Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Both Princess and I wish all our friends and family a wonderful, safe holiday.

We are spending Thanksgiving at home. Princess has put the 25 LB Tom in the oven, basting him every half hour. Pies have been made, casserole dishes prepared and waiting to bake, and jell-o is in the fridge.

This year, Princesses Mom Linda is with us. Her dad is in San Jose, CA helping the big guy up at the North Pole obtain all the little kids wish lists along with who has been naughty, who has been nice. He will spend today with some surrogate family in California, then back to the mall on Friday.

We also have Princesses Aunt Marcia and Uncle Howard here too. They arrived around 1:00 AM this morning from Utah. We spoke throughout the day and they had one doozy of a storm in Wyoming from SLC to Denver. We're glad they're here, safe and sound.

What am I thankful for this year? A list that most of you would probably not want to peruse it would be so long. So here is my short version.

Technology: It allowed us to track Aunt Marcia and Uncle Howard as they drove here. Also the advances in medicine that have kept my Mom battling her Cancer.

Family: The most important of all, and not just those of you who are blood related, but those who have chosen us and vice versa we have chosen. The Blackhursts, The Jacobsen's, The Mocks, The Lackmeyers, The Criblez, The Jones, The Estradas, The Castenedas, The Whites, The Nielsens, The Hammers, The Kellers, The Prusseys, The Winnermarks, Our Waco 2ND Ward, the list goes on.

Jobs: In these trying times, I am extremely grateful for a job that I am passionate about and love doing. I have a terrific boss who keeps me motivated and growing. Co-workers on my team that are the best people the world has ever known. And of course, those "customers" that I serve in Commercial, R&D, and our individual plants.

I am deeply grateful for my faith. For the soldiers and others who fought to make and continue to keep this country free. I am grateful for a man who came to earth, who I have not met, who gave his life for all of us.

Whether you're near or far, know this, we Love you all, we wish you only the best and safest Thanksgiving holiday ever.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Cause You're..."

So this week I was in Idaho for company business doing audits. I flew into Boise, ID and then drove the 113 miles to Twin Falls. I love this drive, the grassy, rolling plains with the mountains on either side of the interstate.

When I got to Boise, I headed straight to Taco Time for some lunch. Princess turned me onto Taco Time over 20 years ago when we went to SLC planning the wedding. I love their crispy meat burrito and chips and cheese. After lunch - I headed out on my drive, i-pod in hand, connected to the radio listening to Christmas music (I know, it's not yet Thanksgiving, but I can't get enough of Christmas music).

Arriving in Twin Falls, I was in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express (see, now you know why I'm so smart)when my Commercial buyer walks by on her way out for a walk. Well, "A" accompanies me inside, I check in, and we both head out for the walk. We walked the rim of the canyon where the twin falls are, saw some beautiful landscape, and while we're talking and walking age comes up. I tell "A" that I just had a birthday, she replies that hers in on the 17th of November (Happy early Birthday), then she states, "You're older than me". To which I reply, "so, the fat in my face smooths out the wrinkles and makes me look younger"!

Well, the next couple of days, "A" is saying things like "Cause you're older than me" and "oh, I see, it must be an age thing" to which we both laughed. I really like "A" and we have a good working relationship and I consider her a very good friend, at work and away from work.

Wednesday, I got to see Princesses sister, brother-in-law and nieces and nephews. We had a good visit, but it went late into the night. Thursday I was going to go see them, but the audit went late, I got some dinner, and by the time they were home from parent teacher night, I was bushed, and decided to just call it a night. I was in bed by 8:30 PM.

I arrived in Austin, got my car, and headed out onto I-35 North. Oh wait a minute, that wasn't I-35, it was a PARKING LOT! I sat there for 30 minutes inching my way up to the next exit, exited with all the other people, but got turned around and went south to 71 West to get onto the Mo-Pac and skirt around downtown. Seems there were three accidents all on I-35 Northbound in about a 7 mile stretch. I zoomed up Mo-Pac, worked my way back to I-35 thinking I was smart to avoid the toll section, only to discover another accident and traffic standing still. This one however I got past and got home about 4:30 PM.

I reached our humble abode, greeted the girls and started laundry. Right now there's one of the last batches in the washer, when it's done, I'm showering, then I've got a bit of work to do this weekend before I head out to Portland on Monday. Oh, and Princess is with a group, no a gaggle of women at a "stamp/scrap booking" retreat weekend, where all they will do is make projects, and bash our husbands :-).

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fun Times

Our Saturday was quite fun.

I got up at 6:00 am and let Princess sleep in. I quietly started the laundry, then came into the den to boot up my laptop. While going through the close to 400 e-mails, I would get up and do the changes from washer to dyrer. Well the phone rang and I jumped up to get it so as not to disturb Princess (little did I know she was up and showered. Well my neighbor called and informed me the "farm" was out front. You see, across from her, one of the neighbors has about eight chickens that they keep in their back yard (and let me tell you, there are no pens there).

Well, neighbor X had left for the weekend and left his back gate open. I went up and knocked on the door to try to wake up their teenage son, but that didn't happen, and in the meantime, Princess had come up the street to see the commotion. We could have been on America's funniest home videos - Princess and I decided to round the chickens up and put them in the backyard. It was too funny, Sue kept laughing and then Nita another neighbor came out and she laughed, then Princess and I started laughing, it was a riot! Picture, me with a stick running around a neighbors driveway shooing chickens through the back gate. Afterwards, we stood around and laughed about it.

Later, Princess, Sue, Macy and I went to see the Bee Movie (really, the kids did not get the jokes - more sienfeldish than kid funny). I would rate it a "Bee" :-D

We then did errands, watched "In the Land of Women" on DVD and went to bed. Now it is Sunday, lesson prepared, and going to iron my dress shirt. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

World Traveller

Well, since it has been a while and I received so much grief about it that Princess had to blog (for the first time)to defend me.

It is true that I have been very busy with work. Busy enough to work on Saturday and sometimes, print out my auditing templates and itineraries on Sunday for my trips. Because of this, I put blogging aside to concentrate on what is really important, my family. I know, my friends are very important also, and for you dear readers of my blog, extended family and friends,I am sincerely sorry for any disappointment I have caused.

Let me give you a breakdown of my travels in October:
First Week - I travelled to our plant in Pennsylvania to support a group of technicians in our company that my group works very closely with in resolving issues at our plants.
Second Week - Princess's birthday, I got to stay in the plant for two days and I travelled to St. Louis, MO, for a very important meeting with a vendor which has struggled to supply our company.
Third Week - As acting group manager, I was in charge of our bi-annual meeting between my group and our purchasing group. It was a good meeting, and it was also the meeting where our newest team member started working in our group full time.
Fourth Week - I just returned from performing 5 audits in 3 different countries, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. In Ecuador, my hotel room looked directly out onto this most gorgeous view of the Guayaquil temple! And I didn't even plan it that way. I have pictures, and I will post. In Colombia, we saw some beautiful countryside in Medellin and Bogota. In Venezuela, we saw a beautiful country, but felt for the first time in the trip that we were not safe. The country, once very rich and prosperous, struggles under oppressive government policies, and there were very poor people everywhere we went. All in all, it was a good trip.

During all of this, my Mother has had setbacks dealing with her cancer. Her numbers soared to almost 12,000, then dropped to 1,000 (normal is under 30). She has been admitted to the hospital twice - once I do not remember the reason, once for a bowel obstruction (very serious), but again, she was blessed by my Dad and Uncle and her body healed itself with her faith and antibiotics, and no dangerously invasive surgery. She is a pillar of strength and her faith is a testimony to me of the power of prayer and Priesthood Blessings.

Next week, I will be off to Idaho, where I will see much of the state driving between Boise and Twin Falls, and also around the Caldwell area. The best part is that I will get to see Princess's sister, brother-in-law, and the wonderful nieces and nephews! I am stoked.

After that it is on to Washington and Oregon for some audits, then the IN-LAWS are coming for Thanksgiving along with Princesses Aunt and Uncle! Very excited, as it has been over a year since we have had any out of town visitors.

So Dear readers, keep the faith in me alive, keep patience with me, and I promise to blog when able (like early on a Saturday morning to keep you updated)