Friday, October 31, 2008


I had a doctor's appointment today.  It was kind of like a well baby exam, I wasn't sick, I needed some blood work done for the insurance, and I needed a flu shot.  I also needed to discuss my constant acid reflux.

The appointment went well.  Princess was supposed to be there to hold my hand while they took blood, but she was called into work at the last minute.  I didn't faint, I told them ahead of time that I do faint, so they laid me down on a bed, talked to me the whole time, and all went well.  this was a first for me.  First time at the doctor to draw blood, and no one there to hold my hand.

Then it dawned on me, that the next eight months will be firsts for me also.  First birthday without Mom, first turkey day, etc.  You get the picture.  No, I'm not all sad and sappy, just thinking about the changes that have happened in my family's and my life.  I also joined Facebook, so I could post to my family.  It's kind of cool.  I even uploaded a pic of myself for a profile, something I don't like to do since I am camera shy.

Anyway, today is Halloween, or better for my native Nevadans, Admissions day.  Yep, on October 31, 1864, Nevada entered into the Union as a free state, desired for it's silver and gold deposits, and the thirty-sixth state of these united states.   It's a state holiday, no work, no banking, no post office, a great three day weekend for everyone there.

So, Happy Halloween!  Happy Admissions Day Nevada!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I really couldn't start my post with Fall, otherwise BJ would've killed me. So, last week, I was at our corporate office for the week, enjoying their lovely fall colors and cool weather. It was a grueling week, lots of meetings, lots of work to get done. I actually got to spend two nights at home, then back on the road.

I'm currently in Boston, MA for work. The colors are spectacular! The reds and golds are so vibrant, and today it was overcast with some rain and then a beautiful, light wind. Street curbs are filled with leaves of all colors, fabulous harvest/Halloween decor, it is awesome. Makes me long for being at home and how much I loved fall as a kid. The decorations, the fun, the excitement about the costumes and the collecting of candy! It's kind of poetic justice that I now work for a candy company for the past 22 plus years.

I travel home tomorrow. Then I'm off to western Texas for an audit and on Friday, taking Halloween off!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall II

Yep - it is fall, my favorite time of the year. I know I've posted before about fall, but today I'm really feeling it.

I'm in the Seattle area for work and the colors are gorgeous. The temp outside is a wonderful 52 F, and I'm in heaven. Wearing a short sleeve polo shirt and having the cool Northwest breeze blow against my white skinned arms feels great. Everyone is in flannel shirts with vests or jackets. I'm Loving IT!

Back home tomorrow evening, literally not home until after 5:00 PM, and then "single" (I couldn't get blogger to spell out baching it) until Saturday Night while Princess is out at the ADA convention in San Antonio.

I can't wait for fall to hit Texas - I'm ready, able, and willing to experience it. Come on buddy let the cool times roll!!

Safe travels - Jim

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Through It

To clarify from my earlier post, I was born on October 10, 1964.  My Mom had a habit of getting my birthday a little off.

Last night, Princess and I used our gift certificate from Lynn to eat at "The Range" in Salado.  It was a fabulous meal.  I had pork loin roast with corn pudding and baby carrots, while Princess had Surf and Turf with Mashers and asparagus.  I had a wonderful Caesar salad while Princess had the cream of Broccoli & Asparagus soup.  I had a Valhrona molten chocolate cake with homemade roasted banana ice cream and Princess had creme brulee with biscottis.  We had a great time eating and talking, spending some alone time together.

This week has been full of dinner dates.  On Wednesday, Princess ate with the Martinsen's at Shogun (Shotgun for Molly).  On Thursday, we had the OG with the Blackhurst's and then B&R ice cream cake at our house after, and tonight, we had Margarita chicken, salad, mixed fruit, Spanish rice, and some more of the B&R ice cream cake with the Mock's and the Lackmeyers.  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives.  Makes Texas feel so much more like home.

The well wishing came from home also, birthday cards, phone messages, and text messages.  It was great to feel the love.

I thought this would be harder for me.  Princess wept at dinner last night, she's been worried that I would get all depressed as this would be my first birthday without Mom.  I didn't, and I'm not depressed.  I think our friends and family sensed this, or were inspired to really go the extra mile with the effort.  For this I will be eternally grateful, just like I am for a wife who was so worried, she cried at dinner.

Thank you all for the wonderful messages of Happy Birthday - and no, I will not be dishing out shin kicks tomorrow.  :-)


Thursday, October 09, 2008

In The Dark

I was keeping all of you dear readers in the dark about something.  That is until my sister Christina blew my cover with her comment.  Yes, tomorrow is my birthday.  Taking the day off - relaxing around the house and we have reservations at the RANGE restaurant in Salado for dinner.

Now - a funny anecdotal story about my Mom.  Since Princess and I have been married, and our birthdays are so close together, Mom always messed my birthday date up.  She got it off by one month, another time by a couple of days.  This does bring me to my story.

My Mom had written many important dates about her life, her parent's life, and the birth dates of her children.  Christina did the eulogy for Mom.  As she was talking about each child, starting with Audrey the oldest, she recited each birth date.  When she got to me, number three, Christina stated that I was born on October 12, 1964 - I had been zoning for a minute, missed it and when my vision came back into focus, all my siblings were staring at me, including Christina - then Rich said "Hey, you were born on the 10th, not the 12th, right?" and I said yes, and then we all started laughing.

So this year, being my first birthday without Mom here physically, when people say to me "Hey it's your birthday on Friday" or some such nonsense, I say back to them "nope, my Mom said I was born on the 12th, so it's gotta be Sunday just to mess with their heads"!  It's a riot. 

Thanks Mom, for another wonderful birthday tradition that I will smile about for the rest of my life.  I love you.

As for everyone else, wishing me a Happy Birthday, will get you kicked in your shins (just kidding)!  Have a great one.


Monday, October 06, 2008

A little Early

Tomorrow I will be headed out again - yes, the story of my life.  The sad fact is that I will not be here on Wednesday for a special event...Princesses Birthday.

Princess came into this world XX years ago ( I figured I would be safer not telling you the actual number of years), in a small strange part of the galaxy (Roswell, New Mexico).

Princess was and still is a military brat.  She has lived in New Mexico, Utah, Guam, Utah, Australia, Utah, then to Nevada.  While I am not in the military, she has had some opportunities to travel because of my job.  She has visited Hawaii, New Zealand, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Michigan.

Princess is extremely talented, she cross stitches, she toll paints, and now she is into stamping and some scrap booking.  She cooks - and do I have the stomach and chins to show for it.  She is giving, more giving than anyone I know.  She is patient, kind, and thoughtful.  She can be strong and feisty when her back is up against a wall.  She loves beauty.  She loves music - although we don't always share the same music tastes, she loves it nonetheless.  She is a hopeless romantic.   She cries at movies, TV shows, and commercials.

She has unparalleled beauty.  Skin that just won't quit.  Gorgeous green eyes, and a talent for putting on makeup - trust me, 21 years I have been watching and it just amazes me.

She loves the Lord.  She loves her Church.  She has a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She is a good Mom to our girls.  She is loving and tolerant of my rantings.  She loves to put on a party, to entertain and be surrounded by friends.

For all these reasons, and just one more, she chose me, I love her and wish her the Happiest Birthday of all.

All my Love Sweetheart - Jim

Saturday, October 04, 2008


So this week, I was at the plant and also travelled.  I had to do an audit in a city called Rosario, in Sinaloa, Mexico.  Luckily for me, it the closest airport is Mazatlan!  Yes, lucky for me, I got to visist a resort city in Mexico and stay on the beach for one night.

After work, our contact brought us from Rosario to Mazatlan to our hotel, the Fiesta Inn.  Great hotel, I had an ocean view, at it was pretty inexpensive.  I tried to boot up and connect to the internet, but no such luck, so I changed into some shorts and took a bare foot walk up the beach, then down the beach, then I changed into my swim suit and walked up and down the beach again, this time getting wet (of course, I kept a t-shirt on - wouldn't want to wound the locals! :-)

Yesterday, my flight didn't leave until 1:00 PM, so I put on the suit, walked the beach, up and down, then ditched the shirt, and swam for about an hour in the warmest water in the world.   It was high tide, the waves were pretty big and this was a first time for a desert rat to be in the ocean past his knees (we went one time to San Clemente, but the water was FRIGID!).  So it was a fun experience, but you know what, I forgot the stickin camera at home!!!!  Who does that!  Any how, here is a link to the hotel and pictures including their pool.  Here is a picture of the beach I found on Yahoo search.

Anyhow - slept in today - ran errands - came home and mowed, but first tried to fix the mower rear wheel drive - couldn't, need a new part, but I didn't have a fit and break anything else - I must be maturing!

Have a great one - Jim