Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wedding Photos

Princess and I outside the wedding/banquet hall - aren't we dapper!

My Brother Rich gives Nicole a last kiss before "giving her away" to Steve. This was a fluke as my camera is not an SLR kind and the lens closed right as he kissed her.

I know, I know - my Mom had changed out of her dress shoes to sandals, and her sandal got caught on the floor! I was mesmerized and couldn't stop filming. The whole time, Princess is yelling at me "Jim, Jim...go help your Dad!" And I still couldn't move. The posterior of the person at the end of the video is my brother Bert. Then I stopped filming, ran with all the others to help, and Mom was just fine - no major bruises or sores.

We had a good time and I will post more pictures soon - Enjoy!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy - It's no Excuse

So, I am finally taking a minute to blog.

We drove to Vegas with our girls and the new boys (puppies) for Bill and Linda. Linda was not surprised or happy! She shook her finger at all of us, but by the time we were ready to leave the following Saturday, she had bonded with little Duke and Elvis.

My niece's wedding was a smash. Not your typical Mormon wedding, no Temple ceremony, no cultural hall reception, instead, they were married by a non-denominational minister outside in a beautiful gazebo, on a warm February night. We danced, did the money dance, danced some more ate good food, had cake, and Princess broke her phone doing the African Ant Eater dance - picture the movie, Can't Buy Me Love with a very young Patrick Dempsey (not to worry, we came home, got her switched over to Verizon with me and she got a cute pink razor.

Princesses nephews wedding was on Valentine's Day in the Boise Temple, with the reception to be held this Friday in Idaho (no we are not attending). Reports from the family said it was a beautiful ceremony and the spirit was felt by all.

I have been travelling like a madman - so much so that I ended up with my famous sinus infection/upper respiratory infection - feeling just a little better today, after seeing the doctor and getting the antibiotics along with about 90 catnaps in between my work phone ringing off the hook.

I have pictures to post, I just have to figure out how to do the whole slide show thing again.