Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cereal in my Lap!

I know that everyone will get a hearty guffaw at the story I'm going to relate.

I was in our corporate office last week to interview candidates for an open position that I have. The interviews went well. I placed a job offer letter, and now it's a wait and see if the candidate will take the job. Fingers and toes are crossed!

We all know it is summer time across our great nation, right?! I usually wear shorts on my flights just cause the heat in the commuter plane is terrible to endure. Well, because I was going to our corporate office, I travelled in jeans just to be safe (you know, lost luggage, etc). All went well on the outbound trip from Texas to NJ.

Coming home, I was tired and decided to check my luggage in Newark back to Waco (yes it arrived at the same time I did)!

I just happened to get upgraded to first class on my return to Texas flight. It was great, big seat, leg and foot rest to recline against, personal video system with 16 channels to watch, are you getting the picture here that I'm spoiled? Good, cause I am, and here comes the part of the just desserts (or breakfast as the case may be).

They brought out my breakfast tray, cereal (my choice), banana, fruit bowl, cran-apple juice, and milk. I ate the banana, then they came and offered me a hot cinnamon roll from their wonderful little ovens, so I ate that. Then I ate the fruit. Next I poured all the milk onto my cereal (something I never do). With the mere, and I do mean mere, flick of my wrist, the entire bowl, honey nut cheerios and all the milk were in my lap and running down the seat into my butt crack!

Within seconds, the flight attend was at my side, pulling up the tray, and giving me napkins, then he went and got me more towels and helped me clean up the cereal and the milk. I'm standing there in sopping jeans and underwear, drenched in milk. He laughed, I laughed, the lady across from me laughed, it was hilarious. Now this flight attendant can move like nobodies business, like Dash from "The Incredibles", and he was back with a plastic bag and a blanket. He laid down the bag on the wet seat cushion, then the blanket while I went into the airplane lavatory and tried to dry my pants and my underwear! Oh the humility and the hilarity of it all.

Later, he brought me more cereal, but this time I decided to eat it...DRY! No more milk for me. I sat through the rest of the flight (2.5 hours) and the layover (1.75 hours) with my lovely milk soaked pants (a little dry by the time I got to Houston.

The minute I walked in the door, I stripped off them jeans, the underwear, and took a quick shower! The whole time both Princess and I are laughing our heads off!

THE MORAL: Don't gloat to others that you've been upgraded to first class when they have to sit in coach!

Happy Travels Everyone - Jim