Friday, June 27, 2008


That is the great feeling I have in my heart.

At 3:20 AM this morning, Mom was released from her earthly cares. No more pain. No more sorrow. No more cancer. She is at peace. She is rejoicing with her Momma and Daddy, with Audrey, and with her sisters, Janice and Juanita. How grateful I am for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation, and the knowledge that this life is not just a speck of dust spinning and floating in space. That we have a purpose, and that we have something to look forward to.

Princess and I had a good visit with Dad, his sister Mary and her husband Ralph last night. Mom was peacefully breathing throughout our visit, but I had noticed a slight change in her, something wasn't the same. I remarked to Princess on our way out, that Mom had changed, and it would not be long before she left us. How grateful I am to have kissed her face, to have stroked her hair, and whispered "I Love You" before we left. The veil was thin, I know that is why she had changed, she was ready to go and they were waiting for us to leave.

My siblings and I gathered with my Father at her bedside this morning. We held her hands, and wet her face with our tears. There was great peace and serenity in her room. How thankful I am to a Loving Heavenly Father for such a Mother as I have had.

My Dad is doing well. We are keeping a close eye on him. He thinks we worry to much. This transition will be difficult, they were married for 47 years.

Thank you all so much for all the prayers that you have offered on our family's behalf. Thank you so much for your calls, e-mails, and comments.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yeah, that's where we are.

We arrived into the valley about 7:30 local time on Sunday, clear, bright, beautiful. You could see the whole valley as we came in from Boulder City. We went straight to Princesses parents, dropped off the girls, and headed over to Hospice (it was93 degrees).

When we arrived, Dad and Bert left Princess and I alone for a while. We spoke to Mom, held her hand, kissed her forehead and cheeks, telling her of our love for her, and that when the veil parted and she could see her Momma, Daddy, Sisters, and her baby girl Audrey, she was to leave. I told her how proud I was of her as a Mother, her examples, her strength, her Christlike love to me, to our family, and to others she came into contact with. We wept. Princess moved to her side, and whispered in her ear. I couldn't hear (too old I guess), but she wet Mom's cheek with her tears.

We spent all day at the Hospice on Monday. Monday evening we went to Rich's house and visited a while, seeing their son Richie. Tuesday, we went to the mortuary. This was hard. Mom had planned her funeral program, but neither of them had planned for the process. As a family we selected the casket, the burial plots, and filled out pertinent information. Princess stayed with Mom during this whole time.

I came back while Dad ran some errands - sent Princess out on her own for a while to escape the Hospice room. I stayed with Mom, held her hand and sang Hymns and favorite Primary songs to her. I believe she liked it. It was a good day.

Today is Wednesday - we are at the in-law's, Mom is still holding on. Yesterday the Doctor said that some people can go for a week or longer without food and water. They are keeping her pain level down by monitoring her vitals and her facial expressions (really her forehead). Bert has been a trouper, staying every night with Dad. I think tonight, I will spell him, it's his 15th wedding anniversary.

Thanks dear friends for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. Both Princess and I greatly appreciate them and your friendship.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Odd title I know, but many of you Mormon readers will understand. All medical attention to prolong my Mother's life has ceased. Mom has been moved to a Hospice facility. From my mortal perspective, this is a transition from this life to the next.

Mom and her Doctors made the decision to end any and all therapy that would fight the infection and cancer in he body. This was done late Thursday night. Since then, I have had one small conversation with Mom, relaying my love for her, and thanking her for being my Mom, for teaching me right from wrong, for teaching me about the restored Gospel, and for encouraging me to go on a mission to proclaim the Gospel.

Today, she could hardly speak at all. Christy and Bert have relayed that Mom's oxygen content is falling, and that her time here in this physical shell is ending. Dad is doing good - "a rock" as Christy put it. I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have of the plan of salvation and that Mom will have peace and no more pain.
Here is a picture of Mom and Dad just before they were married, it gives me warmth just to know that I have these memories to give me "roses in December".
I love you Mom - Jimmy


Mom made it through the night, and all day yesterday. Her GP said that she is not giving up on Mom. Her surgeon has said (through tears) that there is nothing more she can do for Mom and that it is in the Lord's hands (Yep, a Doctor who has faith, not just in medicine). I'm still waiting for an update from her Oncologist.

Mom is in a lot of pain, on a morphine pump, and IVs to keep her hydrated. The GP said this was "just" a very bad intestinal blockage (about the umpteenth one she has had since they determined her small intestine was full of tumors and surgery is not an option) and caused the septicemia and fever along with other things.

I appreciate all of you who have kept Mom and Us in your prayers. Thank you so much. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, and sometimes the "endure to the end" part is difficult to swallow. Mom is a strong woman, a fighter, and full of faith. Whatever the outcome, I know that her health, her life, are in the Lord's hands.

Again thanks - and I'll update when I know more.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I just got off the telephone with my sister. Mom was admitted to the hospital today, she has taken a turn for the worst. With her cancer, she has been taking heavy doses of chemotherapy, and her CA125 numbers are still rising. This afternoon, Mom became ill, vomiting and very lethargic, so much so that Dad could not get her off the bed, and had to call the paramedics.

She has a fever of 103, and the Doctor's just told Dad and Christy that she is very septic. Please keep Mom and our family in your prayers.

More updates as I get them.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ever had one of those...

So, I haven't abandoned my blog - our blog. We've both been so busy since Stake Conference that neither of us has had time to update the site.
Jim's Reader's Digest version: Mexico trips twice, Pennsylvania and Georgia once, and this past week, WACO - Yes dear friends not since June 2007 have I spent one entire week at home working from the office. Felt great - and I'm taking tomorrow off to spend quality time with Princess.
Princesses Reader's Digest Version: Bored, more Bored, - oh and movies, I get to watch all of the Netflix movies when Jim's not home, send them back and get more! Work has been busy, Church has been busy, and I can't believe that Summer is here already. It's too hot.
Now, some photos:
Front of house - Flowers and plants gearing up for blooms.

Princess arriving home after all the yard work is done!

Graham's Birthday cake - She's gotten so good!

Sydnee's Monkey Cake

And lastly - We painted the Living Room - Beige - no really, Nomadic Desert

Finally there is contrast between the walls, the trim, and the ceiling!

I'm Lovin IT!

Be Safe - Jim