Monday, January 21, 2013

As Time Goes By....

It's January 2013.  Princess and I have been officially separated for 2.5 years, the divorce is not yet final, and we have navigated some very complex issues/situations during that time.  The most amazing thing is that we continue to be very good friends and tell each other everything is happening in each other's lives.

I've settled into an apartment in New Jersey.  Work is challenging to say the least.  So far I've purchased a sofa, ottoman, chair, two end tables, two lamps, a mirror and some glasses!  Yeah, I threw the glasses thing in there at the last minute!

Princess is doing well in Vegas, working, living with the "rents" (parents), and having a blast getting reacquainted with old friends while making some new ones.  She has joined a gym and has lost over 30 LBS exercising.

We both look forward to the day that we get to begin dating and having the next chapter in our lives unfold.   I'm happy.  She's happy.  We are both good.  Sure we both have our down days, but there are more up days than down (at least when we speak, she tells me that and I know it for me).

Thank you to everyone who sent a Christmas Card.  Hopefully I got one out to you before the holiday, otherwise, it's going to be until next year!  LOL!


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