Monday, December 31, 2007


Well, here I am again, in the den, the house is ice cold (anything higher than 63F and Princess starts having hot flashes), in my sweats typing. And where pray tell is Princess?? She is fast asleep in bed, with about 4 blankets on top of her!

I have always been a creature of habit, up at the same time, and to bed at the same time. I can't even sleep in on the weekends (my brain goes a million miles an hour and I think of all the things I could/should be doing), even as a kid, I was always first one up, unless I was sick, then stay away from Oscar the grouch!

As this year fast closes, I wish to express my thoughts and thanks.

First - I am grateful for a loving wife. Princess is so talented and so Christ like in her love for myself, our little doggies, and for everyone she meets. She has a heart bigger than the state of Texas.

Second - I am grateful for having such a wonderful job that I love. I have a great group of people that I work with, both at our plant and at our corporate office. I am grateful for a boss who is patient, directing, and motivational. His execution of meetings, of getting things done is exemplary for me. I am also grateful for the team of associates that I work closely with (all my VA bud's).

Third - I am grateful for friends! Texas friends, Nevada friends, Utah friends, no matter where you are, I am grateful for you. When I meet someone, I feel my spirit connect with theirs. This may not always happen at first for the other person, but it does for me. We become instantly kindred spirits! And for all of my/our friends out there, to both Princess and I, you are family (heck aren't we all children of Heavenly Father) to us, and we appreciate your Love and support.

Fourth - I am grateful that I woke up six feet above ground today - it means there is hope for me yet, and that God is not done molding my clay!

Happy New Year's Eve! Be Safe everyone! By the way, I hear Princess blow drying her hair - She's up! Gotta run!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after

I'm sitting here in the den as Princess is sound a sleep. We had a wonderful Christmas day. With only about 5 hours sleep, we stumbled out of bed to start the day. We put on the Christmas music, lit the tree, and began the contest of opening presents. Suffice it to say, we are very happy with or without the gifts (okay, who am I kidding, we got a Wii, and I was thrilled)!

We had a friend over for brunch, two different breakfast casseroles, pannetone (sweet bread with walnuts and cranberries), and then just vegged out!

The Elders and Lynn, and the Lackmeyer's all came over for dinner. Princess prepared a prime rib roast, scalloped potatoes, jell-o and cream corn. Lynn did bread and Shannon did green bean casserole. Lynn and Shannon also did dessert, a spice cake and famous apple pie (respectively).

We spoke to family, all except my older brother (I lost his phone number and forgot to get it from a family member in Vegas, so I'll be calling him today).

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

To our Dear Family and Friends, From our home to yours, We wish you the Merriest Christmas and desire that you receive not only material items, but spiritual feasting at this sacred time of the year.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I'm sitting here in the den preparing my Sunday School lesson. It's going to be a tough one today. It is on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I have so far wept through the whole lesson preparation.

I know that at this time of the year, we are to celebrate the birth of the Savior, but this is the lesson assigned me. I know that I am not often very preachy here on the blog, but today I my heart is so full for the love I have for my Savior, for his birth, his life, his mission and especially for his gift of the Atonement. When I think of what he did for me, for us, I am especially grateful for his birth. I am thankful for his earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, and what they must of felt that night some 2,000 years ago when that precious child was cradled in a humble manager.

I am so grateful for my family, for my parents teaching me correct principles, for showing unconditional love even when I made mistakes. I am thankful for a wonderful wife who practices this gift of unconditional love. I am nothing without her, not one good thing would I have accomplished in these past 20 years, let alone this year without her Love, her encouragement, her faith in me to develop and grow and take on more responsibility in my professional life, my spiritual life, and my physical life.

Please forgive the weeping, please forgive me if I'm too preachy today. My heart is overflowing with the love the Savior has poured out upon me, upon us. My heart is full for the love of my older brother who celebrated his Birthday yesterday without a card from his forgetful younger brother. Happy Birthday Rich!

Continue to be good, do righteous works, follow the Savior, that is what this life is about, preparation.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Travel and BRRR

That was my day today. But before I get started on that, let me recap the weekend at Texaspricetags!

Friday I arrived home from Tucson - to very warm weather. I set up the laptop, checked e-mail, made some calls, did some work. Then I trimmed the "older" bushes and gave the "newer" bushes a bit of a haircut too.

Saturday, Princess and I put lights on many of the bushes and spent a good deal of time stringing lights on the big crepe myrtle in the front. We tested everything and all of the lights worked fine. I also had to replace the one extension cord that I cut through while trimming on Friday. We had Princesses work party and even though Princess stated "we're leaving at 9:30 sharp", we arrived home at 11:30 PM!!

Sunday, up at 5:30 AM left for Stake Conference at 7:15, had a harrowing ride to Jilleen with weird fog that would white out the exterior of the windows - I'm talking really freaked me out all three times it happened! Stake Conference went really well. We were spiritually feed and uplifted, which hopefully will last for the next six months.

Monday, I worked from the plant, then off to the Midway High School Christmas concert! Which totally rocked! The music really helped to bring me more into celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Deborah Vance, Kylie Jacobsen, and Alex Christensen did awesome jobs. We even saw Lane West (our neighbors son's friend) and he had an awesome duet. It was a great evening, with the exception that the Blackhurst's had to leave early cause the girls were getting antsy.

So I arrived in Detroit after getting up at 3:30AM, expecting to wait until 5:30 PM to travel to South Bend, Indiana, only to find an earlier flight, which I got on, which allowed me to get here before some of the freezing rain hits... about now! The temperature is right around 33F! It's cold, wet, and soaks right to the bones. I am grateful to have arrived safe and sound, and to know that I only have a short drive tomorrow to do my audit.

Be safe and WARM out there! Jim

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tuggs ON

Say it out loud - This is where I have been this week. TUGGS ON - you know, Tuggs On Arizona! ;-0. So really it is Tucson, Arizona, but after I got a call from Mexico and explained that I was in Tucson, my person on the other kept calling it Tuggs On - I laughed my butt off.

This week was scheduled to be at home, but late last week, I got a call from an associate within our company that this vendor Needed to be audited as quickly as possible. So after about a dozen e-mails, we got the date set and here I sit in the hotel room blogging. The mountains are beautiful, the weather is warm about 80F, and there are beautiful mountains!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow - traveling home, doing some laundry, and working on some reports. Then, no more putting up Christmas Decorations - just putting some empty boxes into the attic so we can park at least one car in the garage.

Sunday is Stake Conference in Killeen with our Ward singing right after the opening prayer and then the closing song! We practiced hard, the songs are beautiful, and more important, I'm looking forward to being rejuvenated spiritually.

Gotta go to sleep - early flight tomorrow!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Or lack thereof. This is what I was hit with yesterday at Church.

I had a really good lesson planned out. Reviewed it, studied it, planned it, printed it and then the Spirit and my emotions got to me and I boobed out again. I must say (without being too preachy), that I have a soft spot for my Savior, Jesus Christ and when I teach about is sacrifice for all mankind, It gets to me, in the throat, eye ducts, nose...well you get the picture.

We had a very long day at Church, early choir practice before Sacrament Meeting, then the three hour block, then another choir practice for 1.5 hours, that just really rocked! We got a lot accomplished and it sounded great.

Next week we sing in Stake Conference in Killeen, so if you are in the neighborhood, and want to hear a great choir, come here some inspiring speakers and some beautiful music sung by people who love to sing.

I got to see our friend Karsten last week in Chattanooga, TN. He looked great and seemed to be doing ok. We miss him and also Molina (his ex).

I'll try to be better at posting - it's hard with all the travel and then the laundry, then putting up Christmas lights, the tree, and about 4,000 boxes of Christmas Decoration!!! We have too much stuff (crap as I call it) and I'm thinking that E-bay looks good right about now! Anywho - I haven't died and Princess has posted anything either so you can tell we're busy!

Happy Safe Holidays!