Monday, June 29, 2009


Man, I miss mountains! I'm sitting here in my hotel room in Phoenix and loving the "dry" heat at 113 F (the news said the high was 108F), gazing at the mountains around Phoenix!

Now remember, the heat in the desert is dry, so it is much easier to enjoy than the humid heat in Texas - HAH - that's a joke - Hot is Hot! Regardless, the desert and the mountains have brightened my day. Kept me out of a melancholy mood! I know, it IS the simple things in life that makes us happy!

What makes you happy dear reader/visitor? Please post in the comments. I would love to know.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Year Ago

We as a family gathered at Mom's bedside in Hospice to bid farewell to her. The night before when we were visiting with Dad, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Ralph, I told Princess that I didn't think it would be long before Mom would pass away.

At 2:55 AM on 27 June, I woke up at the in-laws. I tried to go back to sleep and I couldn't. Thoughts were rushing into my mind. I laid there, closed my eyes, swore at myself to go back to sleep. Dad would need me the next morning. At 3:20 AM my phone rang, it was Bert, Dad had woken up and when he checked on Mom, she had passed away.

We all gathered at her bedside. We hugged. We cried. We said our goodbyes. As we were leaving, Aunt Aurella came (Mom's only surviving sister), and Dad escorted her into the room where they bid farewell to their sister and their wife.

I had the privilege and honor of helping my Aunt, my Sister, my Sisters-in-law and Princess prepare Mom for her final rest. There may be some of you who think "ooh, I could never do that!", but I'm telling you, it was my greatest blessing to assist these wonderful women in doing their duty for Mom.

It's been a difficult year for all of us. I miss Mom every day. There are times that I pick up the phone and want to call her to tell her of something that happened, or that we bought our new sofa, or that we had a great spiritual Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. I know that she already knows these things. I know that she is safe, with her parents, and Dad's parents, and her sisters, continuing the work of the Lord as she waits for us on the other side.

I'm grateful to a Mother who sang, who rubbed bruised limbs, and used band aids after she kissed your "boo-boo". I'm grateful to a Mother who taught me to respect women, to honor them and to cherish them. I see my Mom in Princess and I am eternally grateful for her choosing me to be her husband, that she said yes to my proposal, and through good and hard times, she has shown to me and others Christlike love.

I love you Mom. Miss you.
"Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze", "Squeeze back, Squeeze back, Squeeze back, Squeeze back"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

To My Father:

Although we may be far apart, Although we may not speak each day. I am reminded of the great man that you are and the example that you have been not just for me, but for your entire family. Your love and sacrifice are noted with heartfelt thanks.

Just a year ago, we sat with you, as your best friend, your spouse, your mate and eternal companion lie in a room waiting to be united with loved ones who had crossed over. It was your birthday. You wouldn't leave her side to even go somewhere and have dinner. This image is burned in my mind, and saved through the miracles of photography. You, clasping her hand, with strength and tenderness. You worrying about Mom and the rest of us, and the people that would come to pay honor to her life and legacy. You, an example and you didn't even know it. How grateful I am to have been born your son.

I am grateful for technology that let's us ring up one another and catch up on the week or the day we've had. I'm grateful for letters, and cards, and for the times we get to spend together.

On your day, the day you were blessed to be the son of Jim and Isidora Price, I wish you Love. I wish you Happiness. I wish you prosperity. I wish you Health. I wish I were there to celebrate with you, but I'm not, so please know how much I and your loving daughter-in-law Love you and wish you the Happiest Birthday a Man, a Son, A Brother, A Father could ever know.

I Love you Dad.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Although today is bittersweet for us (for our Church friends, you won't see us there), I am appreciative of this day in which we get to honor our Fathers.

My dad - born in a small eastern Nevada town called Panaca. Lived a simple life there with no indoor plumbing, taking baths on Saturdays in an iron tub in the middle of the kitchen. I always loved that story. Dad is number 4 of 5 kids, Uncle Gary, Uncle Derril, Aunt Judy, Dad, and Aunt Mary.

Dad is a fun loving man (many of my friends were scared to death of him cause they thought he was so mean). He loves to tell jokes, to laugh, and to see other's laugh but not at the expense of someone else. Dad is a good provider. He worked two jobs while I was growing up. By day he was a mild mannered barber, eating lunch at the Rainbow club or the Pac-Out drive in. He came home at 6:00 every night, we ate dinner, and Dad went to work as a janitor at Gordon McCaw Elementary School. Our treat, was to be able to go with Dad to clean the school. We had a great life.

Dad is a good example to his children. He's pretty squeamish, but when push comes to shove, he is in for the long haul. Dad has great compassion. After Grandma Helen had her strokes and was living between Mom and Dad's and Aunt Aurella's house, Dad modified the bathroom so that they could wheel Grandma in and she could be bathed. Dad even helped Mom bath Grandma even though it made him very uncomfortable to do it. I believe that this prepared Dad for the trials that Mom would endure with her cancer.

Dad is a loving husband. He stood by Mom, held her hand, comforted her, and in the end, showed great compassion and strength as Mom slipped the earthly bonds of this life, reuniting with her parents and Audrey on the other side of the veil. Dad bid farewell to his best friend, his partner, his loving wife, all the while standing strong in the faith and knowledge that he will see her again on the other side. He comforted us, his children when we should have been comforting him instead.

I Love my Dad. He is the greatest Dad on the earth. I'm thankful that he and Mom decided to have six kids, to bring us here to learn and to grow. To experience Joy and Sorrow, and to learn to be humble.

Even though we're far apart, we talk all the time, we laugh, we cry, we counsel with each other, we share one another's burdens. Richard G. Price Sr., thanks for being my Dad.

For the rest of you men out there - Happy Father's Day!


Sunday, June 14, 2009


OK, if you haven't gone to the movies lately (we've seen a few of the summer blockbusters), there is one that you've got to go and see.

It's UP! You know, the Disney/Pixar movie?! We saw yesterday after Sydnee's birthday party and it was fantastic! We laughed, cried, laughed and the movie is spectacular!

If you haven't seen it, bundle up the spouse and the kids (for those in Texas or Nevada you will want shorts and a t-shirt) and go see the matinee! It's awesome!



So here it is the middle of the month! June is flying by, with no signs of slowing down.

Next week I'm in Pennsylvania (all over the place) for audits. The following week, I'm in Minnesota for audits, and the last week of the month, I will be in Tempe, AZ! I'm hoping to hook up and see some friends from my "past" in Vegas - Lisa and Jerry. I have my fingers crossed that everything will work out so that we can see each other. It's really been a long time since I saw both of them, and now they have girls that neither Princess nor I have ever met!

This past week was very busy at work and at home. We're prepping for the visit from Princesses parents, their four dogs, and cat! The mail box door broke off two weeks ago, I contracted with someone to come out and fix it and guess what, they never showed up. So I took matters into my own hands on Friday, spending the day to "rip" out (literally) the old box from the brick holder! Let me tell you that was a lot of hard work! Once I got it out, I thought "now I can put the new one back in"! HA! Not a chance. I'm still gonna need a brick mason to come out, disassemble the brick work, install the new one, and then rebuild the mailbox brick work! Lesson here, never, I mean never build your mailbox into a brick home! Something goes wrong and boy are you up a creek!

On a somber note, I've been thinking a lot about my Mom and Dad. We're coming up on the one year anniversary of her passing. I can't believe a whole year has gone by - it seems and feels just like it was yesterday! I talk to dad at least once a week and he seems to be doing pretty good - I miss him and my family, but just so fortunate to have Princess to ground me.

Well campers - happy travels, happy experiences this next week - and ya'll be safe out there!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Off with a BANG

Just back from Atlanta and a week of meetings - yep, June is not disappointing me!  Lot's more work to do, not only around the house, but professionally too.

My group is currently down one auditor - has been since March 6.  Now we're down too as one of my guys is doing a temporary assignment at the site he covers!  We as a group shifted gears to refocus our priorities to ensure that we have no gaps heading into the last 6 months of the year!

I'm grateful for my team.  Sometimes they try me, sometimes I them, but we really do work well together and accomplish quite a bit.

GO JUNE!!  You're proving to be a firecracker one month early.