Thursday, December 31, 2009


No silly readers, not the end of the blog, it's only the end of the year! We've had a great 2009. Below is a recap of our wonderful year.

"We too have had an exciting and challenging year. The recession has impacted everyone, and for the first time, Jim’s company felt the sting. Although there were no lay offs, hiring for any new positions required a lengthy process and this resulted in a vacancy in Jim’s group for over 5 months. Jim and the other 4 people that report to him did a lot more travelling than normal. Sometimes, Melanie thought she was a widow living alone in Texas.

Jim was released as Gospel Principles teacher in February, and continues without a calling (this has been a blessing to Melanie when she was in Nursery so he could help out). We both continue to support our Ward Choir, although, because of Jim’s travel, we did not participate in the Christmas program for the first time in 8 years.

Melanie was released as Nursery Leader in May, and quickly called to Sunbeam teacher in June. She has between 12 and 16 Sunbeams in her class – really challenging for her! Even with such a big class, she loves those children and they in turn love her.

In August, we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary! Gosh, time flies when you’re having fun! We were lucky this year, Melanie’s parents came to visit and her Father, Bill had some major dental work done, so they were here for two solid months. This really came in handy while Jim was travelling.

Jim was very blessed with all the travel, no accidents, and he got to see some very beautiful parts of the world. In March, Jim returned to New Zealand for work, where he spent two weeks and was able to attend Church with the Saints there.

In September, Jim went to Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador for work. Again he was gone for two weeks and while spending the weekend in Peru, he went to Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan city! The pictures he brought back are breathtaking.

Then later in September he attended a global meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well as a day trip to Indonesia. In his journey there, he went to London (only got to see the airport) and spent 1½ days in Dubai! Again, we’re blessed that he had great travels and didn’t have any problems. Jim continues to travel to Mexico quite a bit, and already has a trip planned to return there in January.

We spent Thanksgiving here in Texas, with some friends who’ve become surrogate family, and are looking forward to a “staycation” during the Christmas Holiday. We also spent Christmas here in Texas as Jim needed his time away from the road. We missed seeing our families, but are secure knowing that Heavenly Father is watching over us all."

We look forward to 2010! Lot's of opportunities and challenges will await us. We look forward to seeing friends and family and having good times together. We look forward to a visit again from the In Laws and also from Jim's Dad and his new wife!"

Be safe tonight and have fun celebrating the beginning of a new year!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We had a beautiful "white" Christmas Eve, and now we've got some beautiful sun and calmer winds for today.

May each of you rejoice in the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, as you celebrate this holiday with your family and friends. We love and miss our family and friends and want all of you to know that we are truly blessed to have you in our lives.

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

Yep, right here in good ole central Texas! We had snow today for about 20 or 30 minutes. We got a call from Cori and then Princess looked out the Window and there were flurries. She hollered over to me (cause I was in the den) and I grabbed the our little Nikon Camera (it's a P80) and started shooting the video. I'm tellin ya, we've had some weird with a Capital W weather this year. I hope you enjoy the video - Princess is too cute when it comes to these little Mother Nature surprises.


P.S. While the video was uploading, it quit snowing, then started again. Maybe tomorrow we'll wake up to white stuff on the ground and reindeer prints and sleigh marks!?!

Christmas Flowers

Let's see, Princess and I have been married for almost 22.5 years, and in that time, we've had 23 Christmases, Thanksgivings, and Halloweens. For the past 23 years, my in-laws (or out-laws depending on how we think - LOL), have sent us a flower arrangement for our dining room table. This year was no exception - behold the flowers from Bill & Linda!

The Roses smell Beautiful and the whole arrangement
is brightening up our Dining Room

On another note, yesterday the temperature was a warm and balmy 74 F here in Waco! Today as we pulled into the garage from having Christmas morning with the Blackhursts, it was 39 F and drizzling! There's a saying here that goes something like this: "If you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait a while, it's gonna change!", and that is so true!

Merry Christmas Eve!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Over here at this homestead, we're countin down the days till the Jolly guy comes. Last night we got together with some friends to do a gift exchange. Dinner at Cheddars (insert oohs, aahhs, and mmmhs), then to our house to exchange. We usually have some sort of dessert prepared, but we're lame-o's this year and didn't have anything ready, so C prepared some brownies and we threw in the ice cream for some "brownie sundaes".

This year there was a bit of stealing going on in the exchange. It didn't get nasty, just some good hearted fun. Then we watched some Modern Family, listened to some Christmas Songs (all over Apple TV, or as I like to call it iTV). Then some photos in front of the Christmas Tree. which I posted below.

The Girls - C, L, and Princess

Princess, Sadie, Sasha and Me

C & M
T & L

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

After Party

The ornament party last night went very well. We ate the great food, enjoyed the wonderful desserts brought by all to share (by the way, if you brought desserts and you didn't take them home, they're going to be returned today - Just Kidding), and then a wonderful game of "White Elephant" with the ornaments.

The game was quite tame with nary a moment of excitement, except that T & L did not go home with the old maid! L was a gracious gentleman and after having his ornament stolen, he opened the old maid and proudly displayed it for all to see! After the ornament game, we played the dice game or as others may recall, "the candy bar game". We like to spice this one up and we throw in lip balm, Hot Wheels cars, Snickers, Twix, Munch, some Orbit gum, a couple of$5 gift cards to Subway or Panera, and then we're off playing. Those gift cards must of changed hands about 20 times. P & M were very lucky rolling lot's of doubles and sixes to choose loot from the table! It was fun to see everyone go around and back and forth stealing from each other's bags.

After the game, EVERYONE, decided it was time to go home at 8:30! The earliest ever. T & L stayed and helped clean up, while Princess and I played phone tag with M & C on the whereabouts of their daughter's plane arriving into Houston. Her played was delayed from Salt Lake, and she would not make her connecting flight into Waco. Their daughter arrived, and so did they to pick her up.

We had a great evening and again, no pictures to brag and show you here on the blog.

On another note, this is the second Christmas without Mom. I only think of this because she loved this season, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. She loved the lights, the stories, the baking, the wrapping, but most of all, she loved being around her family at this time of year. She taught her children the reason for the season, and she taught us love! Unconditional love.

So remember when that person in a hurry beside you cuts you off, just smile and pray that they are not in a car accident, or when the rude person in the store grabs the thing you had your hand on, just smile, pray that you find another, and remember that the gift giving is in celebration of Jesus Christ.

Have a great Sunday


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tonight's the Night

Yes sireee folks, tonight's the night for our annual Christmas Ornament Party. The preparations are well under way!

Yesterday was a quick trip to Austin for the Honeybaked Ham store, then to Costco, and back home by 1:00 PM. Then I weeded and turned all the front flower beds (my gluteus maximus is reminding me I'm out of shape right now). While I was working in the yard, Princess was prepping in the kitchen.

As of right now, the menu is:

Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu, Cranberry Meatballs, Cheese ball, Ham, Turkey, Rolls, and Veggies with Dip. Each guest couple is bringing a dessert to share, and we'll have some sparkling cranberry punch. Even more, Princess made CHEX mix! Me Likey!

I've cleaned the front entry way floors, done some laundry, cleaned the guest bathroom, and now I'm gonna go vacuum the house! We've got candles going and it smells great!

I love this Christmas time of year!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

For Princess & Linda

Yes, I know this is not a Christmas song, but it is Neil Diamond - for two of my favorite Ladies, Princess and Linda

Friday, December 11, 2009

Home Again

I just arrived home from a week in Chicago. Man was it cold there this week! Lot's of snow, Lot's of wind, and LOT'S of cold temperatures!

For a desert rat, having grown up in Vegas, I had seen snow in Utah, but never had I experienced waking up to 2F temperatures with a wind chill of minus 14F!

The year end meetings with my team went well. I think we got a lot accomplished.

Tonight we're heading out to see the town of Burnet, TX for some holiday sights and sounds. We've never been before and it just feels like the time to go (plus we're going with friends), so it shoudl be a fun night.

Tomorrow I'll be working to catch up on some "desk" time stuff while Princess irons my clothes for the last trip of the year next week. It will feel good to catch up.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Crazy Weather

All day long it's been snowing here in Chicago. At one point, the wind had the snow blowing HORIZONTAL! Seriously! I'm sitting here in the hotel room listening to the wind BLOW the snow around again! It's loud and COLD! The high was like 30 and tonight's low will be around 6! SERIOUSLY Six degrees F! Who wants to live up here in the Winter!

The high tomorrow will be 14 F - I can't wait to get home where the low is in the 30's and the high is in the 50's!

Be safe everyone!


Monday, December 07, 2009


I'm here in Chicago, Beautiful city, but it is cooollld! I mean 35 F for the high when I landed at 4:00 PM. Thanks goodness I packed my scarf, gloves, and heavier coat. It's also cold back home. I've looked forward to cooler weather, but this came fast and it seems like the cool down lasted only one day.

I've also got quite a bit on my plate. Two of my team are retiring the end of December, so more training on my part. I'm not having sour grapes, they both deserve it, almost thirty years of service each. I can see it now, it's going to be a busy 2010. Heaven help both me, Princess, and the girls - I'm going to be more of a stranger than ever.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Aha Moments

You know, sometimes life comes at you fast and you've got to be on your toes to handle it. This has been me lately. Flying from one place to another, working long wierd/hard hours, and trying to achieve that oh so out of reach work life balance thingy.

I have made a realization in my life. I'm spread too thin. As such, I reached down into my boots and found that I was spending way too much time on things that were taking up my time. One of these things is Facebook. While I loved reconnecting with high school friends, old missionary companions and missionaries from our local region Waco, I realized that it was causing a conflict with me. Therefore I deactivated my account.

There was a huge relief lifted off my shoulders and hopefully more time for blogging, my number one passion.

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow for the week for work. Then home again for the weekend. We finished the Christmas decorating, finalizing with the tree being decorated. It feels good.

Also, if you haven't been watching, I have three new shows for you to check out.

1) Modern Family - This show just makes me laugh until I want to pee
2) Glee - High School and music - need I say more
3) Vampire Diaries - It's my weekly Twilight fix with a lot more blood and wooden stakes.

Check them out and let me know what you think.


Saturday, November 21, 2009


No, not the Mutual Improvement Association (Yes, I know I'm dating myself)! Missing In Action is what I'm talking about! I've been a bad blogger, not recording my travels, what Princess and I have been up to here in H.O.T. land (Heart of Texas for you yanks), nor anything else for that matter.

I looked at this blog and realized that it has been over a month since I last posted! Holy Crap! I've been lazy. There have been a lot of things going on for the last month, lot's of travel, lot's of family drama (not going into it here), and lot's of cool weather.

I spent two weeks in NJ for work, then on to Monterrey, MX for a work meeting/audit, then to Chicago for an audit, then to Toronto for an audit, then to Dallas for an audit, and next week I'm off to Veracruz, MX for...Work of course!

The remainder of the year is booked solid! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.

Family Drama
Not gonna elaborate on it. Just want my family to know they are in my thoughts and prayers, and that everything will work out just fine.

For a lighter note, Priness and I have begun the Holiday shopping duty! We were going to go back to Vegas for Christmas, but decided (with a finacial review) that it would be better to stay home this year. We're both excited about the holiday decorations that are going to revisit us soon! I love Christmas! It's not just the presents, the sparkling lights and displays throughout town, it's about focusing on the real meaning, Jesus Christ, his birth that led to his ministry, that led to his ultimate sacrifice, taking upon him our sins in Gethsemane, then dying on the cross at Calvary, to then resurrect, offering eternal life and hope to us all.

The Christmas music is one of my most favorite genres. We own more Christmas CD's than any other type, and that includes downloads on iTunes! I just got from Princess the new Straight No Chaser album! These guys rock! They are acapulco (acapella for those that don't know me) singers and do a fantastic job with the classics, updating some of the classics, and just having a good time. Of course the Mo-Tab's are right up there with our list.

On a more somber note, I went and had my physical this year. Good news is some improvement in my cholestorol levesl. Bad news, I've put on more weight! YUCK! Our Health guide at work told me to get in ten minutes each day of some brisk walking, so that I can build it up to 30 minutes within a few months! I'm gonna give it my all! I've got to lose this gut I'm carrying around! Oops, this is rambling.

Anyhow, We wish you the Happiest and Safest Thanksgiving this year. Be safe on the roadways, airways, and railways!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

September...where did you go?

Yeah, and so far "Oh October".

September was a freaking whirlwind month for me. First a week in Mexico. Then ten days in South America, specifically Colombia, Peru, and finally Ecuador. Home for five days with a a cold, and then off to Malaysia.

OK, Mexico - not really a big deal, I'm there three or four times a year. No Biggie.

Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador were all for work, but this time I got thrown into a little weekend fun. I travelled with one of our R&D guys so that made the trip more enjoyable.

We started in Colombia, what a beautiful country. We went to Medellin (I know, former drug capital of the world) which is a beautiful city kind of in a valley and to get there the views are breathtaking. Then onto Bogota, the capital which is making some very big headway into mass transportation via rail. They are trying to reduce their dependence on oil and combat smog.

Next to Lima, Peru, also the capital of this country. Very different scenery, big, lots of casinos, and a beautiful coastline, but not very tropical, more like the coast of Baja California's coastline. From Lima, we went to Cusco, Peru. This city was once a capital for the ancient Incan civilization. Cusco is also the gateway to Machu Picchu. WE WENT! It was a great blessing for me to stand there among those ruins, and know in my heart the reasons for the symbols in the city, and the reasons why they did some of the things that were constructed there. We even got into a discussion around the symbols and I told my travelling bud that I knew why they did these things! He looked amazed. I stated that we had a history of the American civilizations contained in the Book of Mormon! He smiled and said sarcastically "yeah right!". I told him that this wasn't as foreign to me as it was to him and all these other people cause of my knowledge of the BOM and that I had read it several times in my life. Anywhooo, it was a great experience, one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

We headed back to Lima, finished off the work and headed to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Lush, green, tropical - beautiful city. We stayed at the Hilton Colon, and directly out my window was the Guayaquil Temple! It's lights shining brightly for all the city to see. It is set on a small knoll of a hill, slightly elevated above the surrounding neighborhoods. It's beautiful, night or day! Our final stop was just for one night, and that was to Quito so we could catch a direct flight home to the states. Quito is less tropical than Guayaquil, as it is a higher elevation, but it is beautiful none-the-less.

Returning home, I went to the Doctor, got some antibiotics, decongestant, and some cough meds to make me feel better (btw, it worked, thanks for asking).

This post is getting way too long, so I'll post later today about Malaysia.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's been a while. I've been funky...yeah I know, but not smelling! LOL!

After my last post, I made a small trip for work. I went to Medellin and Bogota, Colombia, then to Lima, Peru. From Lima I made my way to a small town called Cusco, Peru, or better known as the gateway to Machu Picchu!

Cusco is 11,000 feet above sea level. My head was swimming and my chest hurt to breathe. On top of it I had this stupid cough - two strikes. Once acclimated to the altitude - thanks to Coca Tea, went for a walk, got some great photos. Then on Sunday we went to Machu Picchu! An awesome three hour train ride, a guided tour, lunch and then a three hour train ride back! It was marvelous.

On Monday we went back to Lima, then drove three hours to a small town called Chinca. We spent the night in a five star resort on the beach in Parracas, Peru. We finished off Pisco (a place we learned had a terrible earthquake two years ago and headed back to Lima.

On Wednesday we headed to Guayaquil, Ecuador, worked the afternoon, then spent all day Thursday working, caught a flight to Quito, Ecuador, spent the night and on Friday we flew home.

I spent today at the Dr's office. X-rays for my swollen ankle, blood drawn for the swollen ankle, four prescriptions for the cough and an ankle brace, along with new glass frames, I'm falling apart.

My attitude is getting better, but it's gonna take time.


Saturday, September 05, 2009


I guess that's about how I passed this last week. I travelled, did my job, got rained on, got home, cleaned some more trim for painting, got rained on, slept, and just worked.

You ever have that feeling that you've just been kicked while down and out? That's how I've felt. The sad part is, I don't know if and when I'm gonna get back in my groove.

I've got two long trips ahead of me that are going to take most of the month. Then it's back to square one. Even Sundays don't feel refreshing or invigorating to help the week.

Yeah, Yeah, I need some cheese to go with my whine! Sorry for such a downer post, it's just how I feel.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm questioning whether or not this blog is going to continue to exist! I'm frustrated with certain things and I'm not sure if having a public blog is the best thing right now! You may or may not see this blog in the future. I may take it private or just delete it altogether!

You could call this post confusion!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Since Last Time

Yes, I know it's been almost a month since I last blogged. That should tell you just how busy I've become. The cereal in my lap incident has been the most exciting/funny thing that has happened to me in that month.

I've been to Colorado for work, Princess and I took a vacation to see our friend LS in Michigan - we had a great time and when I'm home again, I promise to report back to you our experiences and post some pictures. We had a great time with lot's of funny experiences that you're gonna bust a gut laughing at.

I've also been to Illinois, and right now, I'm dividing my time between our corporate office in NJ, and our plant in PA, with some audits in between. This is a long trip, when I get home next Friday, I'll have been gone for two straight weeks.

So, we're not dead, just busier than...well than I can remember.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cereal in my Lap!

I know that everyone will get a hearty guffaw at the story I'm going to relate.

I was in our corporate office last week to interview candidates for an open position that I have. The interviews went well. I placed a job offer letter, and now it's a wait and see if the candidate will take the job. Fingers and toes are crossed!

We all know it is summer time across our great nation, right?! I usually wear shorts on my flights just cause the heat in the commuter plane is terrible to endure. Well, because I was going to our corporate office, I travelled in jeans just to be safe (you know, lost luggage, etc). All went well on the outbound trip from Texas to NJ.

Coming home, I was tired and decided to check my luggage in Newark back to Waco (yes it arrived at the same time I did)!

I just happened to get upgraded to first class on my return to Texas flight. It was great, big seat, leg and foot rest to recline against, personal video system with 16 channels to watch, are you getting the picture here that I'm spoiled? Good, cause I am, and here comes the part of the just desserts (or breakfast as the case may be).

They brought out my breakfast tray, cereal (my choice), banana, fruit bowl, cran-apple juice, and milk. I ate the banana, then they came and offered me a hot cinnamon roll from their wonderful little ovens, so I ate that. Then I ate the fruit. Next I poured all the milk onto my cereal (something I never do). With the mere, and I do mean mere, flick of my wrist, the entire bowl, honey nut cheerios and all the milk were in my lap and running down the seat into my butt crack!

Within seconds, the flight attend was at my side, pulling up the tray, and giving me napkins, then he went and got me more towels and helped me clean up the cereal and the milk. I'm standing there in sopping jeans and underwear, drenched in milk. He laughed, I laughed, the lady across from me laughed, it was hilarious. Now this flight attendant can move like nobodies business, like Dash from "The Incredibles", and he was back with a plastic bag and a blanket. He laid down the bag on the wet seat cushion, then the blanket while I went into the airplane lavatory and tried to dry my pants and my underwear! Oh the humility and the hilarity of it all.

Later, he brought me more cereal, but this time I decided to eat it...DRY! No more milk for me. I sat through the rest of the flight (2.5 hours) and the layover (1.75 hours) with my lovely milk soaked pants (a little dry by the time I got to Houston.

The minute I walked in the door, I stripped off them jeans, the underwear, and took a quick shower! The whole time both Princess and I are laughing our heads off!

THE MORAL: Don't gloat to others that you've been upgraded to first class when they have to sit in coach!

Happy Travels Everyone - Jim

Monday, June 29, 2009


Man, I miss mountains! I'm sitting here in my hotel room in Phoenix and loving the "dry" heat at 113 F (the news said the high was 108F), gazing at the mountains around Phoenix!

Now remember, the heat in the desert is dry, so it is much easier to enjoy than the humid heat in Texas - HAH - that's a joke - Hot is Hot! Regardless, the desert and the mountains have brightened my day. Kept me out of a melancholy mood! I know, it IS the simple things in life that makes us happy!

What makes you happy dear reader/visitor? Please post in the comments. I would love to know.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Year Ago

We as a family gathered at Mom's bedside in Hospice to bid farewell to her. The night before when we were visiting with Dad, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Ralph, I told Princess that I didn't think it would be long before Mom would pass away.

At 2:55 AM on 27 June, I woke up at the in-laws. I tried to go back to sleep and I couldn't. Thoughts were rushing into my mind. I laid there, closed my eyes, swore at myself to go back to sleep. Dad would need me the next morning. At 3:20 AM my phone rang, it was Bert, Dad had woken up and when he checked on Mom, she had passed away.

We all gathered at her bedside. We hugged. We cried. We said our goodbyes. As we were leaving, Aunt Aurella came (Mom's only surviving sister), and Dad escorted her into the room where they bid farewell to their sister and their wife.

I had the privilege and honor of helping my Aunt, my Sister, my Sisters-in-law and Princess prepare Mom for her final rest. There may be some of you who think "ooh, I could never do that!", but I'm telling you, it was my greatest blessing to assist these wonderful women in doing their duty for Mom.

It's been a difficult year for all of us. I miss Mom every day. There are times that I pick up the phone and want to call her to tell her of something that happened, or that we bought our new sofa, or that we had a great spiritual Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. I know that she already knows these things. I know that she is safe, with her parents, and Dad's parents, and her sisters, continuing the work of the Lord as she waits for us on the other side.

I'm grateful to a Mother who sang, who rubbed bruised limbs, and used band aids after she kissed your "boo-boo". I'm grateful to a Mother who taught me to respect women, to honor them and to cherish them. I see my Mom in Princess and I am eternally grateful for her choosing me to be her husband, that she said yes to my proposal, and through good and hard times, she has shown to me and others Christlike love.

I love you Mom. Miss you.
"Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze", "Squeeze back, Squeeze back, Squeeze back, Squeeze back"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

To My Father:

Although we may be far apart, Although we may not speak each day. I am reminded of the great man that you are and the example that you have been not just for me, but for your entire family. Your love and sacrifice are noted with heartfelt thanks.

Just a year ago, we sat with you, as your best friend, your spouse, your mate and eternal companion lie in a room waiting to be united with loved ones who had crossed over. It was your birthday. You wouldn't leave her side to even go somewhere and have dinner. This image is burned in my mind, and saved through the miracles of photography. You, clasping her hand, with strength and tenderness. You worrying about Mom and the rest of us, and the people that would come to pay honor to her life and legacy. You, an example and you didn't even know it. How grateful I am to have been born your son.

I am grateful for technology that let's us ring up one another and catch up on the week or the day we've had. I'm grateful for letters, and cards, and for the times we get to spend together.

On your day, the day you were blessed to be the son of Jim and Isidora Price, I wish you Love. I wish you Happiness. I wish you prosperity. I wish you Health. I wish I were there to celebrate with you, but I'm not, so please know how much I and your loving daughter-in-law Love you and wish you the Happiest Birthday a Man, a Son, A Brother, A Father could ever know.

I Love you Dad.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Although today is bittersweet for us (for our Church friends, you won't see us there), I am appreciative of this day in which we get to honor our Fathers.

My dad - born in a small eastern Nevada town called Panaca. Lived a simple life there with no indoor plumbing, taking baths on Saturdays in an iron tub in the middle of the kitchen. I always loved that story. Dad is number 4 of 5 kids, Uncle Gary, Uncle Derril, Aunt Judy, Dad, and Aunt Mary.

Dad is a fun loving man (many of my friends were scared to death of him cause they thought he was so mean). He loves to tell jokes, to laugh, and to see other's laugh but not at the expense of someone else. Dad is a good provider. He worked two jobs while I was growing up. By day he was a mild mannered barber, eating lunch at the Rainbow club or the Pac-Out drive in. He came home at 6:00 every night, we ate dinner, and Dad went to work as a janitor at Gordon McCaw Elementary School. Our treat, was to be able to go with Dad to clean the school. We had a great life.

Dad is a good example to his children. He's pretty squeamish, but when push comes to shove, he is in for the long haul. Dad has great compassion. After Grandma Helen had her strokes and was living between Mom and Dad's and Aunt Aurella's house, Dad modified the bathroom so that they could wheel Grandma in and she could be bathed. Dad even helped Mom bath Grandma even though it made him very uncomfortable to do it. I believe that this prepared Dad for the trials that Mom would endure with her cancer.

Dad is a loving husband. He stood by Mom, held her hand, comforted her, and in the end, showed great compassion and strength as Mom slipped the earthly bonds of this life, reuniting with her parents and Audrey on the other side of the veil. Dad bid farewell to his best friend, his partner, his loving wife, all the while standing strong in the faith and knowledge that he will see her again on the other side. He comforted us, his children when we should have been comforting him instead.

I Love my Dad. He is the greatest Dad on the earth. I'm thankful that he and Mom decided to have six kids, to bring us here to learn and to grow. To experience Joy and Sorrow, and to learn to be humble.

Even though we're far apart, we talk all the time, we laugh, we cry, we counsel with each other, we share one another's burdens. Richard G. Price Sr., thanks for being my Dad.

For the rest of you men out there - Happy Father's Day!


Sunday, June 14, 2009


OK, if you haven't gone to the movies lately (we've seen a few of the summer blockbusters), there is one that you've got to go and see.

It's UP! You know, the Disney/Pixar movie?! We saw yesterday after Sydnee's birthday party and it was fantastic! We laughed, cried, laughed and the movie is spectacular!

If you haven't seen it, bundle up the spouse and the kids (for those in Texas or Nevada you will want shorts and a t-shirt) and go see the matinee! It's awesome!



So here it is the middle of the month! June is flying by, with no signs of slowing down.

Next week I'm in Pennsylvania (all over the place) for audits. The following week, I'm in Minnesota for audits, and the last week of the month, I will be in Tempe, AZ! I'm hoping to hook up and see some friends from my "past" in Vegas - Lisa and Jerry. I have my fingers crossed that everything will work out so that we can see each other. It's really been a long time since I saw both of them, and now they have girls that neither Princess nor I have ever met!

This past week was very busy at work and at home. We're prepping for the visit from Princesses parents, their four dogs, and cat! The mail box door broke off two weeks ago, I contracted with someone to come out and fix it and guess what, they never showed up. So I took matters into my own hands on Friday, spending the day to "rip" out (literally) the old box from the brick holder! Let me tell you that was a lot of hard work! Once I got it out, I thought "now I can put the new one back in"! HA! Not a chance. I'm still gonna need a brick mason to come out, disassemble the brick work, install the new one, and then rebuild the mailbox brick work! Lesson here, never, I mean never build your mailbox into a brick home! Something goes wrong and boy are you up a creek!

On a somber note, I've been thinking a lot about my Mom and Dad. We're coming up on the one year anniversary of her passing. I can't believe a whole year has gone by - it seems and feels just like it was yesterday! I talk to dad at least once a week and he seems to be doing pretty good - I miss him and my family, but just so fortunate to have Princess to ground me.

Well campers - happy travels, happy experiences this next week - and ya'll be safe out there!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Off with a BANG

Just back from Atlanta and a week of meetings - yep, June is not disappointing me!  Lot's more work to do, not only around the house, but professionally too.

My group is currently down one auditor - has been since March 6.  Now we're down too as one of my guys is doing a temporary assignment at the site he covers!  We as a group shifted gears to refocus our priorities to ensure that we have no gaps heading into the last 6 months of the year!

I'm grateful for my team.  Sometimes they try me, sometimes I them, but we really do work well together and accomplish quite a bit.

GO JUNE!!  You're proving to be a firecracker one month early.


Sunday, May 31, 2009


May, where did you go? I fondly recall the start of May, the wonders the month held for me. Together, we painted the kitchen ceiling (yes the project started in January and is still not done), mowed and edge the lawn countless times, and received new garbage and recycling cans from the City.

We saw some movies, Star Trek, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and Wolverine to name just a few.

We flew on a 777 for the first time, and then again three more times as we traveled from Texas to NJ and back again - good times, yes, good times.

We celebrated Mother's Day! That was a great afternoon, eating lunch at Se Cocina, driving to Temple to shop Target, eating ice cream, and having a good laugh when Blakely fell asleep on our way back to Waco. We experienced our first 90 degree weather days together, a little early, so let's see if June can help us out and keep us under that mark for a few weeks (yes, paybacks are needed and required).

My nephew Kyle graduated from High School, the first of about 10 kids we know. Princesses niece Brianna will graduate next week, along with "K", our adopted daughter for part of the school year. The world is your oyster (or apple if you don't like oysters) so go out and get a great big bite and make your mark on this spinning rock we call home.

June, I'm looking forward to a fabulous month, don't let me down!


Monday, May 25, 2009

God Bless America

In Memory of those who fell in battle, who fell to terrorist plots, and to those who continue to serve in the Armed Forces, I give you my most heartfelt appreciation for your sacrifice to make and keep our great nation safe!

May your families find peace in your decision to serve and the sacrifice that you paid.

Princess, myself and the girls give you our love, support, and enduring THANKS with all our hearts.

At this time it is so important to give support to our Commander In Chief and the troops that make our nation the GREATEST on Earth!  We love our troops and and their families.

May we also take a moment to remember our ancestors and their love and sacrifice to make our nation and families so strong.  We love our loved ones and look forward to the day when we are reunited as Forever Families.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Saturday is...

...A special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday"...

It is Saturday and it is the day we get ready for Sunday - although, I won't be participating in that same tradition tomorrow cause I'll be off to the east coast again, but I'm preparing in my own little way.

I was lucky!  I followed my heart and head, mowed, edged, and blew down the patio yesterday.   Good thing cause so far today our rain gauge is ready about three inches of water.  I'm not complaining, really I'm not.  We need the water, and it helps keep us from paying the city to water our plants and the lawn (I told you, I'm a rain magnet).

Luck was on my side again today.  I did a California Roll at a stop sign, and lo and behold to my left was a Hewitt Police Officer - he stopped me, asked me if I knew what I did, I said yes, gave him my license and registration and confessed that I was not paying attention, regardless of who was to my left, I could have caused an accident.  He said "yep", told me to be more careful and to be on my way!  NO TICKET!!!  My guardian angel was watching out for me.

So please, be careful.  Stop at the stop sign.  Look both ways and don't do a California Roll.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I know that you are all wondering where I am this week!  Nicaragua?  Guatemala?  Mexico?  Maybe New Zealand?

Sorry to disappoint, but this week I am lucky enough to be home.  I took today off, did some cleaning, did some ironing (it really was building up), weeded one entire flower bed and worked on another.  Pulled the St. Augustine from the Bermuda, and did some more weeding.  It was a good day to clear my head and accomplish some things that had gone undone while I was traveling.

I'm off next week to New Jersey again for work.  Seems like this has become my home away from home this year.

Princess is doing well, we weathered Mother's Day pretty good around here this year.  It was a little tough for us both.  Her parents are in Australia visiting friends from 34 years ago - they arrived safe and sent us an e-mail.  Friends came over and gave Princess some cards and some chocolate covered strawberries (which were delicious Lindsey) and visited.  

For me, it was just weird not picking out a gift or card for my Mom.  Made me a touch melancholy for her.  Better that as we close in on the one year anniversary, I'm better than I thought I would be.

Life is good!  Look for the positive and share a smile.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Time, we mark it by counting hours and minutes, days and weeks, months and years. It's amazing to me how "fast" it really moves the older we become. Is this due to the fact that we don't pay attention to time as children or that we realize how important it is as we grow and become adults?

This past year I've been marking time with unique carefulness. First labor day, First Birthday, First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, First New Year's Day, First Anniversary, First Easter, and now First Mother's Day. All of these events I have recorded since Mom passed away last June 27 Th.

Lot's of other events have happened, all without her smile or her ear to tweak, or her shoulder to cry on. It's been hard, especially as Princess and I have navigated the past couple of weeks. I sure could do to hear some of her advice and wonderful counsel.

As tonight becomes tomorrow, Saturday into Sunday, we set aside one day each year to honor our Mother's. This day is very bittersweet for Princess and I. We couldn't have children. We tried - for eleven years - and then the remotest chance was taken from us several years ago. That is the bitter part.

The sweet part is that we have had our Mother's in our lives. Both Linda (Princesses Mom) and Helen (my Mom) have had major impacts and influence in our lives. They have guided us, cared for us, loved us, soothed us, comforted us, and most of all, set us "free" to grow and mature into responsible adults.

Linda - what a wonderful Mother she is. So caring, so kind, so stern when needed. A perfect Mother if ever there was one, why she even let's me call her "old woman"! I love her. Princess loves her, and we hope she and Bill are having one heck of a retirement party in Australia!

Helen, what a wonderful Mother she "is". See I put the "is" in quotations because Mom passed last year. But she is a wonderful, patient, joyful, kind Mother. She was strong on this earth, and I believe with all my heart, she will is strong in her next life.

I love these women. I love Princess, and I'm grateful she chose me and she said "yes" when I asked!

Happy Mother's Day to the women of the world! May you find peace, joy, love, and someone else to cook, clean, and serve you tomorrow!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

New Month

2009 is just zipping by!

I can't believe it is May already - pretty soon we'll be at Lynn's in Michigan having a blast.  Then before you know it, Christmas will be here.

We haven't decided what to do about Christmas.  Last Year was the family's first without Mom.  We didn't go home.  We stayed here.  It was horrible.  We'll see - trying to be positive what with all my travel, etc.

For those that were worried, Church was fine today.  Still tooooo much drama going on, but as we all know, we go to Church for ourselves, to worship, be uplifted, and be edified by the word of God.  In the grand scheme of things, this is small (although it feels big), and it too shall pass.

I'm grateful for my loving wife and my family.  I'm grateful for supportive friends (and even those who can't get a grip on how both Princess and I view things) for their love and friendship.

I'm off to NJ tomorrow for work - have a great week.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So my last post was a little cryptic. I know, but sometimes you just can't say what's really on your mind as children may be in the room!

I've just spent the last three days in Beaumont, TX for work. I'm glad to be home. Princess is bringing Domino's sandwhiches home for dinner - good thing cause I'm starved!

I think we're both still confused by what happened Sunday, much less angry, more hurt - we'll get over it, but some trust has been removed and it's going to take a while to rebuild it. That's all I'm gonna say.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Weird day at Church - extremely confused with people - just weird day - I should've stayed in bed.

Tomorrow is a new day - looking forward to it!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yep, that's right, I'm home!

I've just spent weeks filled with long working days on the East Coast working from our national office and our PA plant. Lot's to do, lot's to see.

While I was gone, the new sofa, chair, and ottomans arrived at the house. They really are nice and very comfortable to sit on. Princess is happy, I'm happy - that's all that matters.

I also think that the rain magnet is back. While on the east coast, it rained off and on during the two weeks. I returned home yesterday to strong winds and now it's raining! I'm not complaining, the east needed it, and so do we need it here.

Lot's to catch up on around the house today, spend time with Princess and the girls.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Okay - it's Easter

While I do realize for those of you "hopping" over to check out what it is Princess and I are up to, you are now noticing the new background, etc.

Yes, I know it's April, that's it's Easter Sunday tomorrow, but I REALLY love Americana, red, white, blue - stars, the whole shabang! I'm just now getting into the whole background thing with the blog (now that blogger has added some easy tools for us uneducated).

Enjoy - and Have a Happy Easter!


Thursday, April 09, 2009


My last post, I complained about being a rain magnet. Remember? For all those that went on the Ward camp out - You're welcome - I came home, it didn't rain, and so you stayed dry. Dry but very, very cold! I however was home, in my cozy warm bed. It was great.

I was only home for about 42 hours, then I headed back out on the road. I spent one lovely night in Veracruz, Mexico, right on the beach at Boca Del Rio. The rest of the time was spent more into the interior of the country. Now mind you, it was all for work.

I returned home, jet lagged, tired, worn out, but just happy to be home safe and sound. Then the grueling began. Friday was a Dr's appointment (overall Cholesterol number really good, HDL, well within the good range, LDL - SUCKS - this number is too low) where the news was bad - gained some weight, and well you read it, my LDL is too low. What does this mean for dear Jim? It means he must exercise 30 minutes per day (LOL), eat a low fat, low cholesterol diet (have you seen me? I'm fat cause my Princess cooks...too darn well). I laughed and so now I'm taking a new drug called Niaspan - side effect - FLUSHING! Have you seen me, I flush at the drop of a hat - now it's going to be medically induced - great!

This weekend, we're taking the bed out of the Mickey room, replacing it with the couch from the living room as we prepare for the new sofa we bought on Saturday down in Austin. Then I leave again - this time to Wonderful New Jersey - It's gonna be a great time.

So now I've brought you up to speed on my "Wonderful Life", what's happening with Ya'll?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here I sit in Philadelphia, PA. I have come to understand that I am now a rain magnet.

Let me explain. I spent two weeks for work in New Zealand. It rained every day I was there - some days a little sprinkle, others a deluge.

I returned to Texas - and it rained - for three days straight.

I travelled to St. Louis - again rain.

Returned home to Texas and it rained.

Now I'm here in Philadelphia, and it has rained the past two days and is slated to rain tomorrow here and in Houston as I try to travel home to Texas. The best part of the whole deal is that every where I have been, the areas have needed the rain. So, wish me luck as I fly the friendly skies back home.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Aunt Mary

I just received  a sad phone call.  My Dad's sister, Aunt Mary, has been in the hospital for the past week.  She's been in a medically induced coma (unfortunately, she has had quite a few problems with her health since I was about 11 or 12).  They stopped medicating her, and did some neurological tests and found that only her brain stem is working, no other part of her brain has any activity.  I am so sad for my Uncle Ralph and their three kids, Glen, Allison, and Steve.  Uncle Ralph is such a good man, sweet, humble, teachable, really, a true Christlike man.  The family had to sign papers to remove her from life support to see if she will make it on her own.

Aunt Mary is the baby of the family.  She is just slightly older than my Mom, and has been very close to both of my parents.  In spite of her health difficulties, Aunt Mary always smiled.  She always laughed and she always made sure that you laughed too, only not at someone else's expense.  As a little boy, I was drinking a coke.  My cousin David asked his Mom if he could have one.  Of course, she said no, and when he protested saying I had one, she said "we don't care what Jimmy is drinking".  Aunt Mary would have none of that - she said "Oh yes we do" and promptly snatched my coke bottle out of my hand, poured what was left down the drain, and said "We do care, he can have a grape Shasta just like the other kids".  That has stayed with me my whole life (for the record, this June will make 4 consecutive years that I have given up caffeinated cola drinks - I think Aunt Mary would be proud).  When her time is up, she will be missed, not just by her husband, children, and grandchildren, but by her nieces and nephews, and all the kids who lived on her street at one time or another (little Scott, big Scott, etc.)  I will miss her smiling face.  I will miss her love of Mexican food, and of buying jewelry at the pawn shop (she got some great deals), and her infectious laugh.

Because of work obligations, I don't know if I will be able to fly home if and when she passes.  And I hope that my extended family will give her the best send off they know how.  She certainly deserves it!  She's a great lady.

I love you Aunt Mary!  Jimmy

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NZ photos

Sheep on a hillside near the east coast town of
 Taurunga, North Island
New Zealand Temple
New Zealand Temple - small village next to the temple is called 
"Temple View", and this is a suburb of Hamilton, New Zealand.
View from my hotel room in Whangarei
located on the Northeast side of the north island
Bluff, New Zealand - most southern point on the south island
All in all, I had a good trip.  The countryside was just as beautiful as last year, although it rained every day while I was there, it was still beautiful.  I will post more photos later.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Day

It's my last day in New Zealand - it has been a whirlwind two weeks! I'm tired and excited to fly home and be in my bed and to hug Princess and get kisses from my girls!

It'll be a long trip home - leaving Hamilton, NZ at 11:00 AM and arriving into LAX the same day - and then on to Waco arriving in at 10:30 at night!

I've been to Church, mingled with the Saints, visited the Temple grounds, mingled with the Saints. And had the opportunity many times to talk about the Restored Gospel in many different settings.

I've been blessed with safe passage - to and from each destination. I've had great company and great food along the way. I've seen countryside where the Hobbits ran from the ring wraiths. I've seen Mordor from an airplane window - and I've seen hundreds and hundreds of cows and sheep. This NZ (NZED) is a magical place - I know I'll be back.

Look out Texas - here I come!


Saturday, March 07, 2009


Kia Ora from the wonderful island of New Zealand!

Wow! This has been an incredible trip so far. A short run down of my activities since I got here:
- Visited the vendor site in Invercargill, went to the southern most point of New Zealand called Bluff.
- Then went to Christchurch, middle of the south island, for a couple of working days.
- Travelled to Whangarei for two days, and then yesterday, travelled to Hamilton.
- I'll be in Hamilton the rest of the trip, flying back stateside on 13 March! Yep, I know it, but I'm not superstitious at all.

Just finished my Church block, went to the Hamilton East Ward, Glenview Stake. It was Ward Conference and a really good 3hours of meetings. It's really refreshing to be able to attend Church in another land. Fussy kids, kids fighting with their siblings, Ward Choir, all the usual things that we experience on a weekly basis in our own little part of the world in Waco.

Tomorrow, I'm off to a town called Te Rapa, then Tuesday to a town called Waitoa, and Thursday to Edgecumbe. All of these locations are new for me to audit, so I'm excited about that. Thursday I'm doing an audit for the Australian unit.

It's going to be nice to be in one hotel for the next 5 nights (6 in total).

Here's to Princess - Love you, Miss you, and can't wait to be back home in your arms again. I Love you.

For those loyal followers, thanks for your patience. Internet service here has not been very good in the smaller towns.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Alive

Yeah, I know you don't believe it, but I am still alive.  

The Kitchen re-do has taken on a life of it's own.  I'm back to traveling AGAIN, so I haven't painted anything except the primer coat.  Princess and I are probably going to look at having someone come in and paint the kitchen ceiling, trim, and walls.  I'm just getting booked up again and sacrificing a weekend to paint is just too dreary a thought.

I was home for Valentine's day - again, third year in a row.  We had a very nice time, we went to Austin for the day, ate at Cheesecake factory, went to the Apple store and lusted, and came home.

I'm off to Georgia tomorrow.  I may get to see Princesses cousin Matthew while I'm there.  

When I get home, then it's off to New Zealand for two weeks auditing.  Yeah and boo.  I have to travel coach!  The business class fare was about 4500 more than last year, and I just couldn't justify it with my boss.   Oh well, I do have a job so I better quit whining.

I'm not gonna promise to post more, I'm just gonna plug along.


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Frosted Roofline

Frosted Roses

Frosted Trees

Just thought I would share our wonderful fortune from yesterday morning.  It's still been a little cold here - lows in the mid 20's, but the rain moved on and no more "frosted" roads, trees, etc.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yep, that's what it feels like.  We've been frosted, like as in sugar coated, dipped, iced, you name it, but it wasn't with sweet sugar, or chocolate icing, but with frozen rain.  It started yesterday afternoon.  Newscasters claiming everyone should stay home, frozen bridges, car accidents galore, Gloom and Doom.

So Princess says to me "Should we park your car in the garage tonight"? And I said, "Why?"   So we went outside and sure enough, O'le blue had a half inch thick layer of ice on her.  We warmed her up for about twenty minutes, let the defrosters work, took off a bunch of ice and she stayed nice and warm in the garage all night.

Princess is on her way to Portland, OR for work {maybe I should say trying to get there, their flights are delayed out of Dallas}.  I worked from home today, may do it all week as I tend to get more done here than at the office.  I took some photos of the roof line, rose bushes, and the trees so you can see our "frosting" we got last night.  No rain tonight, but it's gonna be a cold one again, so bundle up.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun Times

Last night we had our Texas family (the Blackhursts) over for dinner.  It was a lovely spread.  Princess grilled London Broil, made potato casserole, country bread, vegetable medley, and for dessert, butter pecan bundt cake.  The Lovely KJ babysat the Blackhursts' girls while we had an adult night.  It was fun.

We played settlers of Zarahemla - kinda like settlers of Cataan.  Princess won - even after Todd was evil with his resource cards andt STOlE all the wheat and the stone cards from all players.  Alas, all evil deeds do not go unpunished, and Princess won.

   Lindsey toasting with Mormon Champagne (sparkling apple cider)
 missing the toast the first time
 Cute Couple

Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, the priming of the walls that is.  Again, the color did not turn out the way I had hoped for in the priming, but we're still negotiating the wall colors.

Here you can see the wall between the living room and the kitchen, with some trim and the cabinets.  The primer color is just too much lime sherbet for me.  Princess says the color is growing on her.  Here is the wall above the cupboards.
Dining room with the hutch

More dining room with the hutch 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trying to Finish

Well this past week, we have waited for the contractors to come and repair the ceiling cracks so that we can continue on our Kitchen redo. Of course, Mother nature did not help us any. Sunday was beautiful, and that's where the good weather ended. It progressively got colder and colder until the contractors showed up yesterday.

They came, repaired the cracks, then we had to use a hair dryer to dry the "mud" so they could then texture the repairs. It was comical watching them, but they did it, finished the job, and I began priming the walls. We picked this color for the upper walls, so we decided to tint the primer that color for both the upper and lower walls. The lower walls are going to be this color for the wall under the chair rail. I'm not quite sold on the two colors. The celery is coming out too much neon or lime color green and I'm not liking it too much. We'll see, it is only paint after all. It can be changed much easier than WALLPAPER! Especially wallpaper that had no primer coat on the drywall before it was put up!

We're going to work some more on it today, buy the paint for the ceiling and trim (same colors as we have now, just going to give it a new coat to freshen things up. We're also going to Devin's 29th birthday party at Shogun. Princess is making the cake, so we'll see how much they like it.

Have fun!

Friday, January 09, 2009


I spent this past week in Beaumont, TX for work. For those of you unfamiliar with Beaumont, it is a city right in the heart of Hurricane alley. They got hit with Katrina. They got slammed with Rita. Now three years later they get hit by Ike. Those little towns around Beaumont and Beaumont itself just can't catch a break. I wasn't there for rebuilding purposes, but for work, inspecting purposes. Everywhere I looked, roofs were covered in blue plastic, signs down, businesses rebuilding walls that had collapsed. It is just sad. Makes me wonder if the benefit of living along the Gulf Coast is worth all the sacrifice and hassle that one has to go through to live there.

While I was gone, Princess continued putting the house back together from Christmas. Even doing a reduced Christmas, we have quite a bit to put away. Now we are on the search for some pictures that go on the mantel. Pictures of Princess, her sister, and her parents when all of them were much younger. Missing, I can't remember where they are. Princess can't remember where they were put, and I'm dreading going back up into the attic to search through bins to find them. Princess keeps saying "they'll turn up", to which I mutter under my breath, "yeah, next Christmas cause I'm not searching through all those bins". We'll see when they turn up - my money's on Fall 2009!

The Kitchen Walls have been textured. The job was so great, that I didn't notice a couple of cracks along the ceiling! Now our plans to paint the ceiling tomorrow have been put on hold. The drywall guys will be back next Friday to fix those, and I'm going to throw a couple in the Master Bedroom their way too. So tomorrow, we're going to get a tinted primer and give a first coat in the Kitchen so the drywall mud has something to soak up before we paint the walls the selected color. Keeps the project moving along, although, not completed. Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. I'll have some pictures once we have the primer coat on.


Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you had a safe and Happy New Year's Eve!