Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Still Cold

Last week I was in NJ and PA for work. Our company's corporate headquarters is in NJ, and I had to do an audit in PA. Best part of the whole trip was the four plus inches of snow on our car Thursday morning in PA!

Now I'm back in Beaumont for work. The drive down was cold and drizzly, all the way from Waco through Houston and into Beaumont. I spoke with Sarah and she said that I needed to stop bringing the bad weather with me to Houston.

Princess was under the weather on Sunday and stayed home from Church. I had to not only prepare my Primary lesson, but also sharing time all by myself. I've got to stop relying on Princess for help and just bite the bullet and do it myself.

Gotta get back to work.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Butt Freakin...

COLD!!! That is what is has been here for the past week!! Princess had late starts on Monday and Tuesday due to sleet and frozen rain (what's the difference!!) Sleet is frozen rain.

Then on Wednesday, we had over an inch of ice on our driveway, over two inches on the roof, and icicles hanging down about 10 inches off the eaves! We both were homebound then! I'm not like those other crazies, if I can't get my car out of the garage and down the driveway without control, I'm not gonna drive on it!!! Come on People! STAY HOME when it get's like this.

Made another trip to Beaumont for work - kinda like my home away from home lately! Stopped off a late Christmas present to the Joneses in Houston, and then came home.

We did some mild redecorating of the windows in our bedroom - took down the toppers that matched the old quilt and hung up some new sheers for a fresher, cleaner look. I think that we need to add more panels, but now I have to wait for Princess to decide - Isn't more always better???? You know, if chocolate makes you feel good, then more is better...AM I Right?!!

Anyhow - I seem to be ranting - could be due to hunger setting in - gotta run, get ready for Church and get out the old ironing board to get ready for the cold in NJ this week.


Friday, January 12, 2007


Okay...okay...okay - I have been a little busy this week what with my first week back to work in three weeks off.

My Primary class went really well. We set down some guidelines for the class (not rules, there are enough, and I want learning the New Testament to be fun and somewhat exciting). Had a great first lesson, and got off to a really good start. We'll see what next week brings. If I don't stay on my toes, "H" Nelson will be teaching the class the kid is too dang smart!

I figured up how many hours I worked this week and (drum roll please) how does 62 grab ya! Yep, 62 in 5 days - you do the math! I am dang tired, but the fun part was getting to go down to Beaumont, and stopping and visiting with the Joneses! I should say, Sarah, Indie, and then Morgan (Jordan is her real name, I've just always called her Morgan for fun). The other kids weren't out of school yet, so I didn't get to visit with them.

Our friend Sarah is soooo smart and very talented with cameras, photoshop, scrapbooking, decorating, etc. I got to see her office with the painted walls and the very shiek black desk and black shelf - way to chic for this country bumpkin! It was good to visit and to hear the puppy potty training trials, mostly accidents on tile, not on the carpet.

Sarah and Jordan also got to see my attempt at a goatee! I don't think that they really liked it, I tried to get them to feel how soft it is, but Jordan was like no way! Sarah said it didn't feel soft, but wiry - go figure.

I think we're going out tonight to the OG for dinner, that is if the Tornado doesn't come and crush us to death with high winds and rain.

Have a good night on that note :-)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Primary Class

Today begins with a bit of trepidation. I have been up since 6:00 AM worrying about teaching the 11/12 year olds in Primary at Church. Over the past year, I had the 9 year olds and they were a great class. Now I'm moving to a bigger class (number of students) and older (I won't be able to bluff them and have to be more prepared).

In my defense, I "browsed" through my lesson earlier in the week. I read the scriptures and I read the lesson using Evelyn Wood methodology. This brings us to today/this morning. Up at 6:00, showered, and dressed, in our home office studying and preparing the lesson. I have prepared the activity, hand written out my lesson, said a prayer that all will go well, and now I will leave it up to a review.

For 2007 we have moved from the early block of meetings (9:00 AM start time) to the late block of meetings (1:00 PM start time). For any of you not familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this means that all of our Sunday meetings are held in a block of three hours. It saves time. It saves energy (both at the building and gasoline traveling back and forth to the meeting house). It also makes it convenient to iron your Sunday shirt on Sunday morning when you have procrastinated during the week.

So, say a prayer for me and wish me luck. These 11/12 year olds are way to smart and are going to keep me on my toes with all of their questions.
BTW, the facial hair almost looks good, so it didn't come off this morning! Maybe you'll get to see a bonus post with picture after Church, then I would love to know, keep it or shave it off, you can post your vote in the comments.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year...a little late

Happy New Year...on January 3rd 2007! I'm late posting because; 1) I have been a little under the weather with a cold, 2) Princess and I have been busy doing some much needed chores (will explain later), and 3) I have been busy with some work issues ensuring that all runs smoothly for our plants.

We got all of our Christmas decorations taken down, packed and put back in the attic. This all accomplished with me having some sinus/cold issues. I must say, Princess is pretty patient with me when it comes to me being sick. I don't like to be touched, massaged, or held, just left alone with a blanket, and she manages to dance on the "egg shells" of my moods. All in all we have been pretty effective with our time off.

As you know, our 4th bedroom is our home office, or as I like to call it our room from "he**". This is due to our differing filing systems, mine is to file everything into file folders in drawers, and Princesses is to make piles and then when you cannot see the desktop, then she files. We cleaned up the office and now it is a much more pleasant environment to work in. Now don't go beating me up, Princess is a wonderful woman, we just have different filing methods. So now that her desk is cleared, she actually worked on some of her scrapbooking/cards/stamping supplies that she received for Christmas.

Well for the past week I have been trying to grow a goatee! We had a policy change at work and now we can have facial hair. The operative word is TRYING to grow this facial hair thing! After 8 days, it looks like I have dirt on my face. No kidding - look at my picture below:

Don't mind the five head (you know instead of a forehead), just look at the "dirt" around my chin (s). You can't see the mustache hair really well cause it has turned blonde/white already, but the other is quite red. I don't know if I'm going to keep it, only time and my mood on Sunday will tell (if it looks this bad by Sunday...off it comes!)!

We're pretty laid back today, going to Target (pronounced Tarjay) to return a shirt, then to HEB for some groceries.

Happy New Year - Jim