Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Update

Curves, as in road curves, baseball curves, life curves.  So when you're busy making plans, life throws you curves.  That's what has been happening at our ranch here.

The last six months have been very complicated.  So complicated, I decided not to share them with the blogging world at large.  Many of you readers are friends and family, and you know intimately what is going on.  I thank you on behalf of Princess and myself for your continued love and support.

For those that aren't informed, the complexity is very intimate and I will not share it here at this time.  No, no one has a terminal illness.  No, we haven't lost our jobs, or family members. It's just been a lot of soul searching going on at the ranch.

Please bear with us, give us lot's of patience as we muddle through and find the answer to the curves.

Again, thanks so much.


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