there were no Presidents clubs for me to go into).

Frustrated, I stopped, began watching Walk the Line for the third time! I love this movie! I love the music! It helped take away my frustration over the wait. I got half way through it and had to stop as my co-worker arrived.

We drove into Arkansas, ate dinner at Ruby Tuesday, and had thunder, lightening, and lots of rain...Northeastern Arkansas in a Tornado watch...not really my idea of a great time, is work. Rain and thunder all night, I slept like a log, but got up occasionally to check the news so that if I did have to evacuate, it wouldn't be in my underwear! The fun just never stops.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sabbath Day

So it's Sunday afternoon. Princess and I have been to our 3 hour Church schedule (it is so nice to drive to the Chapel once instead of 3 times like I used to have to do when I was a kid). We had a new couple speak and their messages about marriage are timely and needed in our society today. The only problem was since we were in Houston last week, people seem to have the funny idea that we have abandoned the back pew we have been sitting on for over 4 years. Just means next week we will get there earlier and boot them out!

So I'm teaching about Joseph in the Old Testament and how he was sold into slavery, eluded Potipher's wife and I look up from putting a picture on the board and all the kids are making a funny/disgusting face. Seems they all knew what the scripture meant "to lie with" (heck when I was nine I didn't have a clue what that was). And when I got to the part about how Joseph had to flee and Potipher's wife grabbed his cloth and he fled naked there were grunts, and mutterings of now days really KNOW WAY TOO MUCH!!! What happened to their innocence? All in all, the class went well...teaching about making right choices to stay closer to Our Heavenly Father's Spirit to help guide us. Even with all the moaning, I'm pretty sure they got the message.

After Church, Princess and I made some lunch and I am currently checking work e-mails (yes while writing my blog!) and then I get to do the dreaded expense reports. Princess is ironing clothes for me...I'm going to Tennessee, Arkansas, Pan Handle of Texas, New Mexico and back home on Friday. Whew! Just typing it makes my tired. Since it is Sunday, that means our fav T.V. shows - Extreme Home Makeover, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy - Love-em!

I may not be able to blog during the week, but I will keep you posted on all the antics throughout my journeys


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday...a day late

So it's only 7:30 in the morning, I'm the only one up. Princess and the girls are still in bed. Yesterday I got to the plant and all was going fine. I went to the men's room and while indisposed, my cell rang. Now I hate answering the cell phone in the b-room (and it annoys the heck out of me when other people do it). So I go to silence it and instead I hang up on the caller...oops. While still indisposed, the dang thing rings again! This time I silence the ringer and the call goes to voice mail. I finish being indisposed, get the message and call the person back. Seems we were having a problem with some incoming material at a warehouse in Dallas. Long story short, about mid-day, I end up going to Dallas to do an investigation. I ran home to put on some better clothing (it is after all Spring in Texas and I have to wear a uniform at shorts and t-shirts are about the norm).

Princess and I arrive in Dallas. I meet with the warehouse manager, we investigate, come to an agreement on what to do, I call my boss and the previous person and give them the 411. It is now about 3:30 in the afternoon. Both Princess and I are hungry so we leave the warehouse and head out to North Park Mall for some sustenance. This mall was featured a few years back in a Richard Gere movie called "Dr T. and His Women". The mall is upscale and has gone through an extensive add on. We walked, went into a few of the stores, Princess shopped, I lugged bags (my normal routine when at the mall...pack mule). We forgot to eat! Princess is undergoing analysis by our family Doc for Diabetes and this is not good.

We decide to head to Costco on our way home and proceed to do the inevitable at 5:00 PM...get on the biggest parking lot in the world...the freeway. Sooo an hour later we are hitting the 360 and it too is a parking lot. Princess looks over to our left and sees a Dillards' Clearance Center store. We exit...go to the store and 45 minutes and $66.00 later we exit, me with two new pairs of shorts, a new swimsuit, and a tie. Princess with 4 tops (2 for her Mom), and a cute red/maroon sweater top...not bad I say (we will definitely be going back.

On to Costco - mad dash through the store to get our list...on to buy ice for the ice chest...then Dinner at Cheddar's (love that place)...then arrive at home at 10:30 PM...which is why this post is now on being written todya, Saturday.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Home Again

Today was a bit uneventful. I traveled back to Waco from Orange County, California. A long travel day by any standards, at the airport at 7:00 AM California time and arrived home at 5:00 PM Texas time with a two hour time difference sandwiched in there.

I am usually quite talkative on airplane rides, but the gentleman seated beside me (oh I forgot to mention that I had gotten an upgrade to first class) was definitely not a talker. Nothing more than Good Morning, and then a nod when I had to ask to get up and use the restroom. So, with nothing more than the Sky Mall magazine, I got out the laptop to do some work, and lo and behold, I had unplugged it from charging all night, but forgot to turn it off and the battery was dead...No work, no movie, nada, zip, bupkiss. So I pulled out the USA Today, read, ate Special K cereal (yum) and then snoozed.

Landed in Houston - had my 55 minute layover, boarded the lovely turboprop airplane to Waco, put in the earphones for my ipod, turned it on shuffle and slept all the way to Waco. Went by the Dentist office where Princess works, waited for her and then we headed off to Taco Bueno for our culinary dinner date.

Came home, unpacked my small overnight bag and then I surprised Princess. If you'll remember my earlier post, I was giving my better half a hard time about eating In-N-Out Burger while in sunny Cal. I told her to come into the bedroom and I would give her the ketchup packet I brought her her surprise....(tension building) I brought her a new In-N-Out T-shirt!!! See, I'm not a total jerk!

Tomorrow it is back to the office/plant lot's of work to do and catch up on, so, "good night and good luck"


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sunny Southern California

Well here I am today in beautiful Southern California. Got up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight to Houston, then on to Orange County International airport. A short 55 minute drive down I-5 and I was off and working. Auditing can be so invigorating.

So I finished the audit, got on the road and headed back up I-5 toward the airport...This is a short trip as I will be headed back home early tomorrow morning. Beautiful weather here in CA! I think the car said the outside temperature was a wonderful 75 F for the high!! Left Waco and it was 99F yesterday - I about died! So as I'm cruising up the interstate taking in the beautiful hills and mountains to my right and the wonderful ocean to my left I pull over to take some phoots and after rifling through my bag with cars WHIZZING by at super speed, I found to my dismay that I had left it at home...drats.

Got back up by the airport and had a difficult time trying to find the hotel so I called the front desk and got this very pleasant young man. We tried to communicate the directions back to one another, but I eventually spoke in Spanish to him and was able to understand him without the heavy accent. It truly is a blessing to be able to speak another language.

I have a wonderful dinner planed!! In-N-Out Burger!! Yippee - both Princess and I miss them so much from living in Vegas, and we haven't found a replacement for them in Waco. I have been naughty, rubbing and chiding Princess that I am eating In-N-Out and she isn't. Shame on me.

On the plane ride out, I did some work on the laptop, and then watched the movie "Walk the Line". Neither Princess and I are big fans of Country music, but I must confess that I absolutely loved it and it brought back memories of listening to Johnny Cash on LP's as a child. I think I will try and watch it again tomorrow just so I can get the whole thing from start to finish. I give it two thumbs Waaaaaay Up! If you haven't seen it, get out and rent it and have a wonderful evening (caution though, I think it is rated PG-13, so watch it after the little ones have gone to bed.

If you've seen the movie, I would love to hear your thoughts and critiques on the movie. Also, I am always up to seeing more movies and do take recommendations.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Long Time

I've been slacking recently with the travel my job puts me through. I promise to get better and to make even small posts when they happen.

So last weekend was Easter. Princess and I had the luxury of driving from Waco to Houston to meet up with ex-Wacoans that are now back to being Houstonians. We got to Houston around 8:00 PM Friday night, met up with Sarah and Sterling and then went to get a bite to eat at Pei Wei - you gotta love Pei Wei. We then stayed up visiting until after midnight without interruption from their lovely four children.

Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn and decided to go wash the bug guts off the front of the Murano. Went to the coin-op car wash down the street, washed for $5.00 worth, dried, came back and hit the day full force. Sarah's girls needed new shoes to go with their Easter outfits and I went along for the ride while Sterling worked on building Sarah's new office furniture (the man can put me to shame with what he is able to do with wood - he's freakin awesome). Then to Target (tarjay - say it with a French accent) then to Kroger, then home, then to Disney's new movies The Wild, then coloring Easter eggs (my fingers are still blue-green), and then a little quality time for the adults...DINNER AT MAGGIANOS!!! This was our first time and I swear I gained ten pounds from that one meal. Doggone it was great!

Sunday was a great family breakfast, then rush to get to Church - oh yeah, the egg hunt in the grass which was pretty wet for the kids - then Church which was great, back home to finish the touches on the Dinner. Sarah's parents and her sister's family came and we had a great time. It was sad for us to go, but we clocked the trip home in miles and hours...only 166.5 miles one way and 2.5 hours with an average speed of 70 mph (gotta love the gadgets they put on them cars nowadays).

Today was back to the daily grind, but with the wonderful task I looked forward to all day...creating a new post.

I've added a link to Sarah's blog - check it out - she's so dang good and crafty I will never measure up.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

What Weekend?

My whole life, my Mother taught me that "Saturday was the day we got ready for Sunday". Well now that I am on the downhill side of life (having past the age of 40), I would really like to know what happened to lazy or semi-lazy weekends.

We got up this morning and it was quite cool. A cold front had moved into Central Texas and it was about 47 F outside!! Still we slept with the windows open and the house temp was about 61F. Came and checked e-mails and then heard the familiar Saturday morning buzz...Lawnmowers and edgers. Drat! So, I put on my yard gear, an old pair of shorts, t-shirt and shoes, got out the mower, gas can, and edger and began my duty. The backyard went very quickly. Then I did the front and edged. All in all about 50 minutes of work...cause I like to put a pattern in the lawn, not always mowing in the same direction.

Came in showered, gave Sadie and Sasha their treats, and Princess and I dashed off to start what she calls "errands". First to Chik-Fil-A for some nourishment...mmm I love their strips and lemonade. Then shopping for trees for the front and back yard. Doom and Gloom, more work for yours truly. Then to Target (Tar-jay) to pick up the sundry items, then to the Grocery store. See what I mean - where's the weekend.

Came home, unloaded the car (sans trees - those'll come next week) and went to work on my Primary lesson for tomorrow. Now it's 4:30 CDT and in about an hour we're off to a barbque and games. Sunday will be three hours in Church, home to a small lunch and then Princess will make dinner - cap off the evening with Extreme Home Makeover, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy (our favorite shows)

AGAIN - Where's my Weekend - I know, I know...I'll have some Brie to go with my Whine!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

First Post

A little bit about myself and my significant other -my beautiful wife of 18+years Princess!

Orgininally from Las Vegas, NV, we moved to Central Texas June 2001. We have been happily married for almost 19 years and unfortunately we were not blessed with any children...soo, we happily adopted to beautiful daschunds (both females, Sadie is the darker one and almost 6, Sasha is the more pure red and will be 5) that have been a great source of happiness for us these past 6 years.

I work for a major candy company here and my lovely wife (whom I have referred to for the past 18+ years as Princess) works as a certified dental assistant. Wh0'd have thunk that I would be lucky enough to eat candy all day and then have super great dental care at my disposal. I give Princess a really hard time about the amount of pain that she inflicts when taking x-rays, but in reality, I am a big wimp when it comes to any amount of pain.

I come from a family of 6 children and Princess comes from a family of 2 girls...but her older sister has us beat (and almost has my parents beat for grandchildren) as she has EIGHT beautiful children. The oldest is currently in Argentina serving a two-year mission for our Church.

I travel quite extensively in my job doing continuous improvement and quality audits with our suppliers. It is a great job and I have truly been blessed by it. I speak, read, and write fluently in Spanish and have spent a great deal of time in Mexico and Central America for work. This has kept my Spanish quite good and has broadened it due to learning some technical words and phrases.

I know that this is quite rambling, and being new to the whole Blogging scene, I hope that you will have patience with me as I try to get better. I will also try to get more creative with pictures and whatnot as I go forward. I am open to critiques and welcome any and all comments you might have.